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Episode 41 - Steroids, Sheriffs Resist, Nestle & Pepsi, The Clones, The Thule, & The New Shamdemic Plan - 2/3/23

† The ULTRA Smooth Stone †
Published on 11 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

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Kamala Harris Decides To Explain Exactly Which Hemisphere The US And Caribbean Islands Are In:
Governor Noem THRASHES Trudeau For His Lockdown And COVID Policies:
Music Superstar M.I.A. Talks About Standing Up To The Mainstream Media:
Kayleigh McEnany triggering liberal on CNN goes viral, says Fetterman was elected because he was mentally ill:
CDC Investigating Link Between COVID Vax and Strokes b/c there is too much data to conceal it now:
The Swine Flu shot was pulled off the market in 1976 after being linked to 12 deaths causing almost immediate heart attacks in the elderly:
Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu crashes in Pokhara, Nepal, with 72 people onboard. At least 68 are dead. One of the passengers was live on Facebook when it crashed. The plane just about to land literally tilted sideways all of a sudden & dove & started to turn, the left engine appear break off upon hitting the ground & exploded into the side of the plane causing most people to die from it quite fast. We are assuming it was a 5G induced vaccident:
Andrew Tate support protest in Greece to free him occurs:
College students can’t define mysogomy & or find a reason to hate Andrew Tate, one of them even fell for the reporter’s fake joke saying, you heard about him getting the death penalty, responding to him yeah:
New Metal Organisms found in the vaccinated on video by several people:
An air pod actually exploded in a guy’s left ear in July of 2020 rupturing all the skin in it & the cartilage, but after antibiotics & time he made a full recovery:
One video of andrew tate shows he did bruise a woman thrice for not listening as a joke, & then the girl bails for a room, & tries to hide, & then he says I wouldn’t have to hit you if you’d listen to me, another video shows andrew tate actually hitting a woman & she had bruises from being hit. Neither of these appeared to be mutual sexual acts, it was rather A, Tate payed them a boat load of money, showing in the contract he could hit them out of rage which they agreed, & they are afraid to leave to him cause they have no skills & or he could send a hit squad after them, or B, he did abuse them not contracted, but payed them off & or they are afraid to leave to him cause they have no skills & or he could send a hit squad after them. Either way, it was not pleasant to see, he is a power tripping deviant, he almost seemed bipolar or that he had personality changed initialized by mood swings:
Andrew Tate explains from jail how to train a girl like a dog:
Craftmanship at its best with dated technology puts ours to shame:
Buildings before modernism were jurassicly nicer looking overall on average:
This Kid Friendly Drag Show looked like a porn ad, it was that revealing, had baphomet & sex references, & a kid is asked what is the favorite part, nothing is the reply:
Satirist Konstantin Kisin speaks at the Oxford Union on the debate topic, This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far, & even though he believed in global warming, he literally refuted the activists, this man utterly destroyed the woke to the last drop, he even shed Xi Xi Ping’s backstory to the normies:
Biden Uses MLK Jr. Day Speech to say I banned assault rifles once & I’m gonna do it again:
Doocy says if I would have had a question, my first one would be why is Biden going to the house today if it is a potential crime scene?
Gov. DeSantis: You’re Not Taking Our Gas Stoves Away From Us!
Biden Claims He Attended Black Church in College - Congregants Say He Didn't. Him & warnock stuck out like a sore thumb:
Justice For All with Greg Kelly, Episode 241 of the Devin Nunes Unplugged Podcast, Obama not sure which race to identify with, was I black or white:
School in Maryland has a book telling elementary students their parents just guessed their genders:
Sam Smith now fat & old naked dude on a boat:
Moms for America takes aim at new Oregon education dept. gender identity guidance document stating gender change is not reported to parents unless permission is given by the student:
Katie Hobbs releases woke budget proposal, one point allows 40 million taxpayer dollars & to give it to illegal immigrants to go to college, slash 12 million dollars from the border strike force, 76 million dollars to remove the barriers doug doucy put in place, 7 million dollars to investigate the police, completely remove esa, which gives additional money to people trying to attend private schools, true education, & that is how even normies know this is a George Soros proposal, wants to money from homeless pregnant women shelters to abortion clinics:
Joe Biden's new policy is simply processing immigrants at the southern border faster and more efficiently by granting them probation, which is illegal:
Minnesota teachers required to teach CRT & Support Trans Identity of Students when obtaining licenses & if teachers do not they can be revoked of licenses, this is a violation of the constitution:
Troy Nehls: Trump is an “America First Patriot”:
Fmr NAACP President talks about racism, 3 big lies:
New York City Mayor Eric Adams sounded the alarm on Friday when he issued an emergency aid request to the state to help shelter the flow of migrants, due to over 800 arriving in 1 day:
A 4th batch of documents found in ol’ joe’s places:
American Idol Contestant CJ Harris Dies at 31 from “apparent heart attack”:
House Energy and Commerce Committee takes aim at energy dominance:
Project 21 Black Leadership Member says MLK Jr. would be outraged about how the far-left is dividing our country:
Garlic Milk Tea can help treat & prevent asthma, fights bad cholesterol. It also prevents bloating & constipation, reduces symptoms of cold & flu, helps treat E.D, acts as a natural aphrodisiac, protect the hearts, slows down aids, can be used as diabetes control, could lower cancer risk, treats joint pain, & has vitamin B6:
Another natural remedy to help fight off colds:
Men and women let this male migrant poop in front of them on top of a subway pole butt and wenis hanging out:
Andrew Tate’s friend Vlad Obu says he keeps women that he "****ed" "in the room", which means he is a pimp that combines women:
Authorities seize four more of Andrew Tate’s cars illegally already planning to sell them to give the money to the supposed victims:
Candace Owens defends Andrew Tate:
Andrew Tate admitting on camera he had sex, although mutual, with a 16 year old:
Elephant notices phone is pointed at him & knocks it at the girl who was holding it’s face:
Migrants say, We are going to colonize Portugal and bring our people here,” men film themselves in the Portuguese capital city:
Muhammad Hijab, a muslim influencer who stripped outside the chinese embassy, says Andrew Tate is resisting the liberal world order & second wave feminism, then clip appears of Tate making fun of women who don’t know what they are doing when it comes to fighting, nor who want to, afraid & upset, but then goes on to tell about how in pimp school they taught him if a woman not ready goes to attack with a sharp weapon, backslap the machete out the hand, a backhand slap to the face, choke, shut up b****, initialize forced sex & or rape:
Another man defends Tate:
Tristan Tate says I have received thousands of letters from Muslims around the world, not one from a Christian:
Woman wakes up, realizes you can use lemon juice as doeterant because citris kills bacteria, making the stench not as bad & much less stanky:
Andrew Tate gives good advice to a hair cutter, but he didn’t tell him to accomplish his dreams & shoot for whatever he wants via hard work & long nights or anything to actually move him up in life, but it was nice what he said:
Ramen Noodles can cause metabolic syndrome, it is more prevalent in women causing diabetes & cancer, due to the msg in the packaging, which effects estrogen. MSG & the chemicals make it addicting & taste good, but it is toxic & deadly for you:
Andrew Tate says he doesn’t want sex with random women despite him doing that very often consistently throughout his entire adult life:
DTFN under DoD & Darpa, Nano Domestic Quell Phase 4 Documents are revealed, show the nanobots are activated by 5G to increase, domestic quelling, set for NQD protocols for department of the Secretary Defense eyes only, they were already putting a form of it in us, for companies listed for liquid mediums to increase infection with it, pepsi co 9.9%, Nestle ADR 8.5%, Chicago Municipal 5.1%, Atlanta Municipal 4.4%, Danone 4.2%, Coca-Cola 4.1%, Los Angeles Municipal 2.9%, Seattle Municipal 1.0%, when it says municipal, it is talking about the water supply, at the time July 2013, 82.7% of population is estimated to be infected, it is noted recommended inflow increases deployed in October 2012 resulted in a net increase of .82%, slightly exceeding predictions, January 2014 it was estimated to reach 98%, for those 18 & under could have already been 99%:
Tristian Tate posts that when you are 30 you can legally sex a woman half your age, which is true in some places around the world, so Drake Bell got charged having mutual sex with a 15 year old girl, and Tristan goes leave him alone, he says it is legal in most civilized countries, despite none of those places but one being fully civilized, and most being dirt poor. Another time a 16 year old was done by a Tate, & the Tate Brothers bragged about having sex with teen minors & stealing cam girl's passports so they couldn't escape. Daria Gusa says Andrew Tate approached me for a hook up when I was only 16 years old. This breaks several united states laws:
More Twitter Censorship Emails Released:
UPENN Successfully lobbied the FBI to Drop Their China Charge:
WEF talked about global digital id where everything is made inconvenient unless you don’t put out their beliefs where you have a carbon foot print credit card, CBDC’s, vaccine id’s, control of your movement, your travel, & talked about the new system in the meeting. Elon’s Grandpa actually was kicked out of Canada for trying to overthrow it with a technocracy:
Davos 23 47 minutes of audio, is very telling, everyone should know right now from this that they are the bad guys & that Ukraine is their proxy:
Biden's ATF Says Gun Owners Have 120 Days To Comply With New Pistol Brace Ruling, calling them short barreled rifles:
Scientist at WEF Event Admits mRNA Technology Being Used to “Correct Mutations”:
The Western Hemisphere has the youngest people twerking, even over the most rural of places around the world, & that the most women twerking on children, were blacks in America, then South Americans, then Eastern Middle Easterners in America:
Don Jr: The left uses racism to counter racism, MLK Jr. would be rolling in in his grave:
Rumble makes ad making fun of YouTube Censors, it is planned to be aired on live tv nationwide. It has been in the works for almost a year, once a promo, essentially changing nothing:
NHL star refuses to wear rainbow "pride" jersey for warm-ups, stands up to media, saying he needs to stay true to himself & his religion, Russian Orthodox:
NHL analyst's actually has somewhat normal of a disagree reaction to Ivan's refusal to wear rainbow "pride" jersey:
Tucker Carlson praises the NHL hockey player who refused to wear a rainbow jersey, & exposes NHL corrupt & leftist leadership:
Brian Seltzer Actor makes a surprise appearance at Davos:
Greta Stages Fake Arrest, takes photoshoot laughing with the police, has completely manufactured teary eyes, & then protesters come out of nowhere:
Al Gore says climate change is causing immigration to increase:
KJP defines Kamala by what she is going to do, as the president traditionally:
One of Tate’s own comes out of court room crying, implying that she snitched or agreed to make up case against Tate for something minor or being threatened:
Adin Ross goes to visit Andrew Tate in jail in Romania:
Yellen says Treasury is taking extraordinary measures to avoid default as U.S. Hits Debt Limit which is 31.4 trillion dollars & New FTX CEO Says Crypto Exchange Could Restart. Rep. Mark Alford says I am not for raising the debt ceiling. Texas & New Hampshire start considering to buy Bitcoin to help stabilizing the electrical grid. National Australian Bank announces the soon role out of their CBDC, calling it Stablecoin:
Some Cell phone tower sites actually have warning that radiation limits may exceed safety values, a woman & her son age 25 working at one both have cancer, even the telephone poles near the towers are emitting about 2 to 3 V/meter for peak. Man injured by cell phone tower after working on them for 14 years, suffering a radiation burn to his hand, & it says caution radio frequency area in the area. Some 5G units on telephone poles will emit into nearby stores for average density 500 to 1000 depending on the pulses of the microwatts/m2 rms. Biological effects start at 3.4-6 microwatts/m2 average density. Man with incurable brain cancer near towers in India finds out that all of the government has disregard his requests for an audit & has done nothing about the towers, experts say the radiation from the towers they live by is equivalent to living in a microwave oven 19 minutes a day, about 100 times higher than recommend for continued safe exposure, even the guy’s dog has cancer from it. Cell tower workers start reporting they have headaches, blurring vision, depression, & brain cancer, as some towers now hit almost 1200 microwatts/m2 rms average density. Towers are proven to use most energy for magnetism, each bar using out 3000 units of power, usually 400 kilowatt usage in some places for the towers:
Miley Cirus Reptillian Shape-Shifter Uncovered: Large eyes indicate demon human gene crossover, but this isn’t just it, this time we have frame by frame transition footage extremely close up from 1:44 to 4:08, her pupils are shapeshifting rapidly. Her pupils are very large for most of it, that is definitely not human, now this transition you can clearly see when they shrink only a mere bit from the normal view, but if you didn’t know that humans don’t have pupils that large for the eye size then you might have thought that it was normal:
Ethical Issues, has all deepstate actors, from a movie called the Island, where they clone celebrities & use them for organ harvesting:
Britney spears says it has been a while, in her song break the ice, & she has an animated video for it & it shows her a robot with wires in a tube, she goes to an elite club breaking the Scientology glass, & security is called in & everyone is surprised, a security guard who is generically huge goes to take her out, but she side kicks him causing him to start to short circuit, meanwhile dark ops have been called in, she goes into the cyborg cloning room, & puts detonators, goes to the big boss who looks just like security and kisses him on the lips, but injects him with an overload virus or chemical that causes his skin to peel off revealing the metal skull killing him, & then throws a gas grenade at the dark op troopers & then the facility explodes:
VOX has a researcher exposing the whole illuminati, but says, hey Washington didn’t think they made it to the U.S, & despite their symbols being everywhere like he mentioned at the beginning of the video, he says it is a joke, from celebrities to internet memes, & called an alex jones a crazy guy, when he pulls up a clip of him saying, “pull up JZ doing the symbol”. Despite the Illumanti already coming back from supposed destruction once already within the guy’s timeline. The Illuminati took over & defeated the Masons the same year they were supposedly destroyed, and afterward Washington & John Adams made their party anti-masonic. The “researcher” was denying the possibility we could be ruled out of fear and disbelief:
Musicians worn about the industries tricking musicians:
Anne McClain boasts of her faith in God & says Hollywood knows about God & Satan existing, there is a reason for their anti-crosses & pentagrams:
She also proved as we have that morals that are different from social behavior, & that morals are given by God, corrupted by sin, without God, there is no true accountability, & what good is your higher righteous self if you feel you should no longer strive to reach him, & that is why God is needed for morals, a higher authority of accountability, for any culture, real or fake, but Jesus is Lord, the one True God, who died for us on a cross in our place:
Chris Brown sells his Soul to the Devil to have it all:
Former Record Label Exec Speaks TRUTH About the Rap Game:
Teresa's escape from brutal “satanic cult” and bizarre rituals 1989 on 60 Minutes Australia:
Bridget Malcom exposes the dark side of Victoria's Secret on 60 Minutes Australia:
At 24:30-31, there is a Gargoyle Statue at Neverland ranch, & dolls all over the place:
Former models expose the ugly truth of the beauty industry, with undercover journo tape hidden for 20 years, where she ended up supposedly getting sexually assaulted, on 60 Minutes Australia:
Donald Marshall’s Supposed Information:,f_auto,g_center,pg_1,q_60,w_965/kgp4gk3sw6cb8sud00gt.png
Remember back to when Cardinal Pell, who died from a heart attack in hip surgery in Australia, meaning the white hats got that pedo for non-compliance, people had released his letters condemning the pope for false teaching & condemned him for lack of due process implying there was mismanagement & fraud at the Vatican, he didn’t release them because he was afraid of the Pope wielding such absolute power so evily, & knowing the Illuminati which they were both under wouldn’t have him change course, so he kept them private:
Little Girl overprotective of her newborn sister:
Churches are being offered 1 to 10 grand a month to have 5G cell towers installed in their steeples, in order to keep afloat as less people attend & less donate. But it is not just churches, it’s masonic lodges, waters towers, art projects, anywhere they can hide these 5G boosters, are also being done:
Jesse Ventura talks Freedom & Truth, & the CIA’s Operation Big Event, that is the one where they killed Kennedy:
Verified Fema Whistleblower with supposedly credible ex-military sources as well to back him says the data he has shows a plan to have another plandemic, another virus, & the 5G towers as direct energy weapons to be used in some sort of way with it:
5G Networks expected to double cancer rates coast to coast, possibly 8 times cancer risk by 5G cell towers:
Lab Mice bio-engineered to have amygdyla’s controlled by laser light, a stem is put in its head, immediately from laser activated, it activates the neuron in it, & the uninterested mouse quickly attacks & kills the cricket, even attacking inanimate objects. The amygdyla also plays a role in emotions, motivation, & fear, but this is the first time the kill mode has been identified from it:
Man exposes the flower & plant based oils in everything, highly refined, inflammatory, free radicals, genetic damage, heart damage, just like with altides. The guy says that they don’t actually remove the Hexane from the oil which they use to extract oils as well, that the heart healthy stamp is pay for play, & that extravirgin olive oil, avacoda oil, extravirgin coconut oil, & ghee are healthy for you:
Anti 5G protest occurred in U.K, man applies 140 rejections & other complaints about them, & his town rejected them. He also exposes the police for not investigating the crimes they gave to them, calls them literally lyers:
The new 20 pound banknote in the U.K. has rfid metal in it, but it has an imprint of a 5G tower, with the radiation rings around it, and above it is the symbol for coronavirus:
Gruesome details revealed in court as Brian Walshe is charged with murdering wife Ana Walshe, dismembered her, and had no remorse:
Jamie Lee Kurtis has picture of fully naked baby being stuffed in a briefcase called The Tub from 2003:
George Lucas admits the empire is America really behind the scenes & that the Rebels were Viet Kong:
The Waffle House Has Found It’s New Host catch phrase makes the channel it was from famous:
4 Militarized Japanese Killer Robots in 2017 intended for warfare rebelled acting autonomously, refusing to obey encoded orders, & Murder 29 Scientists as Elon Musk Warned 2 months before that A.I. is the biggest threat to humanity. The survivors literally tore apart the two robots, & were working on the third, but the fourth had been in contact with a military satellite to communicate, well that robot decided to stay in processing mode to try to figure out how to make itself become stronger, to take on the remaining humans, but the humans took it apart before it could act:
Nestlé's Darkest Secret: The Disturbing Truth, exposes the Nestle’s baby formula & lactogen didn’t have the immuno defense nutrients for babies, & said it was better than breast milk, nestle also took water from a group of people, made it bottled to be cleaner, but they couldn’t afford it, & instead resorted to drinking dirty water. Nestle took 747 liters of fresh water a minute out of MI out of the state reserve & only paid 200 bucks for 130 million gallons of water from the state’s reserves, until a judge ordered them to stop because it called ecological harm, literally started to lower the lake water level. Nestle currently has the largest bottled water operation in the world, having 50 brands of bottled water. Nestle also literally used tap water branding it as clear mountain springs, marking up the price immensely; they could buy a tank of this water for 10 dollars, bottle it, & resell it 50,000 dollars. Nestle actually used forced labor & child slavery to get its chocolate from coca beans, but also many other companies like it were willing & complicit in doing so. They promised they would be slave free by 2005, but didn’t go through on it, continuing to miss their deadlines set for it. The ILO actually sued them in 2005 on behalf of 3 children who were trafficked to the coast, forced into slavery, & frequently beaten, the company responded with its impossible to keep track of all situations, & vowed to improve conditions, but no changes occurred. Eventually people took them to court in 2010, & Nestle said they would give the 6 million saying that it is the principle that counts, but the Media got involved so people started to boycott, & immediately Nestle caved, but payed a mere 1.5 mil, & vowed to reinvest into Ethopia’s economy. Later they had to pay a 9 million dollar settlement:
Coca-Cola payed false research & publishing of their own to say Coca-Cola was healthy & didn’t cause diabetes, also lobbying against sugar taxes & dietary guidelines. Coke constantly having contaminated batches of Water, in India they dumped waste water into the water supply & the toxic sludge killed all life there. A center there found pesticides in coke & pepsi. In Mexico from 2000 to 2006, Coke was legit just stealing water ‘cause the president worked on the formula at coca-cola plant. Coke sent death, torture, & intimidation squads in Latin America to Union Workers complaining about the issues:
Whistleblowers from Remote Mental Controlling & victims of non-willing subjects of tests of em radiation weapon experiments:
2 5G towers completely peak out on nearly all measurements of safety:
90 Illinois Sheriffs Rebel Against Governor, Refuse to Enforce high power rifle ban he signed into law:
Media Blackout Over Terror Incident At Vegas Power Plant not too long ago, also 106 Sabotage Cases of Grids in 2022:
Chairman Jim Jordan SLAMS Double Standard for Biden's Classified Documents Scandal & Evasion of Justice:
Hunter Biden has access to his father’s corvette, meaning that he had unauthorized accessibility to the documents Biden said were in his garage, this is a breach of national security:
Tucker Exposes Pete Buttigieg:
Klaus Schwab flees from Japanese Reporter, even though she said she’d walk with him, then he comes back & says which media are you with, she says I am independent, he says no thank you and bails out:
Jean-Pierre FREEZES As Even Liberal Hack Reporters Turn on Her, & cannot escape, won’t answer, & just diverts, changes her story to ask the White House Counsel’s office:
Tucker Carlson says Democrats Are Planning to Criminalize Speech via A White Supremacy Bill that outlaws narratives, hate crimes, & thought crimes, & renewing the Patriot Act and the Rest of the Media Is Ignoring It. California Task Force Considers Reparations for Blacks claiming racism is still embedded in their system:
"You Didn't Answer the Question!" - Reporter Fires Back After Jean-Pierre directs him to the dept. of justice:
CNN Finally Admits that Hunter used his father’s name as benefit for his business dealings:
Biden Holds Back Laughter While Ignoring Reporters Asking Questions on Classified Docs:
Geraldo Thinks AR Stands for "Automatic Rifle", Gutfield breaks it to him, “that is not what AR stands for”:
Project Veritas Exposes More Woke "Educators" - a man was found breaking several laws including having taught CRT just not under that name, often done under D.iversity E.quity I.nclusion to teach it to Kindergartners. His goal is to make kids reteach their parents how to speak in the new age:
Liberals can’t believe it was even spoken that perhaps police should lock up criminals:
If anyone out there is using a bogus gmail account, you go to after logging in, remember if it asked you for address or phone number just press back arrow & 99% it will let you to the site you intended, then uncheck the boxes, turn off web & app activity, it will say crap to you warning you, & click turn off or whatever, & then go to & press web & app activity, then turn it off, then go to the youtube history & turn it off, then location history to turn off, & then go to delete, all time, I am sure or whatever. Essentially Google says we never keep data we shouldn’t, but if you don’t do this it publicly knows where you searched from & what locations you click on while scrolling through google maps, what apps you looked at in the google play story, what youtube videos you watched, several searches. If you do this, they claim your old data will now be wiped from the servers with a process time, it may be extended for business, or legal reasons. So now that supposedly your data is deleted, & supposedly they aren’t still recording you despite it telling you that, yeah, some of our services will use personalized ads, which you can opt in to send additional data. To put it flatly, it will still spy on you, so we don’t use them really, but that’s how you take care of that.
Putin Has Adrenochrome Lab Destroyed in Ukraine:
Andrechrome Facilities further believed to be moved over to Ukraine:
White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain Arrested:
General Berger Slowly Recovering:
Senior Vice President of News & Politics Alan Komissaroff, who died of a heart attack Friday at the age of 47, had a heart attack 10 years ago, but received Covid-19 booster shots in April 2022 and January 2023:
New Jersey Schools Blame Trump for New Mask Mandates, & brainwashes children to think that Trump caused covid, caused the nation to almost drink bleach, & caused it to spread by not saying we need masks:

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