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Fatima June 13, 1917 and the Conversion of Russia

Sensus Fidelium
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Published on 13 Jun 2021 / In Spiritual type SF15 at Checkout for 15% off

Fr. Thomas McGlynn, OP was contracted back in the 1940's to carve the large statue destined to go over the main doors of the Fatima Basilica. In making the statue accurate as possible, he had to meet up with Sr. Dores (Sr. Lucia as a Dorothean sister) to discuss all the relevant aspects of this work of art. In his meetings with her, they discussed many many things about the apparitions. Fr. McGlynn later published his book in 1951, entitled The Vision of Fatima. In this book, we learn something about the personality of Sr. Dores and that Pope Pius XII's 1942 consecration did not meet with the request of Our Lady. We also learned that there may have been more about Russia in the messages that were not published. Note that the part of the secret revealed in 2000 did not mention Russia. Thus, it seems clear from Fr. McGlynn's interviews with sister that something more about Russia still exists in the messages that have been withheld from us. Let us pray for the conversion of Russia.

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