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FLAT EARTH. Who's LYING? GOD or NASA. Why is NASA Hiding A Flat Earth Theory?

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Published on 05 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

FLAT EARTH. Who's LYING? GOD or NASA. Earth, the Basement of the Universe. Why is NASA Hiding A Flat Earth Theory? The Firmament, Dome, Masonic Astronauts, Heliocentrism, Weather Manipulation, Antarctica.

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FLAT EARTH. Who's LYING? GOD or NASA. Earth, the Basement of the Universe. Why is NASA Hiding A Flat Earth Theory? The Firmament, Dome, Masonic Astronauts, Heliocentrism, Weather Manipulation, Antarctica

⭐⭐ Matt Long is an avid student of the Bible, particularly Genesis and “Literal Biblical Cosmology.” Co-Host of The Earth Earth Podcast

⭐⭐ David Weiss is a successful businessman & Co-host of The Flat Earth Podcast and creator of the Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app. www.TheFlatEarthPodcast.com


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 days ago

And The Teacher Spoke…., for those of you’m whom are now committed to learning SORCERY, you will need to study TV Shows I suggest to bring into focus the issue of MACHINES becoming Artificial Intelligence MYTHICAL “Arrhythmical” Interface Sexual Androids and Gynoids GOLEM also known as MALE = Incubus and FEMALE = Succubus…

Please do watch the new [Charmed] Qballs~ /_\ TV Series……., and take your time with each EPISODE to watch their BLACK DOT EYES….., as we {must remember} there are Two Types of EDISON Esoteric Demonic Possession in this Video Game of PURGATORY called OPPRESSION aka “Mind Control” and Possession TOTAL MIND WIPE of the Human Body TEMPLE Avatar: where everything on TV…., and in all Magazines from the News Stand to the (Grocery Line) +=+ Check Out are too keep the many asleep and unaware, and as we practice CODE + Magic + Alchemy too become Sorcerers and Sorceresses “ourselves” in this never ending De-Ja-Vu called The TIME LOOP of the Oraborus curse:

When you watch the “new” Charmed with their BLACK DOT EYES only, can you tell if the Monsters are just 3D C.G.I. Special effects, or are you’m watching {Real DARK MAGIC} at its fullest Potential being portrayed on your Black Mirror 2D FLAT SCREENS.?.?.?, and since there must be Light Magic among the Dark, can you see the [Grey Areas] where we must always be aware of The Greys – The Knock Knocks – The Zebras out here beyond the TV World of illusions and delusions for the masses think FAKE SPACE is real, and that we need this SPACE FORCE of the USA World Police Peacekeeping U.N. Troops of the UNITED NATIONS of Internationalist freemason called Demons, Devils, and Satanist playing with our MINDS, and sending [We the Awaken] to them RED FLAG LAWS and Mental Wards called FEMA Homeland Security INDOCTRINATION Centers, and Reeducation Concentration Camps for any of Our “Selves” or The other Innocent beings captured by them WHOM do so seek too be Witches – Warlocks – Wizards…….

All the while’ we Empath’s – Healers – Romantic Warriors battle them in this Flesh, and Blood, and Bones MATERIALIST Realm, and then we also must [battle them] in our DREAMS whilst we sleep and slumber and our MORTAL Body {is unprotected} from that what can be called nothing more then EVIL Wicked Spirits in our Virtual Reality: Waking Walking DREAMS…., and our Holographix Night Mares and Night Terrors….

Heretofore, if you plan to live on till 2077 C.E., so you might have more “Charmed” Ones like the old school Charmed in the 2000’s then know the less you see BLUE EYES, the more we are losing this WAR OF THE WORLDS…….., and the less you see Green……..., and then the less you see BROWN EYES…., then you will know it is [too late] to reverse your FATE for if you do not have the Holy Water Spirit by now..., and if the Gift of the “Comforter” is no more.., then you’m without the Holy Spirit spoken of in your Biblical Sabbaticals {need to know} your only hope now is to STOP the Lies of (COVID19) / Fake Space / False Gods, and bring your self., and your people [too see] WE ARE hunted and “HAUNTED” by Machines and Projectors of PROJECTIONS, not DEMONS, nor DEVILS:

for these “things” are nothing more then Sorcery by other Flesh, and Blood, and Bones People, and Persons, and if MARS is this side of {FLAT EARTH} and MOON is the other side of [FLAT EARTH] in Mike Pence FREE MASON “Code” at Space Command, and then his: The Space Council, THAN only by gaining access to the INNER EARTH (D.U.M.B.S.) called HELL and HADES in our nonmason code, can we save [ourselves] from another TIME TRAVEL by all these 5G Time Travel Devices called {Cell Phone Towers} in FREE MASON U.N. Troops CODE….

The Book of EXODICE!!!


Always REMEMBER: If they can not be HONEST, then they are not {one of us} be they Mind Wiped, Oppressed, or just a GOLEM [acting] as a Female or Male +=+ Succubus and Incubus in Human FORM only…

The Society of nonmason~

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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Catori2020 9 days ago

The Simpson’s episode shows a dome

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Michele2126 11 days ago

Explain Super Soldiers that say they've been to space.

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Puppykisser 11 days ago

Where’s the edges? If it’s flat all around the thing you’d be falling off or hitting the dome if it’s encapsulated. With that said..nasa is nothing but a part of the evil empire... also those poor men! The first astronauts weren’t proud they were pissed! The disgusted look of having to be someone’s Bitch is obvious. Everything we think we know about this bologna is a lie and they know it.

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Wolfman in oz
Wolfman in oz 11 days ago

if no gravity in space how does it hold the moon in orbit ? dont make sense , lies never do

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Wolfman in oz
Wolfman in oz 11 days ago

also wouldnt gravity crush us if that strong to hold the moon or stop everything spinning of earth

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