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Free Tarot Psychic Reads

Truth4Satan - 169 Views
Published on 15 Sep 2023 / In Spiritual

Free Tarot Psychic Reads

Welcome to Tarot Fridays; a three hour non stop love in readfest. My name is zola, I've been reading for people for around 25 plus years. I use two decks; one deck is my old faithful which is a morgan greer and the other deck is one of several I designed and created (I'm an artist too).

The first 12 people are assured a read however please be here when I call or I'll skip to the next person. I prefer the time to be interactive, meaning people are there and responding as I read :)

There are 20 openings in total. I do try to get to everyone. If people aren't there when I call this opens the 13 – 20 numbered openings on my list for late comers and many times this happens. If I couldn't get to you today, please just come on back next friday, come early and I'll be more than happy to give you a read then.

Have a beautiful day!

[email protected] * this is the official e-mail of the T4S. Any other is an imposter account.

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