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Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistle on 5G Coronavirus

Truth Seekers Worldwide
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Published on 27 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Pastor Jonathan,former vodafone boss blows whistle on 5G Coronavirus for the vaccine digital world currency and more.

Pastor Jonathan is warning the world of tyrannical governments “lockdowns”, unlawful mandatory, guidelines and rules, unconstitutional restrictions, and dangerous untested experimental biotech gene therapy COVID JABS, not to mention the fact that Big Tech, Law enforcement and army units are being complicit in all of it this.

We need massive worldwide non-compliance.

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5G, Radiation, Radio Frequencies, Cell Poisoning, New World Order,

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johngaltdurden 2 years ago

So much wrong here… The satellites are not in the van Allen radiation belt, they could not be. Russia most certainly has had reported Covid deaths and what difference would it make if only the military used 5G? Aren’t people in the military human? Wouldn’t those humans be affected by Covid? I love how the CIA or the rand Institute puts out all of this disinformation so that nobody knows what to believe

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anonymous143 2 years ago

You dont know what the fuck you're talking about and neither do we because it sounds like you have a dozen dicks shoved in your mouth.

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