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Full Moon Practice: Shedding What No Longer Serves You

Published on 05 Jan 2021 / In How-to and Style

Tonight is the final full moon of 2020, and it's in the water sign Cancer. I wanted to do a special episode to talk about practices you can do to help shed anything and everything that is not serving your highest vibrational being as we continue our own individual journey to self enlightenment and healing.
Meditation starts at 38.0 minutes in

Musical Healing Episode:

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How To Create A Successful Meditation Routine:
Find a time that you can dedicate daily 5-10 minutes of quite time to give your brain a break from the outside stimuli of family, social media, electronics except calming music, and anything else that distracts your mind.

Use a guided meditation (Join our circle on Insight Timer here and download the app to your phone; THOUSANDS of free guided meditations from 2 minutes long and up) or calming music (find our playlist here )

If you’re still struggling to find the ability to sit and listen to something, put a candle in a place that you can see it and focus on the flame dancing while listening. At the end of this, give yourself grace for putting forth the effort. No matter if it’s a crawl, never stop moving forward. And Remember, Faith Without Work Is Dead.

Seek guidance for understanding what the best practice time/schedule for your life is, and continue to seek what is the best path for your highest good, and to provide guidance as you go along on your journey.

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