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EVs are Tools to Hinder Travel. Scotty Kilmer. GM just announced their raising the prices of their vehicles

JamesRoss - 317 Views
Published on 01 Dec 2023 / In Cars and Vehicles

GM’s CEO Just Announced “We're Raising Our Prices By 50%"

The signs that Mystery School Luciferians running international corporations are done playing chess on "The Grand Chessboard." They are shutting down the game... And if you don't kick the Freemasons running your country out of their positions of authority, then they will impoverish all non-cUlt sheeple. They will cull you.

CEOs are all cUlt-minions serving the ancient Homo capensis, devils or Satan-race who calls the shots.
A.i. supercomputers are now modelling and conducting world-politics while fake-politicians pretend that they listen to voters wishes... they never have. They just pay lip services. Like Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton together in the Whitehouse. Just lip-service.

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