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Flat Earth PHYSICS OF WATER 101 for Shawna Stalkins. Forgive her, she's MORE than a "little slow"

Hip Gnosis
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Published on 22 Apr 2021 / In Science

Sorry, ran outta memory on phone, but the point was made, and was made clear. Who wants to bet the Globe Priest Cult will STILL RUN FROM IT LIKE ITS A BOGEYVIRUS!?

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AlfredNewman 23 days ago

So when you can't win an argument you delete it. That is why flat earthers are so ignorant.

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tv10morehead 23 days ago

Seems like a way to settle this would be to DO IT or a lazer that will go a mile, over a glass smooth lake, center of beam 1 foot on ether end go make measurements along the level beam which the earth's gravity is not strong enough to bend any measurable ammount over a mile the measurements should show a average in the middle of less than a a foot some undisputed amount based on a guess at the size of the sphere on a great circle path, AND a straight east west path would show LESS of a difference than a great circle angle of northeast to south west . or North West , I got a new Kayack today I think I can get a couple of green lazers to do a bi-directional beam cross set up. Stay Tuned if the masonic cabal does not get in the way. LOL

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