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Everything You Need to Know About DeliOne Flex'n Fresh Container Reusable & Food Grade

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Published on 09 Aug 2022 / In Health

Get the DeliOne Flex'n Fresh Container Reusable here:

DeliOne Flex'n Fresh Container Reusable & Food Grade
Take care of the Earth and transport your meals in these durable, stretchable storage boxes.

Our containers stretch a lot
Yep, that’s right. We made beautiful, high-quality food containers that are more than meets the eye.
The patented stretchable lid can increase the volume by 50%! Not only that, but it also extends to 200% of its height. If you have something to store that’s just a little wonky in size, this container can handle it. Don’t worry, all that stretching doesn’t do our containers any harm. That’s because they have a high deformation tolerance.You can actually stretch them up to 10,000 times without them cracking or breaking at all. We bet you won’t put them through that much, though. But you can try!And, through all those stretches, they manage to be 100% leakproof. Go ahead and fill them with your soup—they won’t spill a drop in your bag. Made with durable shrink film, these lids pass the puncture test and have a 100 mm thumb edge.

How is this possible, you wonder? It’s possible due to overmold technology. The lid’s thin cover consists of platinum liquid silicone, which is a high-grade material with high transparency. It’s environmentally and chemically similar to glass.

This frame and thin cover are designed using overmold technology. This makes the Flex’n Fresh lid and locking components one piece rather than two.
The benefit of this design is that the latches won’t fall off or hide bacteria. Plus, it makes them so much easier to clean, and it ensures there’s no leakage whatsoever.

The Flex’n Fresh film is proudly made with Japanese material. We spent a year performing extensive worldwide sourcing and decided to use Japanese grade. It is the best material available for food-contact safety thanks to its premium platinum content.

All of our materials are totally dishwasher-safe. Moreover, the film is temperature-safe to cover food at temperatures up to 220º C (that’s 428º F). Compare that to traditional shrink wrap, which is good up to only about 60º C.

Our highly flexible materials last a long time and are chemical-safe and BPA-free. Our high-grade platinum liquid silicone is manufactured in Japan. It’s only 0.6 mm thick and actually the most transparent silicone available!

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