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Gene Decode #31 Biden signs blank paper in Fake White House

cirstenw - 53,748 Views
Published on 21 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Everything the CIA cabal is Fake

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Operation Q
Operation Q 3 years ago

"We Are Watching A White Hat Movie: The 2021 USA Inc. Joe Biden Shadow Presidency"

Coach, Consult & Counsel - Connect - Share My Over Target Censored RedPilling Articles - Support The Mission:

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Chuluney 3 years ago

Let's go Brandon.

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Prrrfectminouchat 3 years ago

What I don't understand is everything was faked and Biden is a fake President, then
why are his exec orders upheld? The papers were blank, but someone else can easily
full them in. Because the real Biden is dead, that would make the EOs forged documents . Several of the EOs have been put into action,like the immigrant situation.
Who is responsible for that?

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Robert Smith
Robert Smith 3 years ago

Big Mike is like Judas Iscariot he be swinging don't ya know? Ha Ha !!!

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bookshop 3 years ago

deep fake elizabeth will meet james robinet while dead elizabeth will meet beau herbert robinette

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