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Episode 40 - Intelligence Reports & This Smooth Stone Is Polished - 1/20/23 - Part 2

† The ULTRA Smooth Stone †
Published on 09 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
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JP Sears does when you believe your beliefs:
JP Sears does The Nuclear Energy Luggage Thief:
Man who claims to have perpetual motion machines was poisoned in the U.S, has 5 Mexican hitmen after him, reveals that there is a law that says you are not allowed to patent technology that claims overproduction because it would violate the laws of physics, despite many things seemingly overriding it at times:
Ex Virginia Tech Soccer Player Awarded $100K After Suing for “Allegedly” Being Benched Over Not Kneeling for Black Lives Matter:
2 year old twerks on his mom twerking:
Take with a grain a salt, The Devil Has All The Best Tunes: How Musicians Discovered Their Dark Side:
Driving ban occurs due to frozen roads in Buffalo, & a cop starts cussing like she is instructing her kids, in tone & how she talks, & starts making fun of the person for going to 7/11:
Chicago Kid Student starts cussing & damaging property in classroom:
Jim Jordan launches Investigation into Biden Documents:
AOC stops making sense:
Black Man trips out in Texas, thinks because in his area which was mostly black there are less liquor stores that there is environmental racism:
Blind Man escorts Joe Biden, Joe Biden says where I am, the guy says right here, & someone has to tell Biden to turn around & face people:
Woman kicks cricket out after hearing it is bad luck to do so, & more came in the way it did right after she had a bad week, so she thinks this is true & she won’t kick them out, & she is sobbing about having to make a piece of toast & pushing the crickets out of the way & that her house is infested & I am like what the heck:
CNN turns on Joe Biden & begins to show records of his lies:
Lady behind Peter Doocy smiles as he exposes the hypocrisy of the Biden hidden documents:
Woman exposes Obama for making fun of lead in the water, twice, sitting with a criminal governor the 2nd time, & not sending FEMA to Flint:
Rep. Comer says they are going to withhold funding from specific bureaucrats:
Comer says we are going after all corruption:
Biden IGNORES Questions About Classified Documents:
Biden Confuses Salvation Army With Secret Service:
Texas Reporter Isn't Having Any of Biden's Fake Border Stunt:
Protesters Against Biden & his agenda appear at the Border when Biden was going to touch down:
One of the Pipe Bombs on Jan 6th according to time stamps was actually under Kamala’s seat at the time & secret service had somehow missed it, the bomber actually looked right at the camera, but the FBI refuses to release the full footage, refuse to release any characteristics of said bomber, & Kamala actually lied about being there:
Hunter Biden Labtop Whistleblower speaks out, now having written a book on it, goes after anybody who said he is Russian disinfo in lawsuit, talks about how his dad got kicked out from their office after 31 years of service in the airforce for him trying to turn the labtop over to the FBI & was told to lawyer up & not talk about these things:
Cali legalizes jaywalking saying it was disproportionately effecting PEOPLE OF COLOR, & it is true is it disproportionate cause the dark skins keep voting democrat for some stupid reason. Biden spent 146 days vacationing in 2022. Rmbr when they said to date short people because they use less energy & therefore less carbon on average to save the planet from climate change. Study comes out on Washington Post quietly that says exercises help against what they call Fatal Covid:
Florida Democrat Party Leader Quits, DeSantis says it is 150 years that there is not a single democrat in statewide office, which was during reconstruction so this is really the first true time in florida history:
Project Veritas Calls on Elon Musk to Expose Covid Lobbying Government Twitter Censorship & Who Censored Their Fauci Reporting:
Government agency CPSC now collecting data to try to ban gas stoves, after they did not have info to ban gas stoves, although the natural gas combusting raises the nitrogen oxide levels, which makes asthma attacks worse for people, it’s a risk most people are willing to take, because it is not that significant. Most americans prefer & use gas stoves, & no government decree can constitutionally change that. Then the chairman said we aren’t coming for gas stoves, just new ones, because we got incentives, for you to switch over in the inflation explosion bill $840 rebate clause:
Basic Biology Causes Liberal College Students to Go BONKERS:
Andy Biggs Lays Out Why Mayorkas Must Be Impeached:
Byron Donalds Shuts Up Racist MSNBC Host Joy Reid:
New GOP House votes for subcommittee to investigate FBI, exposes the Deepstate, and says these exact words, “today we are putting the deepstate on notice, and we’re coming for you”:
Plane caught dumping a cloud of chemtrails:
Andrew Tate values an islamic woman who doesn’t cheat over a woman who’s christian & doesn’t cheat, because Christians are more merciful to those fallen in sin, so it is not as deterred, what a freak:
Alex Jones has defended Andrew Tate ever since he stopped talking to that CIA operative:
Andrew Tate supporters boo the law enforcement seizing his assets & directing him away:
Women come to defend Andrew Tate, woman says I am not a victim, this is an abuse against me by the Romanian persecutor’s office, has evidence no one was deprived of liberty, another said she was not beat up, it was sexual mutual foreplay, twice:
Biden moves really slow when talking to Trudea in Mexico:
So the supposed chat that implied kidnapping looked very out of context & or even falsified, however Tate does have medical issues so they sent Tate to a medical facility after he was brought back in for the rest of the 30 days in one of the worst prisons in Europe after 6 hours of not finding a decision for another court date:
It is said if 2 Ergothioneine mushrooms are eaten a day, it mitigates risk of cognitive decline & reduces risk of cancer by 45%, but who knows if it is true or not:
Pfizer actually failed the all-cause mortality rate test, which is the risk benefit of the product, 21 deaths in the vaccine cohort, 17 in the placebo cohort, that is 23% more people died in the 28 day period from the vaccine from the people who were sick & probably mistreated to death:
U.S. Engineers figure out how to make windows the size of an object needing mechanical energy can be powered by light. These Transparent panels work on the basis of quantum dot technology. A special layer absorbs solar energy and then "sends" it to the frame, where the process of generating electricity takes place. Resistance absorbs the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum.
These panels can be installed in an office or home and are difficult to distinguish from conventional windows. In 2023, the panels will be available for order. Meaning you could make a whole building with windows & power said building & stuff around it on days where the sun is directly over head most likely, which is pretty cool:
Elon says new Darpa looking robots with magnetic feet to climb buildings will move so fast in 5 years, you will need a strobe light to see them, Doubt it, but that is a disturbing thought. Also under Elon’s Twitter, Alex/Jungle LunaViewer was banned after their channel got some steam for showing the vaccine deaths, so it looks like we still got some left behind:
Tates Prefer Romania over Britain for many reasons:
Try Hibiscus tee, the hibiscus in it, apparently helps maintain your level of collagen production & prevent UVB damage to the skin, it also reduces free radical effects by 92%:
WiFi found to be almost as strong as many people’s microwave’s, & some stronger by a little:
Chinese Autumn meal contains Vitamin A, C, & Magnesium, & it has cleared nasal congestion for thousands of years:
Model says Tate did buy the chick 5 bottles of wine, but probably didn’t force her to drink it:
A woman has raised a complaint against 140 prosecutors in the Operation Guardians of the sky, against the prosecutors because they refuse to prosecute those that Spray Chemtrails all over the sky:
Man rejects the 15 minute city, Oxford, by pouring cement into the hole, because the already installed blocks of plants blocks people’s right to travel on public property, a.k.a. the road at night. People during the day without concealment are flat out plugging them, because they put this stupid cone in it to stop traffic, lady says people are frustrated because it just causes increased traffic & the city isn’t listening to the people:
There is a sequia is called Hyperion, its 116m high and is around 600 to 800 years old, it is nutz to look at:
L.E.D. Incapacitator now being designed & built for protests over in Germany, the Feds here have had a form of this for years:
Andrew Tate found lying to employees about how much money they were making:
Exposing the Illuminati’s chemtrails & retaking control of our skies:
The Tates & Logan Paul expose Logan Paul making a cryptosham to get money, full investigation here as well, essentially a lyer got in due to poor review, everyone shamed the investors, the lyer sold his funds, & cryptoking sold even more, the dev team provided just cropped pictures for large amounts of pay from the leader of the dev team who was working his butt off, so he privatized part of the code, fled to switzerland, & never Logan payed him for what he owed nor gave into the 1 million randsom for the code:
Found a nice tumeric powder, lemon, honey combo tea drink that supposedly works for flu, sore throats, & colds:
MSNBC hack Andrea Mitchell improperly corrects reporter on-air for using term "pro-life":
Joe Rogan Reveals What Texas' Governor Abbott Told Him About George Soros:
Garland allows Biden to become the fall man possibly:
KJP keeps diverting from Peter Doocy’s question about will Biden’s Wellington Home visitor log be released, says did Trump release it to the WH, no, but that it because it is not required to, but for the “most transparent administration”, this seems like a shady move. She says Biden didn’t know the documents were there or what was in them, that wouldn’t have flown at Marlago, & then goes to different reporter asking for off subject:
McCarthy Actor absolutely SHREDS Eric Swalwell in response to biased reporter's question, shows the Dem congress are complicit in Treason:
"The Public Should See" - McCarthy Actor Backs Releasing ALL Jan 6 Footage:
Doocy CONFRONTS Biden to his face after MORE classified docs found:
Putin infiltrates Zelensky’s Cabinet & gets his advisor fired:
Even MSNBC reporter NUKES Karine Jean-Pierre for humiliating response to scandal:
Chuck Todd Gets BLASTED With Major Truth Bomb On LIVE TV:
Liberal Reporter SLAMS Biden For Refusing To Tell The American People About The Document Scandal:
KJP Gets SLAMMED After The 5 More Classified Docs Were Found:
Huge Update Shows That There Are No Visitor Logs From Biden's Wilmington House, Which Was Obvious:
WH Press Sec Gets SLAMMED For WH Not Being Transparent again:
Joe Biden sang Happy Birthday to MLK III's wife and straight up forgot her name while singing:
Low Level White Hats Apologize for Warp Speed or eventually you’re going to be on your own:
Trump’s Advisor Checks on the White House:
Trump Tells Allies to Shred Unlawful DOJ Subpoenas:
Trump asks the military to begin to arrest several thousand targets listed in the sealed indictments knowing the dems planned to the steal the 2022 elections:
Military prepared to use EAS when disclosure proves the 2022 elections are stolen:
Following up to Steltzer being caught on the 27th, he was convicted:
IRS Boss to new employees, get their money back:
Brian Seltzer Hung:
Special Forces Fight FEMA Brigands in Storm-Battered Southwest Florida:
Several Low Level White Hats Freaked Out on DeSantis for praising FEMA, it was emotionally driven being they had just killed a bunch of rogue FEMA, despite the normal agents of FEMA actually doing a good job:
Trump thinks DeSantis is a Deep State Sympathizer:
Special Forces Save Child from Evil FEMA Agents:
Navy SEALs Sink FEMA Barge Headed to South Carolina:
Military Topples FEMA Outpost in Florida:
Air Force Col. Blaine L. Baker Booted from Gen. Berger’s Council for being a deepstate plant:
Elijah Woods Arrested for Child Sex Crimes:
Low Level White Hats Lose Their Minds on DeSantis for Shaking Hands with Biden, because DeSantis then took Federal Money to rebuild Florida, so General Berger told them to chill out:
Blaine L. Baker becomes GITMO Detainee:
P-8 Poseidon Crew Arrested in Connection with Nord Stream Explosion:
P-8 Poseidon Pilots Cry Foul: “We Weren’t there when Nord Stream Blew”:
Trump says there are MAGA Traitors Everywhere, who are those that bend the knee or were plants from the start, including Jeremy Bertino, leader of the proud boys, who took a leniency deal after being arrested for Jan 6th despite not being there:
Military Arrests US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink on Charges of Treason:
Despite her still being a leftist, Trump offers Tulsi Gabbard a future position in his cabinet for her anti-globalist stances:
Russian Federal Service Bureau Agent named Alek Melnikoff who claims Hollywood has helped Zelenksyy & the deepstate actually use Deep Fake Technology spawned from American Taxpayers Dollars to forge most if not all of the small amount of footage we have seen of russian artillery being exploded, claiming even Putin himself was impressed with it:
Military Hangs to Death US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink for Charges of Treason in only a few hours:
A US Los Angeles-class attack submarine was in the vicinity of the Nord Stream explosion says a member of the P-8 crew:
US Special Forces and Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialists raided and destroyed a Boston University Covid-19 research lab where that 80% mortality rate bioweapon had been created:
Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Shannon Corless voluntarily surrendered to JAG investigators and implicated herself in a myriad financial crime, thinking it was Patriots watching her driving her to madness, when it could have been other white hats or it was actually the deepstate keeping an eye on her:
DeSantis started making fun of Trump & called him out for warp speed, but Berger called him out for trying to make the seniors easily & readily available get vaccinated, DeSantis also said Trump is only marginally better than Biden, & it ended with Berger calling him a career politician, meaning DeSantis might actually be a legitimate DeepState Sympathizer, but I still do not believe he is a deepstater himself:
The GITMO boys think the Paul Pelosi false flag was to drive up support for the dems in a desperate attempt before the election, but it obviously failed:
JAG Digs Deep Into Fed Employee Corless’ Allegations:
Deep Staters Fleeing U.S. for Fear of Military Arrest:
Marines Make Gruesome Discovery in California:
FBI Planted Child Porn on Computers of Trump Supporters:
Low Level White Hats Did Not Know Musk Took A Plea Deal In 2020, nevertheless they are not sure whether to bank on his character yet:
Special Forces Arrest Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel after he started to discuss publicly merging the influenza & covid shot into a single jab, on accounts of murder:
Military Finds Evidence of Election Fraud as we stated:
Three High Ranking Officers, 1 of them being a high level White Hat, resigned out of fear the military operation is not salvageable after seeing the results come in:
Low-Level White Hats Not Sure Who They Want To Lead in 2024:
Deputy in Colorado Emails Video of Fraud to Cyber Command:
White Hat Forces Retreat from Ambush Notified by a mole when they went to bust into the Federal Reserve to stop money from going to Ukraine on the Night of the Midterm Election:
Military Tribunal Convicts Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel for crimes against humanity via murder & injury:
Trump’s True 2024 Goals:
Trump Averts World War III — Again:
JAG to Prosecute Deep Staters In-Absentia:
Moderna CEO Hanged at GITMO:
Deepstate accidentally exposed itself with Illegals being given Citizenship to Vote Democrat for life but yet they were not in the country for at least 2 years to get said citizenship recovered on Excel Document:
Chip Tayag a CNN affiliate, dies suddenly after getting his 4th shot, crashing his heli killing the passenger on board as well:
Marines Thanksgiving Day arrested Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on charges of treason and child endangerment:
The deepstate aides around DeSantis encouraged him to go after Trump for having Kanye & a White Supremist attend Marlago, one of them claiming they are all agents of hate, one aide however defended Trump and asserted Fuentes & if not Kanye himself tricked Trump to try to take him down, & are attempting to merge racism & conservatism again:
The data from early 2022 recovered by the military shows over twice the number of vaccidents being reported to the public:
Moderna CEO Bancel Was Demonized by & Had Symbiotic Relationship with Baphomet Himself:
General Berger received the registry of the sealed indictments Trump co-authored in late 2020 up into 2021, due to many deepstaters fleeing the country. Twenty names from it were going to appear at Biden’s banquet, & the White Hats decided to start going after the high priority ones; Nancy Pelosi & Other Deepstaters Arrested:
Inside Biden’s Billion Dollar, Drunken Gala Dinner; Also, it appears Biden is now replaced with someone as dementia ridden as him, a clone:
JAG Charges Nancy Pelosi with multiple counts of Treason & Seditious Conspiracy:
JAG Names Hollywood Producer, Eli Roth, Arrested After Biden’s Banquet:
NC Residents Cry “Martial Law” over Unconstitutional County-Imposed Curfew & also a couple police officers abused their authority via overreach during said curfew:
White Hats upset at Trump’s Comments suggesting to nullifying parts of the constitution:
Lloyd Austin to White Hats: Surrender or Else:
Marines kill 6 supposed members of the 4th Infantry Division, out of Fort Carson, Colorado:
JAG Arrests Ex-Twitter Lawyer and Dishonored DOJ Stooge James Baker on charges of treason, seditious conspiracy, aiding and abetting the enemy, bribery, and blackmail:
Gen. Berger’s Office Confirms Persons Killed by Marines Were Real U.S. Army Soldiers:
23 Military Installations DESTROY Vaccine-Contaminated Blood Stockpiles after the House shoots down Lloyd Austin’s vaccine mandates:
JAG “Interviews” Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf:
JAG Convicts Education Secretary Miguel Cardona in 15 minutes of child endangerment:
Military Arrests Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients for treason & murder related to pushing the Covid-19 vaccine:
White Hats Proactively Head to Storm-Stricken Louisiana to Prevent FEMA Misdeeds:
White Hat Heads Spin as Trump Turns to NFTs, some saying Berger should jump ship to a different candidate, only one said perhaps trump is replaced, but Berger has faith in the protective guard around Trump to be uncompromised:
Gen. Berger Planned to step Down as Commander of the White Hats Coalition Networking, picking a lesser role:
General Berger Names General Eric M. Smith as His Replacement:
Nancy Pelosi found guilty of treason, seditious conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit murder, & was set to hang on December 27th:
Gen. Smith Briefs White Hat Council:
Jeff Zients Dies in GITMO Custody:
Special Forces Destroy A Deep State Cloning Lab:
Military Briefs President Trump on the Clone Crisis, Trump & Berger hadn’t believed it prior, but Trump should have known because as mentioned earlier the deepstate does have unlimited resources & also too by now have cloning down to a science, the Q people knew they existed all along & others believed it like Gen. Smith:
The Clones Are Imperfect and Detectable, they are missing the 2nd set of molars, have no birthmarks, & have pretty low arches & flatfootedness:
JAG says Detainees “Unlikely” to be Clones, & they are checking the corpses for evidence of cloning:
Paul’s Christmas Goodbye to Nancy:
Deep State Strikes GITMO on Christmas:
Nancy Pelosi Hanged at GITMO on December 27th:
GITMO ATTACKERS IDENTIFIED as part of joint force created by Biden composed of fema & the armed forces, sharing each other roles as well as unknown amount of others:
Military Arrests Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn for treason:
Gen. Smith Takes Command & Starts His Hunt of The Deepstate, & by golly he is going hard:
White Hats Disable Amphibious Cruiser that Attacked GITMO, now identified as the U.S.S. Boxer:
JAG Arrests Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams for crimes against the nation:
Military Arrests Deep State “Cloning Scientist”:
Director of the National Economic Council Arrested On Charges of Treason For Sabotaging Our Supply of Poultry & Eggs:
Marines Arrest Vaccine-Loving Deputy Director of the Defense Health Agency for charges of treason & seditious conspiracy:
So apparently a couple of the protesters started damaging government property in Brazil, & it turned out they were provoked by Biden's CIA to do so:
Special Forces Raid Biden’s Beach House:
General Berger Disappears, possible abduction:
The Biased Corruption of FEMA:
Military Tribunal Convicts Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn:
Marines Rescue General Berger from CIA Captors thanks to an ex-CIA agent claiming him & others in the agency are trying to do the right thing:
Captured CIA Spook claims Lloyd Austin put 10 million dollar bounty on Berger’s Head for him alive & intact, he claims also that Lloyd Austin was supposed to pick him up the day after they captured him but didn’t for unknown reasons, while the former CIA agent claims it had to be organized from some leading agent of some form in the CIA, contrary to the the captured spook’s testimony:
Trump Attends Hahn’s Execution:
The FEMA Mandate, a book created at real raw news, their first chapter is out:

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