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Episode 42 - Fall Boy Biden, Jab Narrative Falling Apart, Flynn Compromised, & The True Powers of Satanism - 2/10/23

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Published on 15 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

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NBC claims Trump wants to head back to Twitter, which is false, & Gavin Newsome actor waits behind Biden like a Grim Reaper as his gaffes worsen. Joe also says he has no regrets over documents scandal:
Kamala Harris explains Electricity in kindergarten language:
Flashback: Andrew Tate Roasts Obama Like A Thanksgiving Turkey:
From Last Week, WEF has man playing acoustic guitar & woman who sings nice but also makes pitch noises like she is a bird or something, using her hands to pretend to play the flute as she has styled attire on, whistles like a bird:
Trump out dancing Biden at a Black Church but Joe was raised by the Black Church? Maybe Trump was:
U.S. possesses greatest threat against WEF’s corporate collusion which violates the law btw due to our values & traditions & millions of rounds of ammo & massive amount of armaments:
Tucker exposes the CIA & FBI & Swamp setting up Nixon & him taking the bait in the WaterGate Scandal on Live TV:
Epoch Times Exposes the $18 BILLION Soros Scheme To Control Media, Politicians, and America:
Disney star, Orlando Brown, accuses Will Smith of raping him as a kid & his kids:
Leaked Footage shows Synthezoid Zuckerberg warning not to take the covid vaccine to employers saying we don’t know the effects mutating the DNA will have:
White House puts out a salemans ad saying you can get an mpox, flu, & covid shot all at the same time. Says you may want to wait on getting a booster 4 weeks if you have had some covid or mpox vaccines due to association with heart inflammation. The current mpox vaccine is not associated with heart inflammation. They are literally just evading the issue trying to play it down like its a mild side effect from the past:
Andrew Tate says when they fail to kill me, “I’m coming for them”:
No vax pass strong protest:
Men go to Andrew Tate’s prison to try to convince them to let him go:
Another Andrew Tate supporter speaks out, says me & the other supposed victim gave 3 letters saying we are not victims & the judges keep throwing it out, the two people claiming they got kidnapped literally had the lock key in their own rooms they were in, & police supposedly destroyed the internal & external camera footage showing Tate was innocent. Also the two people who cried victimhood weeks later went on luxurious cruises after this whole thing went down:
A man named by his father, Adolf Hitler, Uunona, wins local election in Nambia, says “he isn’t seeking world domination” & promises he is an okay guy. Says “as I child I saw it as a totally normal name”. Now what is somewhat sus is that is that he is the same height as Hitler, 5’ 9” He won by 85%. An anti-apartheid politician, we would have to know more about how he actually stands in a world of such confusion, but everyone is tripping over this guy, perhaps for good reason, we’ll have to wait & see:
5 Basic Tips to Store Vegetables:
Man puts a pie into face of The West Australian Airline CEO for needing the vaccines to fly & work there:
At Davos, where the environment is supposed to be the main issue, they are chemtrailing all over the place, also there was a free Julian sign, probably talking about Assange:
Julain Assange may face up to 175 years in prison pertaining to leaked info from U.S. documents about afghanistan during the war. Also progressive international appears to be a main source of weakening people before the commis come into South American countries, they condemn Russia, support Ukraine, & try to have a ceasefire which will lead to more death when its over, they tried it in Britain but the population was too conservative:
Flashback, 6 years ago, on January 17th, Antifa tried to start a poorly organized revolution in D.C. due to Trump inevitably getting in, & therefore it was just a riot, attacking random vehicles & buildings as well:
Israel beings to recolonize & force out Palestinians from East Jerusalem in the name of Zionism:
Buzz Aldrin marries his longtime love on his 93rd birthday, she is 30 years younger than him:
Depopulation Agenda is well documented:
National Toxicology Program study on cell phone radiofrequency shows clear evidence of cancer and dna damage:
MAP REVEALED, showing 97% supposed Covid infections were actually a cover for 5G radiation poisoning:
New LED light poles have hidden 5G relays in them killing & driving away most birds & insects in highly populated zones. 5G radiation fries reproductive organs. Also it was recorded that they were putting Aluminum & Barium in the air and also aluminum & ferrous oxide in aerosol form. Plan to kill 55 million children in the U.K. comes out in intelligence report:
5G causes trees to stop giving fruits & drives birds from the area:
New LED street lights causing sleepless nights, literally so bright it beams in through the window & shades on camera. The reason for LED lights in general is because they use energy more efficiently and don’t waste heat:
LED street lights activate the mnra nanotech via the hidden 5G pulses, which are actually exposed on a small green light near the main light:
New reports come out, 26 GHz Graphene Transistor in the new 5G towers activates the nanotech inside the covid vaccines, 26 GHz also activates the nanotech inside the jabs. Schwab & elites are interested in graphene transistors because they are much faster, & only need a single layer to act as wire. The project was funded by DARPA:
Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon Powder, Warm Water combo supposed way to relieve body pain:
Instant relief for a burning upper back pain:
Elderberry syrup is just as effective as cough syrup, so you can use that instead of it so you don’t contribute to the 30 million dollars that big pharma gains from cough syrup each year in the U.S. to try to prevent the cold and the flu. Elderberry Syrup can be taken orally or applied topically. It can be used to help prevent the flu and cold, but it may not treat an existing infection. It is also thought it can be used to help treat diabetes:
None of the Covid vaccines are safe and must be pulled from the market Peter McCullough says, it kills youths in sports or while they sleep due to fatal heart damage, & 71% of jabbed are dead within 20 days since an injection-a study from Schwab & colleagues at Hiddenberg Germany reported ironically, vaccine death assumed now over anything else-vaccines don’t warn of myocardis, blood clots, & neurological damage, & the most prevalent charge will be mass negligent homicide:
Thousands on the march in London for the Covid-19 vaccine injured & bereaved despite the cold weather:
Vaccinated Mary Dix, who mocked the unvaxxed, has suddenly died:
Senator Ron Johnson: Nobody will admit they were wrong because the body count is way too high. They sabotaged early treatment. They completely mishandled the pandemic response:
RFK Jr. Details the Vaccine Manufacturers' Stunning Admission of Causing Injury & Harm, they have committed high treason & intentional planetary genocide:
Leslie Jordan, a Pfizer vaccine spokesperson, died of a sudden cardiac dysfunction:
Trump said to some guy to burn in hell & Flynn said to him to burn under hell, making some think this bad dude who was part of the russia trump hoax planning & who actually did real Russia collusion, was a child fiddler, nevertheless right after, the Feds arrested & indicted him for ties to Russia:
Another rumble commercial condemning YT comes out that will be aired across national tv. It too has been in the works for almost a year, once a promo as well, essentially changing nothing once again:
Satanist in the demonic arts becomes Christian:
An african rap artist called Bamboo becomes Christian after Satan tried to bargain his allegence:
Man describes satanic rituals & interaction with the demons in great details, God saved him:
Man became fake pastor after missing the points striving for power, taught ritual by mentor larger occultic false pastors, & all the powers were people faint & scream were influenced by his demons, talks about occultic phrases & rituals he was in, now he is reborn Christian Pastor:
Ex-Witch Warns Witchcraft Expanding, Says The Craft 2020 hired actual witches to do spells over the actors, the set, & the viewers, places selling sage to burn & healing crystals:
Underground Tombs, Crypts, Tunnels, Military Execution Sites, & Cities, All Designed & Controlled by Masons historically including D.C, Philadelphia, & Boston:
Ex-Psychic says those healing Crystals do not heal you, & sage does not actually warn off demonic spirits, just a sign you want to compromise with them but not to a full extent, when people go from believing items have magical effects to putting faith in said items in a religious sense, that is when demons can enter through:
Ex-Teen Witch Who “Should Be Dead” Went From Casting Spells to Worshiping Jesus:
Some of the Rituals of The Freemasons:
Man invites 100 celebrities to his bday party:
Director of Pfizer claims he just lied to impress a guy on his third date about not knowing how the Covid Virus keeps mutating, so they are now planning to have safer parameters than Wuhan to force mutate covid to make a whole plethora of vaccines to counter said viruses, them being the probable & possible mutations the normal virus could have in the real world. Which would actually make sense being that people are stupid & treat not the core of the problem itself, however when confronted, he says the recording is illegal, tries to call the police, even though there is no violence, then he has the restaurant lock the doors which is a violation of the right to travel, called false imprisonment, then the manager comes out & tells them to unlock the doors, the guy starts trying to smash O’Keefe’s labtop, & then security has to push him back & get the laptop back. He also said that the mrna appears to be somehow effecting woman’s hormones throwing off their menstrual cycles, what if the mrna was lingering in the body. Says its’ not just vaccines, oncology, & A.I. aims for future projects. McCarthy remember kicked Schiff off the commodity, remember Biden bans feds from having tiktoks, what does Schiff do? Get TikTok & complains on it:
Man warns a bunch of celebrities their numbers are leaked, what an imbecile:
This guy hugs celebrities including youtubers who have over a million followers, literally barely anybody we recognized, which is just a sad reminder of the world live in being filled with losers:
Reminder Google layed off its employees, 12,000 employees, 6% of the its global workforce, somewhat randomly due to fear of upcoming recession so as to save money, if employees did not check their emails the night before & showed up to work the next day to work, if the scanner was green when they scanned in, it meant they still had their job, if it was red, they were canned. Some people checked their email instead to find out they couldn’t even log in, what an informal way to be let go, many bosses didn’t even know if their employees were still employed or not, it is almost as if they had an algorithm pick to who stays and goes:
January 28th, which exposes everything on there just about launched a protest to the U.N. David Icke explains to normies how the plandemic was pulled off:
Paul Pelosi actor, different nose, one guy has tennis shoes on, they let him swing on the actor, & they rapidly taze the guy, they took forever to get cuffs, don’t immediately access the situation despite it being a code 3, the whole thing was staged:
McCarthy Annihilates Biased Reporter Over Santos, Fartwell, & Schiff:
Hack NY Times Journo Who Worked With The FBI To Raid Journo’s Houses shakes his hand like a coward, & you can tell he is scared to death on the inside, O’Keefe got heated with him, it was the angriest & near violent we have ever seen O’Keefe, because the hack helped the Feds raid his house with looking up to a gun to James’s head:
Chris Williams took an AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot, shortly after he had frequent seizures, a blot clot, muscle back joint pain, and dilated cardiomyopathy (heart failure). He hasn’t worked, is now disabled, had to remortgage house, and is losing his business:
One of the Tate brothers visits them in jail:
Tate brothers are walked to the prosecutors office:
Man uses Q.R. Code Scanner over the place of injection over the Covid-19 Shot, a black image shows up with a number:
1 out of 5 companies preparing to issue layoffs for the coming recession, wind turbines finally being reported collapsing enmass b/c they make em cheap. The FDA is trying to make the Covid shot easier to obtain, Social Security running out of money, two of the major funds could be wiped out in 10 years:
Mrs. Universe is now a transwoman:
French Finance Ministers says we want to do relations with China, not drive them away, but now we need China to follow the same rules as America in the EU:
A Riot Brakes Out In Atlanta Over A Police Training Unit, they lit a Police Car Ablaze, DOJ uncovers more Documents in Biden’s Delaware Home, Poland signals it may send German Tanks to Ukraine without Germany’s permission, so Germany says hey we might give you approval to send German Tanks To Ukraine:
The Biden Admin signals they are going to start sending money to African nations to help them improve better & faster to counter China’s influence, Yellen says China’s strategy which leaves countries in debt they will use against them:
"The more doses on average you have in a region within the US, the bigger increase in mortality that region has had in 2022 when compared to 2021", says Josh Stirling, an insurance research analyst who has been dissecting alarming trends in life insurance. +17% for taking vaccine, +8% per dose, for mortality:
Biden Admin wants to ban semiauto’s along with many states, but now 61% of counties across the nation are gun sanctuaries:
Dr. Scott Gottlieb—who used to be the head of the FDA before he left his official post and became a board member at Pfizer—was lobbying Twitter to take down posts from other doctors that accurately pointed out that some studies showed natural immunity was superior to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, new leaked internal emails show, double confirming the verified report we mentioned in many episodes back:
More Bricks set up for Antifa & Rioters to throw at cops and property, by black ops Feds in disguise as construction workers despite having decked out cars & just undisguised Feds themselves in obvious Fed Vehicles:
25 year old man engaged to an almost 11 year old girl, he has been in a relationship with her for almost 3 years, not sexually I will add, but when asked what physically attracted you to her, he said this generation’s women aren’t good enough which we agree mostly, but he said earlier that the purpose of getting her so young is so that she will never want to leave him & he can train her right. He says a lot will change in a year, she will get bigger, & then I will marry her, I got her father’s permission. The girl has a slave mentality, just doing what she is told, no personality:
Pope Francis Actor says homosexuality isn’t a crime, but it is a sin, and John Durham may have possibly uncovered ex-FBI official taking payoffs from Steele-linked Russian:
Justin Trudeau STUNNED by INTENSE greeting in public from fed-up Canadians, a lot of people were yelling f u you f***et & f u & f u you f-ing tyrant:
Radical Left Lead Lecturer says everyone has some sexual attraction to ALL children, but very little, then there are people who have a lot:
Swalwell Not Taking Getting Kicked Off Intel Committee Well:
John Kirby Actor Jokes About Avoiding Questions & Diverting them to KJP When Reporter says something about Document DISCLOSURES:
Hunter Biden Found to Have Been Selling Classified Info from Documents Joe Illegally Had to make money while at his phony job on the Burisma Board:
Rino Elise Stefanik says Big Corp Deplatforming Newsmax, referring to AT&T, is unacceptable bias, the House Intel Committee is investigating this now:
This event was very similar to one that happened in his first term, but a couple days ago, a woman was praying to God to Bless Trump in this Presidency, & she holds a Trump actor’s hand as he stopped by a local icecream shop:
Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate Joe Biden's handling of classified documents was Russian Collusion:
Kevin McCarthy Announces Members of The CoronaVirus Pandemic Committee, tasked with finding the origin of the viruses, the handling of the shamdemic, & the weaponizing of government for the shamdemics. He is also putting together a house committee to combat China’s influence in America. McCarthy also moved to protect our strategic petroleum preserves so Joe can’t sell them to China. McCarthy ends blanks checks going to Ukraine. He says first priority is to get our economy back on track, secure our borders, make our streets safe again, give parents the opportunity to have a say in their kids’ education, & hold the government accountable. He says he may also perhaps esponge Trump’s phony impeachment records from record, this means they were illegitimate:
Emails EXPOSE CDC officials using false statistics to try to help advocate for gun control:
Dem Senators Threaten To Stop Anything from Happening in the Senate unless the info on the document scandal is blocked. Senate Bipartison Intel enraged at DNI Haines for Withholding Trump & Biden Documents. NYT reports the White House covered up the Biden Document Scandals before the Midterms. Everyone wants Biden to go:
Woman goes let’s scanner scan her palms, insert her credit card, & enter her phone number, & she agrees to the terms of service, & now through Amazon One, all she has to do is put her palm over an indicator to pay for her groceries:
MKULTRA: CIA and Military Mind Control & Chemical Weapons Testing:
A Device User 5G can see your veins in live-time, put it over the veins, it uses just barely under infrared light, which is absorbed by the hemoglobin, the surrounding tissue reflects it to the device, then the imagery is processed & shined on top of the skin so you can operate in live time or see clots:
Ohio Superintendent had trafficked his wife years prior through Kreggslist’s posts, sent her male child porn via texts, & asks her to molest children in the school district & even their own son. He suggested that she could give her friend’s kids sleeping pills, she could molest them, & he video tape it. So her son & his friends had a sleep over, and the husband wanted her have sex with the son & his friends so he could record it. Miller didn’t even deny the allegations, he just blamed it on his wife, despite texts showing otherwise. He admitted that he had sexual roleplay pertaining to drugging & molesting 3 boys in the district:
Power Slap Announcers Go Wild After 3rd Round Knockout:
The surviving generation of the holocaust sounds the alarm on the weaponization of medicine & public health:
Man exposes Trudeau as a pedophile with some evidence presented by him:
NY bans Tide Original, Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free & Clear, Gain & Aroma Boost, Arm & Hammer Clean Burst, containing trace amounts of cancer causing 1-4 dioxane. It is not in the ingredients itself, it is a biproduct. So any of these products containing PEGS or Polyethylene, words like -eth, -oxynol, & -xynol, you should steer clear from:
Auckland International Airport has been closed by inches of flooding, hours after a landing plane hit and damaged several runway lights causing major delays to flights:
Connor McGregor Cloned, & Dana White Knows, He Prevented Him From Falling Over, like he was trying to activate the spinal wire, & literally said to the REM clone, “Your Back”, He Slaps His Leg Real Hard Like He Is Activating Something, & had taken his hand off of his vertebrae:
WEF 5G airpods created to monitor the mind to see if they are paying attention, & whether it is central task, a peripheral task, or unrelated task, & if their minds are wondering. The lady says “when you combine brainwave activity together with other forms of software & surveillance technology, the power becomes quite precise”, she continues saying should we reject or accept this new technology, she says I believe there is a way forward, & it is offering employees a choice of whether they want it or not. She says you could fire or hire someone using it, or watch their cognitive decline over time:
China hacks into a bunch of drones, & makes them sit on the ground by manual isolated control:
Nigeria’s over the counter withdrawals are now only $225 per individual per week & $1123 for businesses, ATM withdrawals are limited to $45 per day, & their central bank is encouraging the use of internet banking, mobile apps, USSD cards, & their CBDC called the eNaira:
Illuminati member describes their agenda in their own words in an interview:
If an officer talks you in questioning on the street, or pulls you over, if you say Don’t Answer Questions, & keep reiterating it if they continue, they can’t search you, if they find something criminal or have reasonable suspicion, they will let you know the reason you are being searched & or are pulled over, otherwise they are just trying to get their quota, but you beat them legally with that 5th amendment, so don’t be afraid to use that, & always record your encounters with them:
School Officials Exposed For Trying To “Trick” Parents, by saying CRT is not in our curriculum, but it is taught in extra-curricular & the like, so the question parents should ask is CRT in any form or related ideological package being presented in the school by employees & staff:
Congress to investigate claims of Pfizer mutating the viruses to create vaccines to prevent probable viruses from spreading easily in the future:
Sen. Josh Hawley Introduces the “PELOSI ACT” To Stop Insider Trading:
The Humpty Dumpty Institute, is a pedophile network with ties Epstein, ran by his brother Mark & also he was a benefactor until at least 2019, also has ties to the U.N, with them liaisoning between D.C & NY, also has ties to the U.S, the U.S. State Dept, several members of congress, the global elite, & the CCP. They have operations in 30-40 third world countries, running child orphanages. They also acted as the broker between congress & the CCP:
One of those with ties to the Humpty Dumpty Institute, Democrat Rep. Gallego, was set to & indeed did announce his 2024 bid for Sinema’s Arizona Seat:
House Oversight Committee sets its sights on waste & fraud on Covid Relief Spending:
Trump Lawyer Christina Bobb Releases New Book “Stealing Your Vote”:
Ted Cruz says AT&T is engaged in political discrimination against OAN & Newsmax for canceling them:
Biggs says DOJ “stonewalling” on Biden documents:
GOP Demands Biden Reimburse TX For Border Expenses:
New Jersey Army Vet Falls in Love With Jihadi, the guy was building an arsenal, had many other people besides her he was getting money from, he was talking about 9/11 like it didn’t happen to us, & the vet pled guilty & is now in jail:
DEI May Be Proposed By Democrats, but it is allowed by Moderate Republicans:
Parents Sue Wisconsin School Over "Gender Support Plan" which hides transitions from parents:
Investigation Starts on a Suburban LGBTQ Adoptive Pedophile Ring:
Tom Brady retires to try and become an actor. He was part of the whole FTX thing btw:
5 Black Police Officers Beat A Black Dude Abusively, Totally Unwarranted, leading to his death from internal bleeding:
Man sponsored by Pizza Hut Breaks the Guinness World Record for largest pizza, 132 feet:
This was almost 11 years ago, but Tetron found a video, of a father & a baby sitter playing with his kid at the washer, & the door autoshut & the cycle turned out, they quickly ran to a manager & got him to shut it off:
This was 7 years ago, a mom purposely put her youngest daughter into an oven & set it to broil, she is fine now, but had 38 surgeries & has many scars. The dad heard the screaming & rescued her. The older sister wants to see her mom again, & to reestablish family connections by letting her out. The victim has undiagnosed PTSD probably & is afraid of her mother still. She had mental illness & was on anti-depressants, she heard voices in her head telling her to do it, so she had a 25 year sentence. She had 14 years in prison to recover & supposedly has been treated:
PFAS: The secret toxins in your body through products & landfill runoffs that never break down:
So it appears, that China lied to the U.S. about knowing there was a spy balloon in our airspace, said we are responsible country & wouldn’t want to do anything like that, this thing then traveled over Alaska, we didn’t shoot it down. It went into Canada, & Trudeau didn’t even acknowledge it or warn us, then it flew down into Montana when the U.S. finally sent two F22 Raptors to intercept it, as it was flying over where our silos are. Now they weren’t using a low-orbit satellite to see things, it is said they used this thing to send a message for their upcoming meeting with Blinken, to intercept ground communication. Joe said we should shoot it down, Montana is empty enough to where it probably won’t even hit anything, & should it, compensation can take place, but the Pentagon & Senior Officials told him to do otherwise. They claim they have prevented the Balloon from receiving data somehow despite implying it is still self-driving. It is believed now to still be over Montana or possibly now Minnesota. Then China goes, it is civilian airship for meteorology, in other words a weather balloon, So what even so? Unauthorized airspace, shoot it down:
The balloon is now reported to be over Kansas, a pilot almost hit it:
So Mayor Adams planned to kick illegals out of a hotel & move them to a terminal, so they protested by camping outside on the street, Biden skipped over the immigrants:
House Judiciary will subpoena DOJ personnel over Biden classified docs: Sara Carter's sources:
Trump says, "The situation in Ukraine is very dangerous, explosive and escalating by the day. Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence has brought us to the brink of nuclear war. And now Biden is doing what he said 10 months ago would lead to World War Three: He is sending in American tanks.":
Rep. James Comer blasts DOJ for stonewalling information on Biden classified docs, not the National’s Archives Fault, We Would Never Have Heard of Biden Classified Materials If It Were Not Leaked By CBS News, the FBI was voluntarily let in & found documents November 2nd, which is further election interference:
Maxine Waters Gets Caught off Guard by Rep. Chip Roy’s Questions: “I Am Not a Socialist!” Retracts previous statement:
Joe says, “Half the Women in His Administration are Women”:
Lightfoot Dances In The Street as Chicago has a 61% increase in Crime in the past 4 weeks, & victim of crime wave speaks out:
Diamond From Diamond & Silk dies out of nowhere; some think they secreted her off & this is part of disclosure or for witness or victim protection:
Using New Technology, Lindell invents the MyPillow 2.0, which supposedly helps you sleep even better, Silk claims Diamond’s eyes went into a stare in front of her, she claims it has something to do with a bioweapon, chemicals in the water, or covid. Silk said Mike Lindell & Donald J. Trump came to, & Trump paid for everything at her celebration of life event:
As we talked about, Trump Actor Has Live Interview With RSB, Censored by All Media, barely anyone knew about it:
AOC goes on fiery rant about anti-semetic & muslim hate after 9/11, says the committee assigned someone who talked about Jewish Space Lasers, in response to Omar being kicked off the panel:
Hannity reacts to new classified docs revelations revealing that the FBI searched the Penn Biden Center in mid-November, so total there are 5 locations of missing documents, some of it is dated to when he was vice & other material was back when he was senator. University of Delaware has been complicit & actively concealing Biden’s 33 pallets of document’s from two trucks in their archive library. He donated 1800 cartons of paper & 415 gigabytes of electronic records to the university:
So last Thursday, it snowed in that weird light powdery fashion caused by chemicals being released, you know where there is ice intermixed with salt compounds, & this gunk wouldn’t come off Tetron's windshield with the wipers, so Tetron heated it up, & used the solvent which began to dissolve it. The next day, there is residue, on the windshield, the back window, & all 4 of the windows. Tetron thought maybe it was just the usual chemicals left over, but this time there was gunk mixed in the large spots in minor amounts, appearing to be some sort of dissolvable plastic-related goo. Now a man took some of this snow & put a lighter under it, instead of eventually melting, it burnt, it became black, turned into a charcoal of sorts:
Rolls-Royce is building a nuclear micro-reactor that the company says could eventually provide power for NASA’s planned base on the moon. They apparently they have quietly building the power plants for the reactor’s for the U.K’s submarines as well. They hope to compete in the new space race:
NEC Director Brian Deese Hanged at GITMO for treason for sabotaging the nation’s supply of poultry and eggs:
Marines & FBI get into a 15 minute standoff:
Key White Hat Officer poisoned with so much cyanide it killed him in one minute:
READ Special Forces Seize Deepstate Cloning Lab in Alaska Next To A Mountain Range near the Arctic Circle, Flynn a possible traitor:
Military Charges Jim Mattis with Treason, But He’s Fled the Country to Ukraine:
CDC Deputy Director Tom Shimabukuro Arrested for Treason for Covid Crimes:
DeSantis Denied Access To Gitmo:

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