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Flamethrower drone can shoot a seven-metre long stream of fire

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Published on 14 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

A flamethrower drone attachment that can shoot a seven-metre long stream of fire for 100 seconds is being sold online by US company Throwflame.

Called the TF-19, the attachment allows "recreational and commercial users to remotely ignite targets from up to several miles away", and is available to purchase for around £1,200. The accessory features a one-gallon fuel capacity and can integrate with most commercially available drone units.

According to the company’s website "anyone can buy one without background checks or a waiting period", as "flamethrower drones are federally legal and not considered weapons".

Throwflame suggests that the attachment can be used for agricultural burns, to melt snow or for pyrotechnics. 

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kixako8435 2 days ago

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Sportster24 3 days ago

Wouldn't surprise me if something like this was used to start all those fires this past year.

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Jerseyboy62 3 days ago

Like this is a threat? Any 20 gauge shotgun or less with a target load and open choke will outshoot and drop this drone. Be sure to give the drone video camera the finger before you pull the trigger, too.

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Stalinist MAGA
Stalinist MAGA 6 days ago

George Soros is the second coming of christ repent now

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Innerdecay 13 days ago

Imagine this on a larger scale haha

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caryless 8 days ago


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