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Episode 39 - Star Stories - 1/14/23

† The ULTRA Smooth Stone †
Published on 16 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

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Compilation of Tyranny & Physical Abuse of Citizens & trampling of rights in Melborne:
Muslim talks about never giving up, saying as long as you don’t, the door will always open, and that the future is somehow always better than the past, but this person made his fortune on immigrants’ work after companies in Arab countries stole their passports and forced them into modern day slavery:
Flashback, TKW awards the dems for their corruption:
New Generation of 5G tower installed in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, & they are increasing its power & then covering it up, good news for us they are trying this role out, fast, it is only covered with plastic, but to increase its frequency they are actually use them in 3 sector trajectory 2 row units, with 4G wire cabling:
Bob Hope's Joke About Democrats Truer Than Ever Today:
RINO Adam Kinzinger Joins CNN as the senior political annotator:
Joe Concha: Biden’s handlers are petrified to place him in front of anybody. Also 6% of Americans don’t understand the weight of the border issue:
COD MW2 is actually super woke, there is no American flag, 22 gay pride flags, there is no other country flags, as calling cards, there are only 29 calling cards total. You can use the clan name BLM, but not WLM or FJB. The only American flags found in the game have holes, one of them is on fire, the other is smoldering, wrinkled, & on the ground. Apparently as well, the modding sites got rid of the mod that swapped the pride flags for American flags in Spider-Man, & the creator was banned from mod hosting websites for being homophobic because he called them stupid pride flags. Intel unveils tool to censor hate speech in ingame voice chat called Bleep. It allows a user to use sliders to turn on or off what they can hear, this will cause a good second delay in the voice chat, it has a setting for ablism whatever that means, but nothing for cripple jokes:
Elon Musk says Google Frequently Makes Links Disappear, The Government threatened big tech with punishment if they didn’t censor, Laughs In Response To Twitter Employee Layoffs, & says working hard was not Twitter’s prior culture before he took over. Babylon Movie Flops Hard at Box Office, Won’t Recoup $80 Million Production Budget:
Steelers Hall of Famer Franco Harris, Known for the “Immaculate Reception”, Dies at 72:
Flashback: Attempting to ask a swamp minister of government a question:
KJP Loops in Explaining nothing specific about the Meetings With Sam Bankman-Fried:
KJP starts blame game when confronted about Biden lying to the public about knowing about Hunter’s Oversea business dealings:
Biden May Decide To Visit The Border:
School Administrator gets slammed for taking off his mask to speak after saying the pandemic isn’t over:
Paul Kengor on Obama's Extreme Communist Mentor:
Paul Kengor Explains Communist’s Life Story of infiltrating the catholic church & society from various angles:
Shifty Schiff Tries To Shift The Narrative By Arguing The Dems Are The Ones Focused On Our Border, after the white house announces Biden would visit the border last Sunday:
Biden Is Really Blaming The Border Crisis On REPUBLICANS:
Study comes out showing 5G causes brain damage in military personnel, & cellphone radiation causes cancer in rat cells:
Trump Vows to Deploy U.S. Armed Forces to Inflict “Maximum Damage” on Cartels, PLAY VIDEO, soon after he said this war started in Mexico:
Gutfeld: “Poor Kevin McCarthy, He’s Lost More Ballots than a Democratic Poll Worker”:
MTG went after Boebert again last week claiming she was obstructing:
So last week while the count was going Friday, you could hear them briefly yell order in the court, somebody jumped the gun & restrained rodgers for a second from going by Gaetz thinking he was going to violence:
Also last week during the count, GOP Rep. gets up and SCREAMS at Matt Gaetz as he UNLOADS on McCarthy which you could hear:
RINOs Walk Out as Matt Gaetz Rips McCarthy:
CNN anchor stunned when Congressman calls it "Clinton News Network":
Hannity spars with former Democrat lawmaker over immigration crisis:
Jason Chaffetz says GOP House oversight is about two months behind, not two days behind:
Karol Markowicz reveals New York crime spike pushed her to move to Florida: “Things were crazy”:
Idaho quadruple kill murder supposedly solved:
Ancient Granite Machining find confirmed on Elephantine Island, prompting it to be implied an older civilization far advanced had left the Egyptians colossal items or it was a society around the time of Egypt that gave them these items in exchange for something:
Biden Asks Illegals to Use the App to schedule for U.S. Registration & Citizenship at a point of entry:
Recount FLIPS Midterm Race From Republican to Democrat by 1 Vote in MA:
Filled-Out Ballots Found DISCARDED in Mountain Ravine In San Jose:
Biden Actor Makes a Stroll for It As Reporters Start Shouting Questions:
FBI increases reward for pipebomber to 500k dollars, suspicious no?
Hamar collapse fake, b/c his legs didn’t slip out, he was talking when he was supposed to be incubated, & the guy who claimed comorbis cordis made the channel in the same day, suit & tie, not a trained professional, also it occurred on a Sunday, when most people watch football, the guys were possibly laughing when trying to appear to cry, everyone kneeling except number 33 of course, Hamar created a fund the day before which got 6 million afterward the incident, it is to try to make us sound like cooks for blaming the vax. They payed him off, then payed everyone to pray, that’s why the dems prayed after the event just repeating talking points in the prayers. The ambulance didn’t even have a company logo on it:
Biden had improperly classified documents when he was still vice in his private office:
WWUTT goes after CCL artists not standing up for straight values:
5 Times Andrew Tate did nothing illegal:
Andrew Tates explains the first false allegation against him:
WWUTT destroys Global Warming:
AHOS is a system that burns torches that release Silver Iodide, which is an antiseptic & is good for seeding, also a highly photosensitive item. Silver itself is a biocide, used for destroying micro-organism enzymes, disenfectants, & killing anything as it is toxic, it is more conductive than copper, but overheats therefore it is less useful in that regard & would require more replacement. There is a small amount of antimicrobal silver in nature that is okay to injests in small amounts, including collidial silver, but collidal acts as a biocide if taken in larger amounts. As we know there is bad iodine, not as good-iodine, & good iodine, but Silver Iodide has no safety data that would allow it to be used in common day or food production, meaning it has a level of toxicity too high that it should not be allowed in organisms, however there are third-party non-fda studies showing that some forms of it are okay to injests as long as you don’t overdue it, we don’t know which form of it they are using to seed:
Tahm Khan defends Andrew Tate:
Andrew Tate in podcasts admits he broke the law in his past to pay the bills, get things done, including hiding documents, & flushing his phone down the toilet, yet they won’t go after the rappers that confessed to murders, underage sex, rape, & illegal drugs in their songs:
Sneako defends Tate after claims of money laundering arise after a supposed 10 mil in cash found in Tate’s house, goes after others for actually having condemning evidence of money laundering of the freezing of Andrew & Tristan’s accounts for the fake misogyny charge a couple years ago:
Intestinal parasite cleanse:

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