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General Herbert C. Holdridge gives lecture against Universal Military Training (Jan. 29, 1948)

Jehovah Have Mercy
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Published on 09 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

General Holdridge was a true patriot and criticized the Jesuits and Vatican in numerous works. Testifying to the US Congress 4 years later in 1952 on the subject of UMT(Universal Military Training) Holdridge said :
"Father Edmund Walsh, of the Society of Jesuits, head of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Affairs, who has taught thousands of budding young American diplomats the “party line” of the Vatican, has written an entire book, Total Power, to give moral justification for the prior use of the atom bomb by the United States, using as his major argument the fact that Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Peace, drove the money-changers from the temple. The conspirators behind the scenes that want UMT must have war, and will not hesitate to use the atom bomb to keep themselves in power."

Other videos I have done on Herbert C. Holdridge--General Holdridge wished to have the Vatican and its agents classified as subversives in the USA : , Reading the "Age of Barbarism" by U.S. Brigadier General Herbert C. Holdridge : , The Pope's Commandos, General Herbert C. Holdridge letter to President Dwight D Eisenhower :

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A collection of Holdridge's works (19) can be found on my page :

14:40 Hugh Drum who Holdridge mentions as coining the term "disaster forces" for the New York National Guard was Jesuit trained at Xavier Highschool, Boston College and wished to become a Jesuit priest before joining the US Military : The Fort Drum military base in New York state is now named after him. Hugh Drum's brother, Rev. Walter Drum S.J. was a Jesuit priest! :

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