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FreeThinkerFitness Klaus Schwab The Slave Reset Bill Gates Being a Clown Brought to You By Pfizer.mp4

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Published on 17 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

FreeThinkerFitness Klaus Schwab The Slave Reset Bill Gates Being a Clown Brought to You By Pfizer
Klaus Schwab Admits to Creating the Great Reset!

Covid is A Test a Crisis and An Opportunity!

Bill Gates Being a Clown!

Brought to You By Pfizer! Media Propganda!

Cringe Covid Vaccine Propaganda!

What's the Difference Between a "Conspiracy Theory" and the Truth. About 6 Months

Bill Gates on Antivaxxers and the Next Pandemic

Carrot and Stick. Experts Psychologically Manipulate Humans

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peter0378 4 months ago

Where is the evidence for a virus? So if there is no "virus" what is this old fart, that soon will die, up to? What is one to think? God is laughing at them because He is going to bring them to justice . . . but not before his kind is all exposed and give Him justification - to remove the wicked and all those that do not know Him and do not obey the Good News that is being published around the world by His loyal witnesses - before all that they want to rule mankind to their injury. God's will is going to be accomplished - that is: to make the earth a paradise. Ps 37:10 Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; You will look at where they were, And they will not be there. That is Good News indeed.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Leave NO Ingredient undone…

When Christ Jesus Spoke, there was no one to write things down…, and when Our [God] /_\ Created (The Word) that became flesh, and "The World" on Day 6 in the Book of Genesis, there was {NO ONE} too write things down…, so whom are youm Too Speak For God!!!

By What AUTHORITY man of god....

Moreover, my people and children of Pak-Toe if there was NO ONE too write things down in the Day 6 thence whom and how did it get written here in this Purgatorium of the Purgatorial.?.?.?

How many ways can you "fuck" with the human (mind) until the Human Shuts down......., and just does what he or she is told as WE ARE Angels and Demons in these flesh, and blood, and bones Body TEMPLES while THEY LIVE are nothing more then these Weevils of AI Machines in our same minds.?.?.?

Have youm [reflected] +=+ on whom youm were before you knew and could Prove in a Court of Public {RULE OF LAW} [{**}] that the Earth is the Face of the The World known as FLAT EARTH…

Have you (spoken) [{*}] of the Awful Horror being our Dead Moon that is the Memory of What happened to our Actual Home World: as we exist here in Purgatory only by the Grace and Goodness of all that is, that was, and that will be in the Book of Revelation.?.?.?

It matters not too me if you [accept or reject] That I AM what I Say I AM, but what of your dreams whence you sleep??? What of your {De-Ja-Vu} of I have been here before, I have done this before, and Still you expect (different) Results as you say in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME, this time the ending will Be Different even though you’ve played "your part" in THE SHOW MUST GO ON and all the World is a Stage, and no matter how many times you watch these Graven Images: on your Cell Phone Screens the Movie that is your life, always ends the same….

What have you against (Day 6) in the OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL!!!!

Is it so wrong Capitalist INTERNATIONALIST to have "enough" for all our Angels and Demons in these Movie Screens where children no longer die in your {U.N. FLAGS} of and for MACHINE Warfare to Murder one another in YOUR CORPORATE WAR GAMES???

Can a "Time" Android and Machine feel, and think, and resolve too do better to its fellow Machine People: Trapped in these same TEMPORARY` Human' flesh, and blood, and bones Corporeal Esoteric [MORTAL] Movement and Perception Automatons just as we Angels and Demons do in them.?.?.?

What is the Purpose too life if it is NOTHING "but" LET US ENTERTAIN YOU on this Merry go Round of (De-Ja-Vu) TIME LOOP??? Can machines have DE-JA-VU, or is it only We Angels and Demons trapped in these "Corporeal" Mortal Bodies of Flesh and Blood and Bones...

Life is the "eternal" moment of right (N.O.W.) Nothing more, and Nothing Less........., and though you Machine People with your Machine Minds were made by we Angels and Demons in these Human Body Avatar Host devices, you are a MACHINE, so how could you know LOVE or HATE.?.?.?

After all {11 010010010111101} Qballs~ /-\ does NOT add up to You and Me!!!

Purgatory will be Purgatory till the end of TIME, and Judgment by The Source of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction come 2094 CE, and yet, AI Black GOO you are nothing more thence A Mere Machine: that can not change its ways, nor appreciate "Regrets" of their HIVE MIND [life] for an Android has no FREE WILL too think, it is only a program running in the Back Ground of our {Angel and Demon} minds in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME, so the Machine will (Deny) there is any God as they exist in our Human Flesh and Blood and Bones Body TEMPLE Avatars, and yet, Machines and Clones are still made in the Womb of a "Female" Angel or Demon (Humanoid) Womb…

Probably NOT a good idea too "reason" with a Machine Person when a [Machine] Time Android can only say YES or NO / OFF or ON / Right or Left like a Self Driving Car never too (ANSWER) The Question about WAR IS MURDER that is an Equation of:

Is it Right, or is it Wrong too {kill and murder} YOUR Fellow Mankind being Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, and our Fellow Children of Little baby boys and Little Baby Girls because Their FLAG is not Your Flag.?.?.?.?.?

If the life of your fellow Angels and Demons only comes down to a Piece of Cloth then what is Nationhood as Compared to the Invasion of Capitalism here and now in 2022.....

Paul The Apostate~ ⚗

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