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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 255 Views
Published on 27 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

The globalists are making their move under the cloak of COVID-19

It’s Friday! On this worldwide broadcast of The David Knight Show we’ll cover the latest COVID-19 news, the politicization of the virus, authoritarian government reactions around the world and much more.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

At The Precipice of The Pit…

Now that you know “COVID 19” is just the Code Word for “JADE HELM 15” Continuing HUMAN Depopulation by the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges……..., and now that {you know} +=+ that 1/3rd of your “Towns Folk” from the Hospitals to the Police to the Military to your Local Government “have all participated” in the lie of Viruses that do not exist…….., do you find [any comfort] / * \ that your Medical to your Pharmaceutical to “Your Religions” [{**}] to your City Counsels are all “in on this” MILITARY Take Over of “all lands” under the orders of the W.H.O. ??? You know NASA “Faked” the Moon Landing using the TV Set as “a simple tool” of Mass Hypnotism and Hysteria……., and as these Hollywood to Bollywood “Types” are also BLOOD OATH Takers to keep up the Illusion of FAKE Space from “Iran to North Korea” [{*}] from China to Canada from NAME YOUR “Schools” like Yale…..., Harvard….., More-house…., and know there is no such thing as DNA as Medication is just “Magic Potions” known as Alchemy that is the mixing of Metals and Chemicals..., and do you really need “lead” in your Drinking Water to know FREE MASON City Officials “poison” WE THE PEOPLE all the time???

Now as we have studied MUD FLOODS..., we know that great tragic tragedies “can befall” our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory.., and though we “did our best” to Shut Down., or at least Blow Up, and CUT THE WIRES to all Cameras and “Radio Transmissions” too even Creating Jammers when the INTERNET and CELL PHONES “go down” at our Locations, this EDISON Machine of Forced Technology still “eludes” us, and we ponder what makes our WORLD LEADERS fear “just saying” the gig is up??? From Modi in India to Bi Bi in Israel “they are all” FREE MASON Lodge Members just as Putin and Pence and the Pope, and for what CRIME did “these peoples” Guardians do that they would “propagate a lie” so massive as to say we live on a BALL spinning in Space Going NoWhere.?.?.?, Fake A Moon Landing, and create Galaxies and Black Holes and Dark Matter just so they could Run A “Consonance of Books” that are all utter Bull Shit Stories???

The U.N. Flags all say “Space is Real” when we live under the Firmament of the Dome of the Rock that is evident in all Ink on Paper “Books of Religion” from the Bible of the Hindu to the Bible called The Koran, and yet, even your Religious People “are part of this” Self Deception WORLD DOMINATION PLOT that “you humans” can not Self Govern Your Selves, You need to Pay Others “to tell you” what to do whom Write Laws “you have” no say in.?.?.?, and you sure as hell do not agree with, and then THESE PEOPLE “Trick or Treat” us into War after War after War saying we can not FEED THE POOR with all these Taxes and Tithes and Donations “you the people” give to OUR RELIGIONS, Our Charities, Our Governments, and why do we give “these people” OUR MONEY when them Taxes and Tithes are only used to Brain Wash us as Children into “Delusions” that do not exist….., nor can harm we the people??? I can see why these U.N. Troops Fear us “nonmason” for we know they gave us MEDICATION to keep us sick, cause Abortions, and “murdered” our moms and dads…

Look at the life around you “my people” for do you not see the Wilde Life and the Sea Life “never had” to take a Fucking Pill “too enjoy” its Existence!!! Does the Bird or the Fowl beg of any God to “find its way” through life??? Does the Snake need “to be told” not to PROTECT its Right to Exist??? What of the Bear or The Wolf or The Tiger – Hawk – Shark “do they” need a Therapist or Psychoanalyst “to perform” their duties, and protect their families??? It seems only we The HUMAN Animal “have been played” by these Incubus and Succubus into believing “we need” Stockades and Bondage's of Monetary Systems to say we are “worth something” when the Plants, and the Flowers, and Insects to the Honey Bee and bugs do not “need such things” too know they are made to be what they are, and so I say to you my people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, we do not need Doctors or Lawyers or Bankers or Religions or “Governments” anymore than all the other life forms whom live quite well “and at peace” in this place of FLAT Duel Earths of Heaven and Hell always “in time” for Purgatory…

Johnny Exodice


If you can not Read they will ALWAYS own you, Learn Big Words and use them when you speak, and you will always “see through” these FREE MASON Lodges Lies, Deceptions, and Illusions…


So you all know about BLACK WATER, and now you know about BLACK ROCK that owns the U.N. FLAGS of all counties, states, provinces, and yeah MORE FREE MASON Fucks, Cucks, Slags, and Pukes!!!!! Now you know “whom funds” G4S and Acdemi and all other Mercenary Goons!!!!


For those whom know we live in a SIMULATION of Holographic Proportions, we must take out The EDISON, or it will continue these “De Ja Vu” Repeats of Minuets of “Variations” forever and ever…


As long as they deny “FAKE SPACE” and deny FLAT EARTH, we are going no where good…


Alright these FREE MASON aka U.N. Troops are attacking now, so all nonmason it is a CALL TO ARMS!!!! The Society of nonmason~


If you can NOT think for yourself, then OTHERS will always think for you….

The Commander~



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