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Full Bodycam Footage of Angel Guice Being Arrested Over Citation

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Published on 12 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) *
Atlanta, Georgia — On August 8, 2022 Angel Guice and an unnamed male were hanging out at Shady Valley Park in northeast Atlanta after the park was closed. The cop, identified as Officer Brooks, proceeds to issue the pair a citation. Guice’s male friend looks over the document and asks if there will be any charges against him. The officer responds, saying it’s only a ticket. The male asks if he has to sign it and the officer informs him that he will go to jail if he doesn’t. The man signs the citation. Next, he calls Guice over and tells her the same information. She asks the officer for his badge number and full name. He declines to give his first name but does provide his badge number.

When she continues to refuse, the officer tells her she's being arrested, she then says she'll sign the ticket but the officer says it's too late. After the woman does not comply, Officer Brooks proceeds to handcuff her and she began actively resisting his efforts. This resulted in a physical altercation as the officer attempted to place her into custody. The struggle continues for several minutes. The woman can be heard continuing to ask why she was being arrested. The officer could be heard continuing to ask her to put her hands behind her back. After six minutes, the officer took the woman into custody.

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TwoFeather 2 months ago

more of those black supremacist racist cops we all hear about on cnn and other 3 letter news channels

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