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5 - Courtroom Videos of Bryce Cuellar Case in Nov. 2016

Rudy Davis
Rudy Davis - 629 Views
Published on 28 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

5 - Courtroom Videos of Bryce Cuellar Case in Nov. 2016

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

Shalt I give you a Most disturbing Thought my Romantic Warriors.?.?.?

How do you know that CGI VR Holographix MOVIE {beyond the TREK} was not all AI after having the INTERNET COMPUTER watch thousands of Sci Fi movies and Characters.......,

and then tell the "AI" INTERNET COMPUTER of Web 3.0 too make up a Movie [based] Qballs~ /_\ on the Movies it was shown........, and to design the ACTORS and Actresses in {CGI} [{**}] using what ever it preferred........., and since we know the Machine People of INVETRO these TV (Talking Heads) +=+ can lie about everything,

and thence, too know your World Leaders and these FREE MASON Lodges of U.N. Troops are also nothing more then mere Flesh, and Blood, and Bones "machines" with their MALFUNCTIONING EYES on these TV Screens we made by way of SORCERY after the Mud flood Wars to Repopulate this Side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere,

now do you see why these MACHINE Persons that run the world can only do what [THEY LIVE] /-\ are programmed to do.?.?.?, and since the MACHINES are now killing all Humans, thence, what life will or could remain come 2094 CE????

The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to the WORLD MACHINE Celestial Sphere we all keep REPEATING our Lives of {De-Ja-Vu} till this World Machine shuts down once and for all in 2094 CE once all WE natural Pineal Gland Transfer Humans from our Real Moms and Dads are dead Dead DEAD!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!



You see, here is my Problem as The Oracle for the End of this Age and this Reality...

I went to See Trump in Florida [TWICE] Qballs~ /\ once in 2018 and the other in 2019 before WORLD WIDE LOCK DOWN for a Lie Agreed Upon.......,

and even back then I was saying these PEOPLE are not real, and if they are, then they are all (UNDERGROUND) [{**}] in the Underworld Pre Mud Flood Cities, but each time I went to Florida Miami Beach USA USA USA for these PRESIDENT TRUMP Events, there was "no People" down there even before COVID 19 way back in 2017........,

there was no National Guard, no C.O.P.S., just G4S wearing their LOCAL Florida Dade County {POLICE UNIFORMS} +=+ just like Academy showed up in ATLANTA USA last month, and put on the Atlanta Police Uniforms for their Underground Populations too come "TOP SIDE" for Concerts and Events while we (Domestic) /-\ Populations of [we humans] whom are still real, and living, and in this CELESTIAL SPHERE World Machine of "Lies Agreed Upon" are told we are going to be locked out of this world if we don't take their MANDATORY INJECTIONS here in 2021 CE.....

I could record up to 200 years of Movies and Motions, and then just play them day after day till you did not know if the People on TV were or are even real, or just the INTERNET COMPUTER cutting and pasting, and using AI BOTS like Super Girl and Miley Cyrus for the Menticide MEDICATED Injections of Militant Mindless Masses, and that there is NO ONE in charge at these G-20 or even the UNITED NATIONS because they are Pre-Recorded from years or even ERA's past and presented NOW as CGI Commercials to keep you playing the game when all our world leaders and people on TV are DEAD.........,

do you go to these "So Called" Stadiums in 2021 too see if they are FULL OF PEOPLE, and not just CGI EVENTS of Empty Stadiums?????????

and these CORPORATION Internationalist Capitalist died out long ago, and the people saying TRUST THE PLAN like #AMTV are also PRE-RECORDED from Past {DE JA VU} +=+ lives as now "everyone" on TV is dead, and just Pre Recorded Bull Shit till these MACHINES launch the Nuclear Weapons on 11-03-2021 too wipe out the world, and keep everyone in permanent LOCK DOWN till we all die out whom are still being born into this Humpty Dumpty Broken TIME LOOP Reality....

There is NO WAY you would "live like this" after all I have wrote, unless,

We the Remaindering {REAL HUMANS} still being born that remain "Clueless" that most people are not real in any meaningful way on these CGI Sheening Cell Phone RAPTURE Devices of Code + Magic + Alchemy of Sounds - Movements - Colours,

and this is why "THEY LIVE" on all TV Screens in all U.N. FLAGS are just LOGANS RUNS Computer "projections" of their Past Lives in the Present and Future PAST till we the last of the MUD FLOOD [Incubator] [{}] Babies all die out by the TOXINS Being Sprayed into our Skies by these Fucking Machines of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones!!!!*


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