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FULL SHOW: Democrats Launch Criminal Investigations Into Top 2 Presidential Candidates For The Republican Party; DeSantis & Trump

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Published on 21 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

The fact that the Democrats are now criminally investigating the top 2 Republican candidates for President should horrify every American and is the total proof of just how politicized the Justice Department has become and how willing the Democrats are to use the power of government illegitimately against their opposition. The fallout from the Biden 60 Minutes interview continues, as now 3 of the comments he made during the interview have been rejected by the Democrat party and the White House. One must then ask, who is the real President and why don’t Democrats respect Biden? Liberal violence continues as an unhinged Democrat ran over a young conservative with his car. America First Legal catches Democrats ballot stuffing at drop boxes in Pennsylvania. Liberal teachers encourage students to have sex change without parental consent.

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