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Episode 38 - Casting Our Cares On Him - 1/6/23

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Published on 16 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

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Epstein Victim Has Tapes Showing Elites Raping and Murdering Children:
Rand Paul released his yearly version twas the night before Christmas, but this year it was just sad because our situation sucks:
Miranda Devine: The FBI Was Paying Twitter $3,415,323 since October 2019 “to Help Censor Americans”:
A 26 year old social worker Sam Roy from a school in dereskota maine was grooming a 13 year old girl without parental consent to believe she was a boy & to try to get her to become a trans man in disguise as an adult, the mother only found out after discovering a chest binder in the daughter’s closet, & the school had started to refer to her as a boy, & Sam Roy said to keep the transition a secret from the parents. Emails reveal a school in Indiana’s counselors are telling teachers to hide student transitions even just mental ones from parents if they do not support the decision, & to call them whatever pronouns they prefer. The luggage thief ex-biden nuclear energy official sam brinton is actually the main one behind having spread & enforcing this policy around the nation, prior to his employment he worked for the Trevor Project, their stated goal is to prevent lgbt youths from killing themselves, but really they preach radical indoctrination of lgbtq, offer transitions for youths, & large sterilization hormone treatment & organ swap, & the rest of the whole insanity. When he was there in 2019 he was directing advocacy & government affairs there, he helped developed a model for school district suicide prevention, it has been adopted by several cities around the nation, & it is essentially when youths get into the weird sex stuff don’t tell their parents. The only area in recent years that has seen growth in are adults, buying cartoon, star wars, & lego toys, the industries are calling them kidults. Companies like Metel has literally just created lines for these consumers, who now make up a quarter of sales annually for all toy sales. Now McDonalds noticing this has come out with kids meals for adults. Justice Roberts actually allowed a temporary pause to the court ruling ending Title 42 in several GOP states which is almost surprising. Remember J6 Committee had a criminal referral of Donald Trump to the DoJ for inciting criminal insurrection. Elon says in the future, he is going to make it so only people subscribed to Twitter Blue can vote:
British Police Approach Woman Not In Protest, Certainly Not Violently, Just Standing There, Who Was Praying In Her Head, Not Even Aloud or even with eyes closed, Outside an Abortion Center the day before Christmas Eve, for allegations for that day and other days of her breaking public space & protection orders. They asked will you come willingly, she says no, they say you are under arrest upon SUSPICION of failing to comply with public spaces protection order, which is under the ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR CRIME & POLICING ACT OF 2014. Then they read her the anything you say may be used in court but the british version. But Britain is not alone, in the U.S. the FBI casually arrests those praying outside abortion mills on trumped up charges that the pro-lifers are obstructing or intimidating people who are seeking to kill their children. The U.S. Marines Have Received an academic Report demanding they stop in their primary salutations & calling their drill instructors sir & ma’am, in fear of misgendering the drill instructors. Lockdowns accelerated the drop in faith & overall church attendance over the last 4 years, the church attendance dropping about 45% since the start of the partial lockdowns. A gallop poll determined there was a 19% drop in the belief in God in the U.S. in 2022 setting a new all time low, it also cited young individuals & leftists as the most likely not to believe in God:
Joe Biden says people stormed the capital on July 6th:
BB produces Biden Did You Know Christmas Parody:
TKW finds video comparing the voices of the pro-abortion to animals:
Pelosi says happy shwanza instead of happy quanza in her Final Speech as House Speaker:
Canada bans almost every single type of gun, and also a zip Gun called the butt master Created as Joke by Famous Gun Designer Mark Serbu in Tampa Florida made 23 years ago even though there is only one in existence:
Chip Roy BLASTS 18 Republicans Who Voted for Democrats' $1.7 Trillion Disaster, you know the one that also gives 600,000,000 dollars to the FBI & builds them a new hq, as well as additional money for ATF:
In Del Amo Mall in Torence, it appeared what was 4 black youths did a smash & grab with hammers at Jewelers’ & two of them run out, well in the mall their was a marine recruitment facility, & the other two guys tried to run out, instead the marines tackled them & bystanders came to help them pin them down, the police snatched them up later & thanked them later, which were identified as black youths:
Rachel Levine’s "New Look" compilation is disgusting:
Flashback: FBI had Cowboys For Trump’s Founder’s Phone for a year which he voluntarily gave to them when they arrested him for peacefully protesting at Jan 6th, but then his phone ended up in an anacostia home which is in a residential area outside of D.C. He spent 3 weeks in a bug-infested cell in the D.C. goolag, wasn’t able to shower for 9 days:
So some unhinged liberal, probably possessed because she said, “your killing us”, twice, but nevertheless, like went out of her mind, so some guy in a fire ems truck thing parked in the bike lane in Cali on break, instead of the car lane. So instead of just asking him to move to the car lane or across the street on the shoulder which is how your supposed to park over there, she flips out & records the guy’s license, then she acts stupid and asks him why didn’t you park in the lot, so he can pull out easy in case his lunch gets cut short due to ya know, an emergency?:
Animal Pandemic Flu Simpson 2010:
Andrew Tate tweeting his arrest: The Matrix sent their agents, exposes all the justice systems of the world working for corrupt government entities:
Tristan Tate handles Matrix agents:
Oxfordshire Council to Trial a Climate Lockdown Starting in 2024, putting electronic gates on key ports of cities, however, when asked about it, they essentially said, no, b/c people won’t have it, so we will just do an npr & fine you if you travel too much, but now they are saying even if people don’t like it, they are still going to do this:
Andrew Tate dropping absolute truth bombs… 🔥🔥🔥:
DARPA exposed, documents show they had a plan called the preventive pandemic platform in 2012 that stated they would create dna & mrna encoded gene-editing vaccines to stop a pandemic from effecting people within 60 days:
Compilation shows all the countries that hadn’t completely bowed before the lockdowns having articles claiming they were warming faster or double than the global average, also the arctic was thrown in there with times 4, funny how nothing really changed since then:
Fauci actor says look at the science, host replies Are the vaccines safe, is the science there? Fauci actor said Vaccines have been given to billions of people in billions of doses. There’s no doubt — SAFETY IS OFF THE TABLE, no doubt it’s safe, then after lies about the data:
Tommy Robinson has his thoughts on Andrew Tate arrest:
A pretty creepy but also impressive & cool art presentation and right use of technology:
Sensor tracing for avatars actually worked pretty well in a test someone did:
A shoe that fits the foot completely & stretches to the user’s foot is produced in germany, in fact they actually scan your foot shape beforehand to make it a better fit:
A basic 3d printed bionic arm using myoelectric sensors which aren’t even that good allows a girl to catch a ball with her hand:
New micro robot for drug delivery is in development, they sedate a patient, the needle goes next to the spine, sticks to a surface & pulls itself along using a designated target path, releases a drug, goes back the way it came, into the needle, & the needle pulls out, now in the video, it goes up a brain stem which could cause flailing, so that was a poor example of how it could be used, but you get the point:
Drones fly in tandem to create a unique show that was honestly quite impressive:
At a children’s playground, they had a massive 5G tower in it, I mean this thing was absolutely huge, so that’s gotta cause some major damage right? So the kids wouldn’t ask about it, they put a clock at the top, despite the legs of the bars still being visible:
China comes out with bus that drives kids to & from school in a sector of a subdivision, it uses what looks & sounds like Google to drive them to & fro:
So in Europe & Russia STiM has three vehicle sizes for an autoline painter that can even be used driverless, it does normal paint composed of thermoplastics & a glass bead one to reflect light:
In Spain both people and police are affected by the new 5G towers:
Rand Paul reveals the 4 crazy things the government spent our money on recently; last year, they spent 2.3 million dollars injecting beagles with cocaine to see if it causes adverse effects, 700k dollars was spent to see how male parents attract their mates, 187k dollars to see whether dogs help kids cope, & the NIH used 118k dollars on a metal replicas of the infinite guantlets, hired some dude to see if he if it would make a snapping noise with his fingers:
Biden's Trans HHS Secretary reveals they will try to continue to address health misinformation directly, specifically gender affirming care for trans & lgbtq+ people, then after it spews lies:
Migrant bus shows up outside Kamala’s home on Christmas Morn:
Study finds Philly & Chicago more dangerous than Iraq:
Tulsi Gabbard GRILLS Congressman-elect George Santos also called George Anthony who LIED to voters to get elected:
New Principal showed up to VA Thomas Jefferson High School, which has two circles with two triangles in it by the science & technology center btw, a couple years ago, & was making it so that there was an equity agenda, that was not announced to the public, the parents, or the students, making it so the SAT scores were rigged, meaning that some of those who should have been in the top 3% to get the merit scholarship award did not. The principal also sent a letter to the parents of the bookclub saying to the mostly immigrants that they needed to check their privileges in June 2020. The principal made it so admissions to the school were based in the same way as above with the equity, & took away the math & science entry exams by the end of 2020, & instead replaced it with a popularity test to get in. NYT exposes that there is a company doing a 600k dollar 9 month contract with consultants to be brought into schools proposing equal outcomes for all students, causing equitable grading, which means if a kid just shows up, they get a 50% instead of a 0%:
AOC says other religious people than Christians should get a say to have their rights, like jews & muslims, saying that OUR jewish ancestors did abortions:
Rep. Carter: “There will be an investigation of Democrats” for the canceling conservative news outlets & technology censorship:
The CEO and chairman of watchdog group "Open the Books" tells One America News their research seems to show some very large and profitable companies that may have taken advantage of COVID relief loans intended for small "mom and pop" businesses, 809 million wealthiest law firms received loan forgiveness, and 605 million loans were taken by 237 of the wealthiest accounting firms:
India sent most of HCQ around the world, never force vaccinated anyone, but they did coerce them for travel in & out of the country two shots, don’t let this political strategists fog your memory, but overall they had little coercion, but remember too to drive up with death count from covid, they literally were assassinating people in the hospitals with brute force, & they also too fell for the anti-HCQ misinfo until the mass study went into effect, India is probably the 3rd highest jabbed place in the world proportionally, China & North Korea being the top contenders:
The Opioid Crisis Is Responsible For Over 100,000 Deaths A Year In America, but this means it is actually lower on the list than previous years, most likely due to Fetanoyl usurping it & weed being legal:
The blizzard that swept the country actually killed less people on record than suspected, but still a lot, 28 in Buffalo alone:
Adam Carolla goes NUCLEAR on Covid cult, demands repeated public shaming:
Conservative goes NUCLEAR on radical feminist panel, triggers them into oblivion:
Biden and KJP Triggered or stumped by Basic Questions:
Biden Declares Friendship With McConnell:
Kinzinger Confirms it would be fun to run against Trump in 2024, but says he no longer intends to run:
From 2000 a clip, The late great Norm MacDonald trolls The View and is subsequently banned from the show for nearly two decades, which is really a blessing:
Adam Schiff pushed Twitter to ban journalist for exposing his fake Ukraine whistleblower & the RussiaGate Thing, but now he is restored on it:
There were dumps from Twitter showing the CDC was on behalf the government censoring people on Twitter:
Macomb County gun dealer without a license to, imported glock switches, which turn semiauto’s into full auto’s, from Russia, & used a false identity to allow his transactions:
Only 2 engines and 8 chemtrail jets here:
More Winter Chemtrails:
Tristan Tate caught mutual sexing a minor, only problem is, it was legal in his country to have sex with 17 years:
The evolution of art and expression:
That disgusting teacher does another video of him trying on female face décor:
Victim of vegan propaganda exposes the agenda:
Buffalo Bills’ 24 year old Damar Hamlin Collapsing from cardiac arrest After Taking a Hard Hit, First responders applied a defibrillator to Hamlin and then performed CPR for 9 minutes, as players from both teams gathered to pray for him. His heartbeat was restored and he was transported to a nearby hospital. Never in 103 years has an NFL player suffered cardiac arrest after taking a shoulder pad to the chest. Immediately, before a single physician had even examined Hamlin, the memo went out: the only possible explanation for this is commotio cordis, an extremely rare condition caused by a blow to the chest within a precise, 20-millisecond window. Out of the millions of people who play contact sports every year, there are only about 10-20 incidences of this freak event, almost all of them in children under the age of 18. Never has this happened to the grown men in the NFL, either in a game or on the practice field. And, apparently, commotio cordis responds well to defibrillation, which was unsuccessful in Hamlin’s case:
Dancing Mom Accidentally Knocks Daugher with Booty Put Under Lifestyle News Section:
Adrenochrome in follow the white rabbit symbology:
Evil Triangle seen in Elite escape from paparazzi:
Google Launches “Operation Jigsaw” Fully: Which is the one that is supposed to censor everything, they are actually a direct subsidiary/unit of Google, & own the Info Intervention, they have 4 known methods of redirecting your thinking, accuracy prompts, redirect prompts, authorship feedback, which all 3 they have already started to do, & pre-bunking:
Katie Hobbs Laughs While Taking Her Oath For No Good Reason:
New Hampshire, Phoenix Locals Mock Biden’s 20 Million Heated Sidewalks & The Non-Racist 25mil dollar Bridge to Nowhere for better transportation & bird watching:
France’s TMC TV Reporter Records Russian Missile Strike at Ukraine Arena While Making a Live Report:
CNN’s Don Lemon Misses Midnight In Botched New Year's Eve Broadcast While Attempting to Quietly Sing Along to Ghetto Rap throwing Gold Chains to People:
Jim Jordan's speech on House floor is exactly why some want him as Speaker, man if Trump turns on us for some reason, I would do Flynn Jordan ticket easy:
Chip Roy exposes The Swamp in FIERY rant, also reveals "threats" amid Speaker vote:
Audible GASPS in chamber as Rep. Donalds switches Speaker vote from McCarthy, somebody clapped for him:
Vatican Doesn't Want Biden at Pope Benedict XVI's Funeral:
Matt Gaetz Nominates Jim Jordan for Speaker After McCarthy LOSES First Vote, major applause from congress, yet those in the front are all swamp, no clapping, McCarthy actor had a nervous smile going, he was sweating:
"Jimmy John's" Founder NUKES Liberals & The Swamp:
Boebert: “We're Turning Pelosi's House Back Into the People's House”, as they remove the weapons detection scanners at the doors:
"He Refused!" - Matt Gaetz Tears Into Kevin McCarthy:
Former Republican Joe Walsh Believes Hunter Biden Investigations Will "Anger" The American People:
DeSantis gives good speech as he is sworn into his second term:
Nancy Pelosi Finally Decides To Step Down As House Speaker, Notice Her Voice Is Higher Like She is Whispering & Head Shape Is Different, its a body double:
Fetterman Almost Completely Silent As He Is Sworn Into Office:
Jim Jordan sounds depressed & says I nominated Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House:
Rep. Biggs, Gaetz, Norman, Rosendale, & Good refuse to vote to McCarthy, now it is an actor, but nevertheless, Good says he is part of the swamp cartel:
Byron Donalds When asked by a reporter about retribution like being kicked off committee threatened for not supporting McCarthy, he says “Man I’m 6’ 2”, 275, I’m not worried about that”:
Chip Roy exposed the entire congressional swamp system live on CNN:
Democrats FURIOUS After Rep. Accuses Them Of Drinking & She & The Republicans Smile & Laugh, also too there is a clone, woman in grey, her mouth is open with & there is no branial feedback:
DOJ Trying to Hide at least 400 of Pages of payoffs from China, Russia, & Ukraine to Hunter Biden:
More Deep Words From Joe Biden:
Chip Roy Nominates Byron Donalds for House Speaker in EPIC Speech:
Loeren Boebert tells Trump he is wrong to tell them to accept McCarthy, & instead he should tell McCarthy to withdraw:
AOC & Matt Gaetz discuss something:
GOP Rep. Humiliates Democrat who called black Republican star a "prop":
Ashli Babbit's Mom Gets Arrested While Peacefully Protesting Outside The Capitol Building:
"Doctors Are Afraid to Speak Out": Bill Maher TRUTH NUKES The Dems For Fearmongering:
Rumble CEO says Big Tech censorship goes beyond Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram:
Trump Impersonator Shawn Farash Performs "Hunter the White-Nosed Crackhead":
Cute New Video Of Ron DeSantis's Son Pretending to be a football player Blows Up The Internet:
MTG says people should favor McCarthy for what he says, not what he does:

Music: Cast My Cares – Finding Favor, Breathe – Jonny Diaz; Dinobots Charge – Steve Jablonsky; The Resistance – Skillet; Sparrows – Jason Gray

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