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Freemasonry is Already Being Remolded Into a New "Atlantean Empire"

JamesRoss - 177 Views
Published on 08 Feb 2024 / In Spiritual

X-Factor reveals very little in this video and continues to hide the important stuff like how to remove a covertly implanted brainchip interface which turns non-cUlt people into brainchipzombies and/or sleeper remote-control assassins. If X-factor exposed this then I would agree that he left the Freemasons, but no, he does not expose what the masters to the Mystery School is preparing. This is 4 hours of leading you in the wrong direction, everyone who has any sense left can see though the lies once you know what the cUlt is doing today... Look up in the sky and you see the massive broadband microwave carriers going up by SpaceX to enslave your mind everywhere upon Earth.

The video exposes the old secrets but none of the new secrets... Like Starlink will become the world-wide broadband for their hivemind of control... like, magnetic nano-particles are now found in North American Coke and Pespi corporation drinks... likely all alcohols... micro-breweries are safer. Hydrogel in injections and chemtrails likely have magnetic nano-particles, too. Polina Anikeeva exposes the magnetic brain interface:
Kids are getting brainchips to twist their thinking right from childhood after the WTC was pulled.
The brainchip-hivemind creates zombie assassins

Homo capensis is the ancient mankind that created Freemasonry in the first place:
Magnetic brainchips came from the days when Saturn was a brown-giant star adding water to Earth's oceans... Where did Earth get its water from? From the Rings of Saturn! How? It was once a star which gave Earth water and creatures and life. NASA is masonic and they are sworn to keep that info secret, so X-factor is not going to tell anyone anything useful.
You see, I am not a Freemasons, but look at what I can tell you... which X-Factor is holding back on... X-Factor is a Judas goat video to lead you in the wrong direction. Is he risking his life? Naaa, he was told to feed the sheeple garbage and he might be given his 33 degree... he is working on getting his 33rd degree by gathering a following of sheeple to deceive.

William Cooper exposed the "New Atlantis" which the secret societies were rebuilding in 1993 by reading from a 1916 Rosicrucian Convocation text:

Apparently, X-Factor does not reveal the ancient devils behind Freemasonry nor does he reveal the brainchip-hivemind that has taken-over all the secret societies to bring them together as a hidden secret army of thUgs.
He reveals only the stuff which the NWO-takeover wants him to reveal.
He does not reveal how to stop the NWO by removing magnetic nano-particles from processed foods and drinks.
He does not reveal the SpaceX is expanding the brainchip-hivemind and prison-grid over the entire surface of the Earth with Starlink satellites.
He does not reveal that the Eye on top of the pyramid symbolizes the the ancient Tower-Of-Babel that Chris Dunn exposed with his book "The Giza Power Plant"


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