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Episode Five |Remake| - Jesus Christ, Our Living Hope - 4/20/22

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Published on 23 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics


Comment on What You Think the Z hand signal meant!!!!!!

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Under Further Attack:
Many including us have surmised that after initial outbreak, Covid "cases" were dumped into the water supply, but in the summer of 2020, Tetron knowing snake venom was studied by the deepstate companies intensely & had been prepared for biolab usage, noticed covid had similar side effects to it; many also noticed this, & thought that Covid came from a snake or used snake proteins; when at the time, Tetron determined there was a 56% chance this is was actually snake venom & not viruses with multi-asset abilities, many of them were called crazy conspiracy theorists, & it was forgotten about -- until now. Now with the vaccines & the fuller development of covid symptoms, this raises the chance of this being snake venom alone to 76% as compared to viruses to multi-asset abilities; we were going to do an exposé on this during the summer fittingly, but it has instead come to the world through a popular well accepted very organized channel, as an early resurrection day gift; do not forget all those prayers that saved people from this whole thing, in & out of hospitals, on & off of remdesivir, jabbed & unjabbed; God hears our cry; YESHUA SAVES: (@ 25:32 Zadok Jewelers)
All Media outlets get clapped at Disinformation Summit; Gender Neutral Potato diverts questions, puts out propaganda, admits there is networking between networks, twists the question to give a nice sounding answer, labels the college student as a right-wing conspiracy theorists, says need to admit when there wrong; They are wrong too much for coincidence, remember mockingbird media videos:
Biden Vaccine Mandate restored & Whitmer kidnapping plotters acquitted:
Joe Rogan going off stupidly again about Christianity:
FDA approves 5th vaccine before it is even actually developed:
Russians about to close in on Azov in Mariupol:
Lt. Governor of North Carolina Mark Robinson goes off in church about how sexual orientation training for kids dragging them to Hell:
Man rigs truck with flash bang, deters thief as was planned:
NY wants more homos:
DHS Secretary once again says to Black Audience that the greatest threat is White Supremacy:
Hilary Actor Confronted by Project Veritas:
Sucki tries to dismiss border crisis:
Even fake polls show they are loosing the Hispanic population in mass to the Republicans:
Biden Nominee wrecks her reputation with her own tweet, then tries to give a work around apology:
Dennis Prager thought to be overconcerned about LGBTQIA's influence, concerns proven accurate:
Psaki says free smartphones for illegal immigrants is to check in with them, not to deport them:
HHS Secretary Bercerra says birthing persons instead of mothers:
Rapper Ti starts fake feud with female comedian to boost his publicity, seeing how negative attention gets views after Will Smith psyop:
Gay Communist Secretary Pete Buttigieg thinks House Bill 1557 will kill kids:
Rush Limbaugh along with everyone who knew what's up predicted this:
Biden's Brainial Wire Uncross & then partially uncross as he tries to says the Foothills of the Himalayas as he then rambles about a story which never happened, "America's a nation, that can be defined in a single word, 'iwasanafoothimauhfootih'" Judge Jackson & Kamala look at scripts & try not to laugh hysterically:
Biden pretends to have seen Judge Jackoff's hearings, as she went through no verbal abuse at all:
Psaki gets caught in transcripted lie, says Kamala's role was somehow super important which has nothing to do with her not being masked; All within 6 feet; White House Comms Director says that Pelosi Kissing Biden Was "Not a CDC Defined Close Contact":
Biden Calls VP Harris "The First Really Smart Decision I Made in This Administration", then assumes that he is unheard of but assumes Jill is:
Eric Adams wants to start rivalry with Florida, but he is already lost as massive exodus from NY to FL is still in progress, LA Bans travel to FL over HB1557, NJ going to put gender theology at earliest 2nd grade, FL has full transparency curriculum; Eric Adams says the gender indoctrination isn't happening, implies hidden agenda in bill, which there is none if one actually reads bill, showing he has problem with securing parental power & non-state influenced sexual preferences for kids, LYING GROOMER IN PLAIN SIGHT:
Ukranian POW watches the butchering of Russian POW, says I can't watch, their treatments are not human:
Defeat the Mandates - Coast to Coast is growing:
Did Russia already kill most of the resistance in Eastern Region & now is picking off others around Ukraine, to allow Zelensky to move his forces back in to take him out perhaps from all sides? Perhaps, it is so crazy, that it just so happens to make perfect sense as a possible plan:
Chinese under Zero Covid Policy begin to kill pets, somewhat brutally in some case, starting in Shanghai:
Rigged Polls in Italy show jabbed are responsible for most of Covid death:
SAPD has no accountable for killing people mistakenly & or unjustly:
Elon Musk doesn't join board of twitter directors most likely because it will prevent him from owning over 14.9% of stock, implying he is in it for the money:
D.C. Elites Make fun of Biden's mental state after his strokes:
All Vaccine Nano-Aluminum Neurotoxin Unsafe level exposed during live event:
Al-Sharpton starts to regret his choice of being deepstate:
Zelensky brings a Greek Azov Nazi Fighter to Greek Parliament to speak, a member leaves & many disapplause, others stand & clap including the PM:
Potato Battery brings in a guest who shows CNN is left-wing & FOX is right-wing, & says viewers need to actually take all sides instead of believing in what makes them feel good:
UFC Crowd Gives Ron DeSantis a Huge Welcome:
Nitric Oxide balance needed for good health, many lack it a bit, so it is good to take supplements to increase it a little:
Mass protests in Pakistan against "US-backed regime change":
All Deepstate roles & companies she has or is taking place in, [this may soon be]:
DOJ puts up another 242 pages of Rod Rosenstein's emails Monday:
Fauci says it’s now up to Americans to assess their own COVID-19 risk, trying to cover his butt for upcoming trials, NO ESCAPE:
White House COVID-19 Czar says U.S. Has "National Interest" to Vaccinate Entire World:
Tom Wolf's Administration's Health Officials pay churches to encourage members to get jabbed & to host jabbing events on church grounds; this will also encourage priests to not sign religious exemption forms for Roman Catholics if it spreads big enough:
Pfizer & BioNTech sponsor Oscars:
As of Sunday, 77 members of Congress have tested positive for Covid this year:
A little bit later Sunday: 72 D.C. elites test positive for Covid after Gridiron super-spreader event:
About 4 hours later, Eric Adams test positive for Covid:
Monday, Tlaib tests positive for Covid:
Putin says to Denazify the world, he is going to end u.s.-western dominated world order; Rumors are true, U.S. & Western troops fighting in Ukraine:
Lt. Governor of New York arrested Tuesday Morning on charges of bribery, fraud, and falsification:
California looks to cut weekly work down to 32 hours:
Alex Jones Interrupts World Government Summit Meme:
Azov continues to wipe out & abuse people in Mariupol even on the verge of defeat:
DOJ Spied on Journalists’ Apple & Google Accounts; Veritas Files Motion Demanding Return of Property:
Declassed docs show that it is more likely that meteor that exploded in 2014 over atmosphere mostly likely came outside of solar system, predating Oumuamua (fractal from exploded planet):
Small Artesian Water Recall as it may have been contaminated by mold:
After putting it off for several years, NASA is set to test SpinLaunch's spinny-flinger to put satellites into orbit & suborbit:
Joy Reid gets pissed that conservatives & right-wingers keep sliding in her mentions saying what is gender & sex, she says go ask you mother or google it instead of saying look down, & then look at a person with breasts:
Crazy liberal starts making gender jokes, then says he won degrees from major universities, then says gender does not apply in some/baphomet cultures, then says you have to have a degree in biology to tell what is a male or female, wants to argue & make fun of, doesn't debate at all, gets clapped by limited hangout money only Shapiro:
Another Crazy liberal thinks when couples hold hands & rudely take up more of a sidewalk, that only happens with whites, when people say "I am not trying to offend but" then proceed to offend anyway only happens with whites, especially women, same goes for them saying "I'm on your side" but then not being, and it not being a person thing, proceeds to yell which goes masculine for a peak second, then she has a problem with white women making small talk with her, but doesn't mind busy men, but only if they stay busy:
Kentucky Legislature Overrides Democrat Gov, Passes Bill to Ban Killing Babies in Abortions After 15 Weeks:

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