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Fda Says No To Boosters Optimized.mp4

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 203 Views
Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

What emergency requires this -

For the unvaxxed, you're racist or something -

Local police use helicoptor to film illegals -

The FBI is full of incompetent idiots -

Yep, just regular ol protestors -

CDC quit tracking vaccinated cases -

FDA backs off approving boosters for now -

Fauci not giving up though, you need that 3rd shot, for his bank account -

Fauci is a lying POS -

Why are vaxx companies changing their name -

Sniper from 1000 miles away -

Facebook names people who can or garden over prepared -

What is killing all the birds -

Another idiot white liberal woman teacher about to get fired -

Nicki Minaj getting red pilled hard -

Californians hanging from planes trying to escape -

RC car at the dog park -

Steve Inman -

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