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Free Your Body, Mind and Spirit from

Joan of Angels
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Published on 13 Dec 2022 / In Entertainment

Free Your Body, Mind and Spirit - Healing the People of Earth
Join us for this weeks Miracle Monday as we continue to break free from any controls, thoughts, and fears that keep us stuck, ill, or unable to move forward in our lives. We are living in unique times, and learning how to heal yourself is one of the best tools we can learn.

We are starting right now to prepare ourselves for an intimate, deep healing over the holidays. Instead of feeling drained and burdened as so many do over the next period of time, lets use these energies for manifestation of abundance, of health, wealth and happiness, and of the fulfillment of our dreams and visions. Know that as we step through these times, we have created a depth of reserves and healing energies to access through the dark as we raise the light. Heart healing is they key to restoring your vitality and creating a new sense of joy!

Experience an energetic restoration of your soul and celestial body as we enter into the angelic chambers of healing and soul renewal to raise your vibrational frequencies. These tools will enable you to let go of what stands in your way and will align your body, mind and spirit with your mission and soul purpose. Receive messages from your spiritual team as we clear your field and allow direct communication from your guides.

Joan of Angels is a Transformational Guide, Soul Awakening Mentor, Oracle, Medical Intuitive and Visionary Artist

Your time is now. You are the one we have been waiting for!

Joan of Angels is an Intuitive and Soul Mastery Coach/Mentor. She works with people who feel the call to awaken to their best self. The Soul Awakening Sessions and Soul Mastery Signature Coaching program is for those who need support, guidance, structure and the inner tools to discover their best selves, let go of what holds them back, and move forward with courage, grace and ease. 💗

💗 Transform your life and Book your soul essence work here: This includes the Soul Awakening Session, the Initiation and Activations, the Soul Essence Portraits and the channeled message. Link here: 💗

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Step Into The Miraculous with spiritual luminary and Soul Mastery Guide, Joan of Angels. Each week we explore concepts on opening our heart and shifting into that higher dimensional vibration. 💗 Kindly SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & Hit the NOTIFICATION Bell! Much LOVE.

💗 Join us for Miracle Mondays 5pm pst every Monday here:

Learn to use your intuition and trust your gut everytime. Be able to quickly access and act upon information you are given.Become and Intuitive Ninja and Learn How To
Use These Super Powers:

You might also benefit from the personal coaching programs we offer, designed to awaken you to your soul purpose and to step into your true destiny and mission this life time.



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