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FULL SHOW: Vladimir Putin Says West Is Satanic After Ukraine Applies For NATO Membership

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Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

It’s the Veterans Call-in Special and the great Americans weigh in on a number of topics from the open border to the corrupt Democrats and the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Greg Reese is a guest live from Naples Florida where Ian made landfall. He discusses what it was like staying through it, then the aftermath and the fast recovery, and the coming together of the community. Major debates on the issue of geo-engineering and cloud seeding. Democrats were behaving like jackasses all day from AOC saying poor people need to die, Kamala Harris saying everything is white people’s fault so only minorities should get government relief, to once again Joe Biden needing a babysitter to usher him off the stage after a press conference. Owen Shroyer also addresses a major NFL scandal, that as usual, the American media is not properly covering.

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pipermccoy999 2 months ago

He is 100% correct.. good against evil folks pick your side and get good with God as NATO bastards are going to get us killed. listen to him at 9pm eastern USA time

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