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Facing the Antichrist Part 1: The System of the Antichrist

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 12 Aug 2022 / In Spiritual

Where are we in relation to the coming Antichrist? The most important sign is given by Jesus in the Book of Revelation where we learn that the Man of Sin will exercise total control over finances and people.

Pastor John shows that people need an identification number for cashless transactions and how the world’s banks are tied together in a computer network. There is a surveillance of all communication by telephone, fax and e-mail; all of it is monitored by intelligence services in the name of “national security” and routed through a sophisticated computer system.

All the components needed by the Antichrist for total control are in existence today. The only thing missing is a world leader to demand that all systems be connected to a central database where everything can be monitored globally. Are you prepared to face the Antichrist and his system?
Sermon Outline:
Facing the Antichrist
Part 1: The System of the Antichrist
RLJ-1263 -- NOVEMBER 7, 2010

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