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Gates and Fauci are guilty and sentenced to DEATH

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Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

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The first main part of this film is clips taken from The war room 20. July 2021

ALL governments world wide AND government workers violate
The Nuremberg Code, Amsterdam -and Maastricht treaty. The punishment for this is DEATH and the time is NOW

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Lin2424 2 months ago

If DOJ does nothing, that will guarantee the people all over the world will. He won't be safe anywhere from anyone. He knows this and will be fearful every minute of the day.

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manfaded 2 months ago

If you think the DOJ is on the side of the people, think again. Rand Paul knows this. Rand Paul also knows that his actions will over flow his election campaign donations. One must ask what the real motive is here. Time will tell.

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expat1689 2 months ago

Maybe Dr. Ryan just really cares about America and the American people. At least he is fighting back.

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