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Evermore, Beauty and the Beast Cover

Cate Lear
Cate Lear - 339 Views
Published on 13 Jul 2020 / In Music

I do not own any copyright to this song. For entertainment and fun.

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[email protected] 11 months ago

A for effort ???

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Cate Lear
Cate Lear 11 months ago

There are millions of mediocre singers in this world. If not, the great singers wouldn't be getting paid for their effort. I just love singing and dancing. We all are given gifts. Mine isn't singing, but I wish it would have been. I know a few though. Dolly Parton certainly is blessed with a great singing voice. She had a rough childhood though and even tells a story about her mom putting kerosene on her foot to stitch some of her skin around her toes that Dolly almost cut off. Life is like a vapor and I like to sing, so I sing and record for healing from very low self esteem from my past.

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