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GENE DECODE's Shocking Life Story. From the Beginning

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Published on 07 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

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Prrrfectminouchat 22 days ago

I heard him on talking to L.P. about kids being brought up from tunnels under Central Pk.
He said human/pig hybrids were among them. He said they "asked" to die so they could
go back to the Creator because they were freaks and would never be accepted. So
They were allowed to die.Who taught them how to talk? Who taught them about God?
How did they learn that they were freaks? I can't figure him out. I still listen, but now I
listen intently.He goes by the name Gene Cosensi.

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22 days ago

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Pop n Rock
Pop n Rock 22 days ago

35 miles to school 1 way. 70 miles round trip. 30mph = around 2hrs.
2hrs biking
7hrs school
1hr weightlifting
1hr cross country
13 hr working (90hrs per week)
Equals 24hrs

I kinda like ole Gene,, but the more he talks the less I believe. I mean anybody that listens to this has to know he’s lying,,,,,,, how you ask,,,,, simple addition.!

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GGpatriot63 22 days ago

Do you all really believe this dude? If you do you have absolutely NO discernment. Very entertaining.

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TheCozmikTruth 22 days ago

Amazing interview here. But there was no mention whatsoever about Lucifer. Is this in the members area of your website?

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