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Fast Cold Steel: The Winchester 1300

Nutnfancy - 883 Views
Published on 05 Apr 2018 / In Firearms

Shooting a few rounds in the Winchester 1300 in the snowy and windblown desert of the western US. It remains my favorite pump shotgun: fast, smooth shooting, streamlined, good controls placement, and durable (never seen ANY problems with any of them after 1000s of rounds). It was a tough video shoot under the 20 mph conditions (tripod kept blowing over) and the snow glare (could hardly see the camera viewfinder) but you'll get the idea. It takes a combat mindset and commitment to shoot the shotgun accurately and fast. Most AEs underestimate the difficulty in mastering this weapon. Also included is some combat shotgun POU and a safety reminder if using the Blackhawk SERPA holster on your chestrig.

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Denner tube
Denner tube 2 months ago

Slugs can hit at 230 yards. Ala Hickok 45

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M4sprint 3 months ago

Thank you Nutn! I’m here man. I have moved my icon for this right next to my YouTube one and I am eagerly awaiting the rise of a free speech platform! Nutn! Please don’t stop! Ever! I’m with you all the way my family and everyone I can talk with have benefited from your work. We are grateful brother. Thank you for all your service!

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