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Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 571 Views
Published on 29 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

I thought it was common sense that covering your mouth with a mask would reduce oxygen levels and raise carbon dioxide levels in the same way that putting ear plugs in your ears would reduce your hearing or that wearing a blindfold would reduce your vision but commonsense has gone out the window these days.

This firefighter does a great demonstration showing once and for all the dangers of wearing masks!!!

Don’t comply and don’t give in to wearing a mask...inform everybody you can about this!!!

Forcing children to wear masks IS child abuse so stand up for what is right!!!

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Tessa Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham 29 days ago

I called OSHA and asked them what they were doing to make sure business owners were making sure their employees oxygen was where it was supposed to be, according to their website. Just like the CDC not everyone can wear a mask but Jim read the script and told me to call the government hotline, cause it's not their job now I guess, and the government hotline hung up when I asked who could help understand why we are allowing people to lose their oxygen? Not sure what is left to do besides start arresting these traitors and holding them for treason trials, but civil war is better or the UN take over not sure which will be more exciting and deadlier. Lets not forget Trump did say he is at war with what invades our bodies but he called it invisible enemy and now the zombie sheep face diaper wearing apocalypse has begun. I wonder if everyone can get a vaccine and have no harm, since we are trying to wipe out natural herd immunity in their latest sick experiment they have put upon the American public.
Thank you for sharing this

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