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FBI To Hand Over Seth Rich Laptops, George Santos Expelled, Henry Kissinger Dead, J6 Committee Failed To Preserve Depositions

Published on 02 Dec 2023 / In News and Politics

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The FBI has to hand over both Seth Rich's personal and work laptops because of a FOIA request filed by Brian Huddleston of Texas. GOP led house expels George Santos, just the sixth member of the house to be expelled in U.S. history. A special election will now be held in New York to replace him within 70-80 days. GOP rep says the J6 committee failed to preserve witness depositions. Henry Kissinger dead at 100. Bank money laundering expert warned Biden's got China cash for "no services rendered" in 2018 email. Why didn't the Trump administration investigate and charge Hunter Biden earlier? Bank investigator flagged unusual and erratic activity in Hunter Biden's financial from China that Republicans say funded the 40,000 dollar "loan repayment check" to Joe Biden. Hunter Biden will have to testify behind closed doors under oath. Comer vows to go to court if Hunter Biden tries to get out of testifying behind closed doors under oath. Trump says left wing lunatics are pushing another covid like scare, this time with China Children's pneumonia. Israel had Hamas attack plans for over a year, why didn't they act on that information? Israel Hamas ceasefire ends. 6 Hamas hostages die in captivity according to the IDF. Israeli hostage, 85 says she met Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar in Gaza tunnels, asked him how he is not ashamed to kidnap people. Hamas had to allegedly stop Palestinians from murdering Israeli hostages on their way out of Gaza. Freed Thai hostage alleges Hamas beat Jewish prisoners with electrical chords, burned child hostages. Marsha Blackburn says Dick Durbin blocked her subpoena request for Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs. Senate Panel Subpoenas Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo in Supreme Court probe. Texas is on the verge of making illegal border crossing a state crime. U.S. closes border crossing in Texas to shift resources to illegal entries. Trump seeks classified documents to cross examine witnesses. But if he is still commander in chief can't he declassify any document he wants? Deutsche bank executive bolsters Trump defense. Federal court rules Trump does not have Presidential immunity from January 6th, Civil lawsuits. House GOP ramping up Mayorkas impeachment as Biden impeachment stalls. Joe Biden jokes he has the code to blow up the world. Appears to call Trump a congressman. Trump urges Adams and Cuomo to fight "unconstitutional" sex assault suits. Hunter Biden friend worried Democrats will throw him under the bus. Twice as many Democrats will not run in 2024 as Republicans. Dr. Fauci finally agrees to testify in front of house republicans. Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas. Jussie Smollet headed back to jail after losing appeal. NYU law students remove president of Bar association who blamed Israel for Hamas massacre. Harvard, Penn and MIT presidents will testify before congress at hearing on on campus anti Semitism. Cup foods and other business' along the George Floyd square say lawlessness at site that banned cops in 2020 is hurting their business. NYC mayor Eric Adams reassigns 25 year old fundraiser Brianna Suggs to new role following FBI raid on her home and the seizing of Mayor Adams phones. USS Eisenhower passing through the Straight of Hormuz. Cosmopolitan endorses "satanic ritual abortion." Andy Ngo reports Judge rejects leftist attorney's bid to disqualify San Diego DA from prosecuting Antifa felony conspiracy case. I explore the police riots of 1857 as two different police departments fought for power over New York City. Government surveillance program gives law enforcement access to trillions of phone records without suspicion of criminality. New details about Ireland's child stabber, evaded multiple deportation orders with the help of NGO's. Chicago's migrant crisis deepens, taxpayers rail against 65 million dollar shelters for illegal aliens. Putin calls on Russian women to have eight or more children in attempt to grow the population. Earth will be bombarded by solar storms as Solar Maximum is set to hit in 2024. Sports Illustrated scrubs AI generated content after being called out for using "deep fakes." O'Keefe Media Group goes undercover in Fresno to look into the Chinese biolab discovered there. Co-Owner of Chrysler building Signa files for bankruptcy, "a rude awakening for investors". House progressives and conservatives team up and call on Congress not to reauthorize the FISA program. Gigi Hadid backtracks on claims Israel is "raping and torturing" Palestinians. Woman freaks out as her chickens freeze in place, is it a glitch in the matrix or scared chickens? 50 Million people living in America were born in a different country. Photos show Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell at a 1997 Ford Modelling Agency 50th Anniversary bash on October 30th, 1997 as well as Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald and Melania Trump at Mar A Lago in 2000. By Getty Images. Romeo the Manatee will be relocated to a new home with other manatees. More news.

(Trump, Melania, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Mar A Lago Party February 12th, 2000)

(Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell at Ford Modelling agencies 50th anniversary party. October 30th, 1997.)

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Ash WE ARE THE NEWS (WATN) 3 months ago  

Inmate charged with stabbing Derek Chauvin was FBI informant
John Turscak, 52, became an FBI informant in 1997

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I meant Michelle Obama to run for president , not Kamala.

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