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Garden Talk EP2: Squash & Tomatoes

Adventures In Reality
Published on 06 Mar 2021 / In People and Blogs

Welcome to GARDEN TALK EP2. Evening chat as we go through our current squash and tomato seeds as well as some of our favorite varieties. Do we need even more variety? OF COURSE! No such thing as too many seeds. We are hoping early planning will allow us to maximize our short Idaho growing season and produce some further gardening confidence as we head into year 2 on our property. Squash and tomatoes are two staples that we are going to plan our gardening season around. A good mix of summer and winter squashes will allow us to go into next Christmas eating our home grown produce. The hoop house and row covers will be critical to ensure we are as successful as possible, as late and early frosts are all but guaranteed this far north.
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