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Filthy Freemasonic Assassins-Sect Get away with Murder, Again, (Not Really... Spiritually speaking)

JamesRoss - 166 Views
Published on 16 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

Luciferians like Freemasons are genocidal and murderous... that path dooms their soul development. Such murderous-thUgs have little purpose once they are dead. The Creator-God's multidimensional Universe is designed to filter-out the unworthy, self-righteous souls from the progressive souls. Swearing an oath to serve the ancient devils "Initiates" soul-decay.


I personally began exposing political corruption in Canada by making thousands of CDs like this: only to discover that the Freemasons have the job to hunt truthers and assassinate us.
In 2006 the Freemasons began trying to assassinate me, but they cannot because physical reality is a playground manifested by the Creator-God to develop good-souls and to allow the wicked murderous thUgs to destroy their own souls.
In case any Freemasons are reading this... they have all been duped by the ancient devils. There is no mind-upload into A.i.Lucifer... there is no supercomputer singularity which will allow the murderous thUgs to become cyborg algorithms.

Freemasons are brainwashed to serve the ancient devils, Homo capensis, for nothing more than a lie. Freemasons destroy their own souls within the Creator-God's playground for new souls. The ancient Homo capensis have not cheated the Creator-God with their long lives... instead the Creator-God uses the devils to help weed out the wicked Homo sapiens who then destroy their own souls with murderous, self-righteous greed.
All the wicked have turned their souls into unworthy fragments of what they were born with.
That is their punishment... to be spiritually boxed-up as the unloving-unworthy thUgs who destroyed their own souls upon death(or their fake mind-upload). The devils lied to them... shucks!!

There will be no "Ad Astra" for the unworthy murderous thUgs who genocide their own genetics from their own probable-worlds...

Homo capensis has played their role as the ancient devils well... they are just tools, you see.
Congratulations Freemasons... you made your souls into the unworthy things that they have become, but you still can fix your souls... if you have the guts to try.

Thanks for reading,

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