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Family Court - Under Maritime Admiralty Law

Texas Outlaw
Texas Outlaw - 189 Views
Published on 04 Dec 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

Our entire system is an illegitimate Fraud based in Admiralty Law which depends on the illusion you are under of "being free"
The United States is a CORPORATION and is NOT your government!
You must CONSENT for them to have Jurisdiction over you!

It's like a private society that you join, where you sign a contract to be the SLAVE of the private society, except you never knowingly signed the contract! Most of this scam is enabled by these criminals ASSUMING that you consent!

It's the "implied consent"doctrine, where the CORPORATION tells you all of the things they have decided YOU WILL DO, and since you fail to object to their plans, take action declaring your objection etc....

They ASSUME that you consent!
So YES, "Silence is Consent"

You better learn to remove yourself from the Jurisdiction of this Corporation and their Maritime Admiralty Law Slave system!

Why can they tow your car and it not be theft?
Because when you REGISTERED IT with their corporation,
they became the OWNER of it.

Registration means that you are giving away what it is that you are registering, to whomever you are registering it with!

Why can this Corporation take your children and it not be kidnapping?
Because the BIRTH CERTIFICATE of your children, where you signed it, actually gave your child to the state! Look into Parens patriae

You have been scammed by these demons since your birth!
Just as your parents were. Now it's time to free yourself, and to run these criminals off of US Soil!

Watch a few David Straight videos, and watch "The Occult Art of Law"
then subscribe to the "Justinian Deception" and learn how grammar has been used to enslave you

STOP being a Slave!

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