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Fr. Stephen Schumacher: Stands Between Mob and St. Louis Statue! - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

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Published on 08 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

We Are NOT the Mindless Ones…

Zero – One / Zero – One / Zero – One //:> and you find you are A SLAVE EMPLOYEE whom must put on The Muzzle FACE MASK of OWNERSHIP by these CORPORATIONS that do so Employ you, and yet, our U.N. FLAG [Governments] #QANON /_\ are to be THE EMPLOYED by We The People???

That you would PARTICIPATE in this (COVID19) World Domination Plot of these Zionist Jesuit FREE MASON “INTERNATIONALIST” CORPORATIONS where every U.N. FLAG is a Corporate Flag just as all Cities that are UNDER The Rule of Law called “INCORPORATED” in our CORPORATE Counties and Provinces……., and you can place that Date for the CORPORATION COUNTY you do so live in {that existed} +=+ LONG LONG Before any “State Flags” of the UNITED NATIONS became “The World Police” Peacekeeping Missions of JADE HELM 15…

The {TV U-Tube} is being used as a WEAPON to {Beam Ideas} [{**}] and Ideology, and Sorcery, and Witchcraft into the minds of the many “no matter” / * \ WHAT FLAG your Crafted TV Shows Cast and Host of Host do so SPELL BOUND and show you…..., as you’m are still a DEBT SLAVE to the Corporations and Governments whom LIVE OFF YOUR TAXES and Religious DONATIONS making your OPPRESSOR the People you’m do so “Employ” as you have Armed YOUR EMPLOYEES with Weapons my Boss Man “be you” Male and Female…

In TRUTH’ there are no more NATIONALITIES for all “U.N. FLAGS” are the UNITED NATIONS WHO and WTO “International Mafia” of and for CORPORATE WORLD GOVERNMENT where these people your fellow “Citizens” play WAR GAMES when WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against The RULE OF LAW, and yet, you pay your GOVERNED too beat you, arrest you, and allow you to have NO SAY in the LAW AND ORDER but for you “nonmason” Citizens to STAY HOME…., and Do as You WE ARE The Citizens of your U.N. FLAGS are told by we THEM Our Tax Paid Fellow Public “Servant” Class and Cast of INTERNATIONALIST Global Citizens…

Johnny Exodice


If you can not THINK FOR YOUR SELF, then others will ALWAYS tell you what to do…. Moreover, if you can not read or speak BIG WORDS, Than others will ALWAYS own you…

It seems all our Friends, and Families, and Even OUR ENEMIES {want and desire} [{*}] is THE MINDLESS Entertainment of EVIL SPIRITS in our peoples “minds” when the STOCK MARKET “Bank Holiday” of JUNE – Teen – th Will Crash on 07-17-2020 C.E.

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition continues…

The Sentinel...


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