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Episode 37 - The Homelander - 12/30/22

† The ULTRA Smooth Stone †
Published on 16 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

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So the best chest player got defeated by a kid, & people claim he had a butt buzzer making fast & high intellect moves, but then the former chest player accused him of it, making some believe perhaps he also used a butt buzzer to become the best. So this guy makes a butt buzzer, trains a guy at chess & boxing, until he gave him a concussion, so they called up his rival who was better at boxing, & then gave him the butt plug, but he ignored it because he was pumped up, but he was slightly superior to the opponent who knew nothing about chess, so the ref allowed the opponent to receive help from the guy with the butt buzzer in his cavity, & also the crowd, but ultimately the butt buzzer guy won, meaning the best move may have been for the trainer to hurt the original candidate:
This is the art the Smithsonian wants to portray to people about our beginnings & the fall of man, choosing to display it for a long time due to art style, but it was like excessively long, it is a picture of wood carving of Adam anally sexing Eve who is slightly bent over holding a rack of some sort with a snake climbing up said rack:
On the 21st, it was reported that 80 doctors in Canada who had their jabs between the ages of 25 to 55 died in the past 60 days, and only the physicians who had there 3rd or 4th jabs died suddenly:
Remember Coolio talked about going home & drinking adrenochrome, right before his death, there was a reason why he felt dead inside:
Steve accidentally allows an Asian chick to use the elite’s growth hormone from foreskin formula on his hand, & doesn’t allow her to come back on the show:
VICE begins to expose things about a year ago, we got Secret Sex Parties of the Mega-Rich:
Drugs, Sex and Death on Billionaires’ Mega Yachts:
& The Horrors of Being a Facebook Moderator, they were all great videos:
Over 2000 items not labeled as produced as nanotechnology in strange FDA loophole, essentially in the 90’s, they started making atoms chains to pimp out flavors right, but the only problem is that is much of these 2000 items, sometimes these chains break down & become extremely ionized, & hence can penetrate cell walls, vessel walls, & organ tissue, they did a study where is showed a 2nm ultra-gold spheroid arrangement passed the blood brain barrier, this means this can cause disease. Too this means they can pass through the lining of the gut into the bloodstream, causing inflammatory or immuno reaction, and may build up in parts of the body including lungs, heart, & reproductive organs. Titanium Dioxide by the way isn’t just toxic, it is an imflammatory, so they did a test with the nano titanium dioxide in fat on mice, and it passed through the stomach into the colon causing inflammation. The loophole is that FDA was supposed to work with manufacturers to see what can be used to improve let’s say the safety value of nanotechnology or to get rid of it, they have not made any changes, & that policy has been in place since 2007. Later in 2018 document they addressed nanotechnology specifically & said the same thing, so in other words, the FDA decided they wanted to buddy up with all the manufactures, or rather let the manufacturers lie to them that they are safe, the loophole also being that the manufacturers don’t have put it was produced as nanotechnology, but also that the FDA whether nano-technology or not will put the molecule if its larger chain form as GRAS label, even though as nano when surrounded by a substance more can get through, it’s inevitable that your going to get some nano-contamination with any food product, but when it is chained so well like that in a grid pattern, being superior for taste’s sake it simply increases this chance. We actually don’t have a problem with it, but they need to label it as better arrange or something nevertheless. Now what is even sussier is that is says the science doesn’t show nanotech shows an increased risk with nanotech, so it is case by case basis, but the science they are referring to actually has no studies on the effect nanotechnology. Canada, actually banned nanotechnology from being used in organic food production in 2010, the European Union required a label for nanotech back in 2011, 2015 the EU demanded additional testing to require safety. France actually banned any form of Titanium Dioxide in food products in 2020. EU in 2022 joined France and actually did the same thing in 2022, despite the UK disagreeing with them for no good reason:
So apparently this one chick won the election in cobb Georgia, a “lost” memory drive was found, giving the opponent 800 votes, making them the winner, by 31 votes, this person was literally unknown & announced almost nothing btw, an audit was done and found indeed somehow this unknown chick beat the former electee, but they also revealed that the first series of results also only had vote images, not the vote data itself, so first of all, why the hell is that? The definition of fraud, but too it sounds to me like they defrauded this chick winning & then confirmed the opponent winning with their audit system, because no one else got overturned by the bullcrap audit procedure the deepstate uses. There is no location reported, origin, or anything on this card by the way, they literally just said workers found it in whatever city. The election official overseeing said the drive was never missing, a worker just did not follow protocol & had misplaced it, and returned it at the end of election night, bullcrap!:
Stanford University leaked call banning "straight white male" words, this is a short little high pitch man with classes who has safe space written in bold bubbled behind him, he also has a small gay accent, and mask under beard. This zoom meeting was titled Stanford Newspeak Meeting. Instead of retard for someone who is retarded or mentally slow, replacing it with person who has a cognitive disability, American, with U.S. Citizen, instead of straight white male, the devil, instead of straight white female, the devil’s partner, replace man with oppressive patriarchal piece of shit, instead of diversity, just not white people, just not the devil, instead of racism, shit white people say, instead of fat, food-filled, instead of drug addict, needle curious, homeless person to persons who shit on the street, instead of unvaccinated, nazi terrorist qanon trump f***ers, instead of lgbtq, anything but straight, not straights, instead of whore, person of dick, dick persons, instead of penis, rapestick, instead of anyone can have a vagina, persons with hole around the crotch area, he says great work guys, & says oh no did I just says guys, omgosh I am resigning immediately, he puts up his mask in terror & it says 10x vaccinated:
Fauci Actor Can’t Name Any Study Showing Masks Work In Closed-Door Testimony:
White Paper Protest, the silent protest that spread throughout China earlier in December to protest the trampling of freedom & the massacres of Hong Kong, spread outside of China, this is because most of the people raising the paper are actually protesting the murder hospitals to get organ harvesting fast for those considered dissident:
Awaken with JP has hilarious greenscreened pseudo interview with Trump, & he said it was released Lee Harvey Oswald was in a CIA operation 3 months prior to the assassination of you know who:
Christian NBA Coach is asked did you meet with the royal family, he says Jesus, Mary, & Joseph? Oh sorry, I am only familiar with one royal family:
Neurolink team reveals the N-1 implant, for testing it has a 1024 frequency bandwidth cable, but they have a version of it that is completely wireless, that can be installed into a human brain without causing vascular disruption, it can record data & even transmit it back to their company on these frequencies, & can stimulate reactions, it takes approximately 15 minute to install the 64 cables into the implant, just bigger than the size of a quarter, it will run on your brain’s electrical energy, it avoids all the damagable areas, & they are coming out with the new versions of it, the predecessor was under the skin:
Somebody makes Sanfred & Son but it is Trump & Don, & Elizabeth’s sister is pelosi & maxine waters:
Queer Polycule….:
Joe laughs at reporter for asking simple question:
Woman goes NUCLEAR on Maricopa County official over election chaos:
KJP says the WH will continue to prevent violent or harmful content on Twitter:
Biden’s Nuclear Energy Official Named Sam is a transwoman they them freak, non-binary, bald, actually disgusting, We doubt this person has any qualifications, well my doubt was confirmed, sam literally skipped parts of the process due to gender identity & knows not enough to run the position, nevertheless he got arrested for stealing a lady’s luggage at an airport:
Protestor With Pride Flag Decides To Interrupt World Cup Portugal v.s. Uruguay:
Joe Biden Makes A Truly Awful Thanksgiving Call:
Biden CONTRADICTS WH Press Sec Live On Air:
Fauci Actor Won't Condemn China For Covering Up COVID Origins with bullcrap excuses:
New Ad From Canadian Clothing Retailer Promotes Beauty even at death in remembrance of someone who committed suicide, only problem is they also promoted Suicide:
Joe Biden Stares At Kids Through Window In CREEPY Stunt:
MSNBC Goes Crazy After McCarthy Kicks Key Dems Off Committee Assignments:
Angry Maricopa County Citizen Goes Viral After DISASTROUS Election Day:
"It's Crazy Right Now": MSNBC Admits The Truth About Our Southern Border:
Trudeau Makes Surprising Appearance On Drag Race Show:
Ted Cruz gets into INTENSE fight with Dem when she shuts down savage Biden question:
There was a news error talking about a 70 year old man touching a little girl inappropriately & getting arrested & they showed a picture of Joe Biden State of the Union Address:
HHS Whistleblower Speaks Out – Exposes Taxpayer Funded Human Trafficking:
Ted Cruz Exposes What the Media Isn't Telling You About Special Counsel Jack Smith:
Iranian reporter calls America racist, black US Soccer Team Captain leaves him SILENT:
Arizona County Board Supervisor Says He Voted To Certify Election "Under Duress":
Ricky Gervais Exposes CCP-loving Apple CEO to his face:
DeSantis drops a NUKE on Apple preventing the Chinese from using Air Drop to assist the CCP against the protests while threatening to remove Twitter:
Google, YouTube spend MILLIONS to launch Global Fact Check Fund:
Google has showcased "Info Interventions," a multifaceted approach to control the kinds of ideas that people can share on the internet. An executive with a Google subsidiary company said that companies must go on the "offense" to fight such misinformation. It involves a meeting telling people how & what they post is wrong or how it is to discourage them from posting it or then forcing them to not send it, the details are still shacky. They also are putting up the idea that if users pre-bunk misinformation therefore they are immunized, as a test showed users who got 11% correct went up 50% in their eyes, posting & reposting info from the intervention website:
Montana AG concerned FedEx, UPS may be tracking gun ownership for White House:
Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Without Evidence That President Biden Has Visited The Border:
The pain from the railstrikes may be avoided, by the dems taking the fall if it gets worse, essentially, Biden would sign a deal congress proposes with the unions without there consent, under some law from like 1928, but not just that, this will cause the workers to have subtracted points in the proposed idea if they protest, a social credit score:
A “Next Pandemic” themed meeting has been announced by the World Economic Forum for DAVOS 2023, with key elements allegedly around combating racial disparities. Alongside this, the concept of “healthcare” is being changed to include concepts that most people would not associate with normal healthcare, like forced vaccination & wellness checks. Pfizer, a strategic partner of WEF put an accord for a healthier world including all patent-technology medicine & vaccines to 45 lower-income countries. They also are trying to bribe businesses & corporations to get them involved in it, & Joe Biden recently signed the “Respect for Marriage” Act into law, which will force churches with a nonprofit status to host LGBT weddings if requested, a violation of religious liberty & liberty:
Biden Invited Drag Queens to the WH, & some of them are truly disgusting people, their history is public & recent:
The world is heading into a financial crisis, what has worked in the past will not solve the economic problems, and a “new regime” is “deliberately causing recessions.” These are among the key points in a 2023 playbook from woke investment company BlackRock, & the Central Banks ramp up efforts & begin the push for nations to have CBDC’s:
Serbia is sending military forces to the border of Kosovo, promising it will take military actions to protect local Serbians. This is in response to reports that Serbs in Kosovo are being harassed by the local Albanians. The tensions could result in a repeat of the Kosovo War in the late 1990s, which could further destabilize Europe:
Obama has best Freudian slip, when talking about Republicans deal peacefully with them, the crazy uncle you know, only problem is he is says uncle joe, & talks about how they give him no real responsibility:
Elmo has freudian slip on an Australian show talking about they wanted Elmo to take his clothes off, they cut to Hunter Biden talking about the Cookie Monster & the Snuffaluficous about to get into bed if you know what we mean:
Kanye says Obama is the best BLM office manager ever:
KPJ lies about Biden helping the border:
In Address with President Macron, Biden Praises “Marcus Lafayette”, struggles to speak:
Julia Fox, who has spoken out before with her insanity, laying in her bed naked looking like a vampire a little bit, says there is no issue with pedofillia in Hollywood, it’s an issue with men gd it:
The View's Ana Navarro HAS MELTDOWN Over Trump Then LIES ABOUT HIM repetitively!:
The University of Idaho stabbing most likely was done by the two witnesses:
TV Anchor LOSES IT ON TV Over People not protesting and canceling Balenciaga, none of the stars cancel them because they are paid by them including Kim Kardashian, & Hollywood wants to tell us how to live our lives, & goes 40 years back to cancel other people:
CCP Officials Dying from Covid-19, & people are getting sick all over China, when really it is the 5G killing those injected:
National Guard Gave COVID-19 Vaccine Instead of Flu Shot:
Kamala says you need 1 covid shot per year, that’s all you need, the day after the Secretary of Human Health & Services says you need 6 covid-shots per year. Also baal enci aga means do what thy will in English & in latin is Baal is the king, also Bob Igor the returned Disney CEO says I will tone it down with nasty crap but its not going away:
Former Twitter Safety Chief Believes Satire Is Too Dangerous To Be Allowed because Trans community is weak-minded:
Canadians Hold Moment Of Silence For Victims Of China Lockdowns & attack on the protesters, also demand China release political & other prisonners who had the white paper:
Kevin Sorbo LEVELS Fauci As The “Greatest War Criminal In The History Of America”:
Michael Avenatti Sentenced to Additional 14 Years in Prison & pay 11 million dollars to 4 clients as restitution & the irs:
Tom Cotton leaves woke Kroger CEO speechless at hearing, exposes them:
Gutfeld Hilariously Roasts Hack Journos:
MSNBC Host Says the Quiet Part Out Loud about how Twitter could censor people:
John Bolton Says He "May" Run in 2024:
Biden Celebrates Swapping WNBA Player for Russian Arms Dealer:
DeSantis sends scorching warning to mRNA vaccine manufacturers:
Romney says Trump is a rino:
Attempted Robbery Turns Into EPIC Fail, snowed in, so he hands the guy back the item:
Vish Burra Discusses His Pivotal Role In Unveiling The Hunter Biden "Laptop From Hell":
The Biden Admin Is Very Upset Service Members Can Now Choose To Not Get Vaccinated:
As Americans Struggle, WH Press Sec Downplays Medicine Shortages:
Jennifer Lawrence Claims She Was The First Female Lead Of An Action Movie, says girls can relate with a boy or girl character, but boys can only relate with a boy character:
Hypocrite-in-Chief Trudeau Thinks Canada Is "A Place Of Free Expression":
Dem Rep REFUSES Transparency For Where Our Money Is Going To In Ukraine:
WH Press Sec Is Very Impressed With The AWFUL Work Biden Has Done On Inflation:
WH Press Sec Decides Not To Comment If Biden Pushed Twitter To Block The Hunter Laptop Story:
Fauci Actor Claims He Has No Regrets From His 53 Year Career:
Elon Musk Releases Files Showing Dan Bongino Was on Twitter Blacklist, and many others, but James Baker who he fired the first week of December may have been hiding & or deleting them the whole time. But San Franscisco opens an investigation for installing beds at Twitter for employees. House Dems plan to press elon to combat hate speech on Twitter. Adam Schiff & Mark Takano have fake stats about the chaos on Twitter, Elon responds hate speech impressions has dropped a third since the acquisition:
The Non-Binary Biden Nuclear Energy Official Accused of Stealing Luggage at ANOTHER Airport:
Democrats' Star Witness Humbled & Taught by Jim Jordan:
Karine Jean-Pierre RAGE quits briefing when reporter makes her look like a FOOL:
Peter Doocy annihilates KJP on Brittney Griner swap for "Merchant of Death":
School Dean Exposed by Project Veritas for giving 14-18 year olds sex toys to play with, talking about lube v.s. spit, what do they do with them, teaching them about queer sex, bringing in drag events each year for pride month, Turns Into The Flash When Confronted by James O'Keefe, they put epic memes in this video too:
Dan Bongino Hilariously RIPS San Francisco's Mayor:
The white guards in Tangshan are about to lose their jobs, and they are marching to protest:
A clinical trial called ambrosia in 2017 in Moniray California, using teenage youth plasma in 81 patients around the world over 35, who pay $8000 a bag, to get the rich growth factors in platelets to see if it offers them larger regenerative ability. It was never revealed where the blood came from. The results concluded the people said they feel amazing & possible evidence of slowing down aging in rats, shown by the brain & heart becoming strong again & the grey hair becoming dark again. It was discovered that due to the stem cells, it caused the older cells to take instruction from the younger cells to reguvenate itself, making them reproduce faster & better like the younger cells. Later it was reported the patients sleep better & felt they looked better. At Stanford they did testing on Alzheimer patients, giving them youth plasma weekly, & it reversed some of it. It was safe and effective to use by the way, but the FDA halted their programs saying there is no proof that plasma from young donors can be used as a treatment for dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease or post-traumatic stress disorder, as some companies have claimed. The plasma infusions can also be dangerous, the agency added, because they are associated with infectious, allergic, respiratory and cardiovascular risks, yet they did not ban all plasma infusions:
Celine Dion who had health issues before hand is explaining her rare condition after taking the Pfizer vax, stiff person syndrome, which cause spasms which damage muscles, & it normally only occurs 1 in million people:
Vitamin C not allowed in this man’s hospital:
Pediatrician Dr Renata Moon about government crimes against its Americans & illegals:
After school Satan Club for kids-they are non-thiestic, meaning they don’t believe in an actual satan, the higher thing to them is critical thinking & rational, but without God that leads to self-gain at the expense of others, nevertheless-the group is about inclusivity & satan is there symbol of rebellion, throwing off authority w/o good purpose, but who is to judge good when there is no God. However, they are networked as umbrela with other satan clubs popping up seemingly out of no where through out the nation, which may not be non-theist:
Conway: To the 49 Republican Senators, Where Were You? Why Weren’t You in Georgia?:
Cramer Says President Biden Doesn’t Have “Even One Wit of Common Sense About the Stock Market”:
Bongino goes hard on the deepstate:
KJP destroys what's left of her credibility in just 45 seconds — Brutal, tries to weave around her not knowing:
Ex-CNN Producer age 45 John Griffin Faces 10-Years to Life in Prison after pleading guilty to one charge connected to transportation & assault of a Nevada Minor in 2020, that is attempting to entice a minor into sex:
"You Tweeted It" - Radical Leftist CONFRONTED With Their Own Words:
DeSantis petitions supreme court of Florida to impanel grand jury across the state on the Covid vaccine:
"He Used His Power to Silence Me" - Biden Accuser Tara Reade Speaks Out to Tucker Carlson:
OOPS: KJP Humiliates Herself – Reads Wrong Talking Point in Response to Question, “Whoops, I think I got ahead of myself there”:
Marco Rubio Announces Bipartisan Bid to Ban TikTok from being downloaded or allowed to function within U.S. boundaries:
LGBT activist makes hearing go SILENT with statement on parents' "right to know", showing that by the law, they do not, but kids do have a right to a trusted or deferred counselor:
Anti-woke immigrant mother calls out leftists to their faces in FIERY testimony:
Another painful compilation of KJP:
AOC Humiliated After Her Climate Documentary called Till The End BOMBS at the Box Office, it ranked 80 bucks a theatre, & not even 10,000 on opening weekend. The screenwriters said the movie makes itself hard to watch because it is hopeless, but AOC is the antidote with her funny canny political strategy. That is not even close to a possibility for an antidote when it comes to hopelessness for an event which is to wipe us all out:
Washington Post Journos Lose It After Layoffs Announced, talking about we’re college graduates for a degree & just frantic anxiety:
Biden Admin's Non-Binary Luggage Thief FIRED, he was friends with mayor pete’s husband, despite the white house claiming they never heard of him, also apparently porn pops up when you type the guy’s name in. Also there is now calculated 9 times the amount of fetanoyl needed to kill whole population of this country within our territory so yeah:
Fmr Loudoun County Superintendent is to be charged over 2 sexual assault cases on one account of false publication, one account of prohibited conduct, one account of penalizing an employee for attending a court appearance. The School Spoke’s Person was also indicted for one account of felony perjury. More people to be investigated:
Trump’s 2 last tweets did not violate Twitter’s policy directly at all by even the safety team’s review, it was actually that they perceived Trump was using lingo to try to start an uprising if the transition did not go the public’s way, so this actually provides a legitimate defense to why they banned Trump excluding the idea of free speech, there are other decisions they are obviously guilty of faking it, but this is actually defendable of why they did it under the threat speech removal belief system:
Flashback: In Congressional Hearing, SBF Lies His Face off About FTX’s “Transparency”:
Boehner Cries While Telling Nancy Pelosi How Much His Daughters “Admire” Her:
Biden Team Pushed Twitter To Censor Posts They Didn’t Approve Of, New Leaked Documents Show:
Parents Outraged as Nationwide Antibiotics Shortage Continues, due to us outsources all our production to overseas, the monopolists who owns amoxicillin says it is a national security risk:
The mainstream media finally covers border crisis, & Title 42 ended the 21st, actor for Gavin Newsom Visited The Border After Assisting & Helping Cause the Problem, cause solution to the problem you’ve created to be a good guy to get justice off your back & hope everyone forgets, but this may also imply the actor will go for a 2024 run:
“DON'T RUN JOE!”: New Hampshire Leftist Voters Release Ad, “#DontRunJoe”, saying Joe will cost them the 2024 run:
FTX CEO John Ray: “Literally, There’s No Record Keeping Whatsoever”:
Black Nurse Goes Through White Patients Mail:
Recall possibly coming for Kati Hobbs, Kati Hobbs ordered censorship:
Dan Bongino STUNS Folds of Honor CEO on live TV with Christmas surprise:
A tiktoker & her friend has a guy choose between 50 bucks for himself & a bunch of 50’s to pass out, & he didn’t even act like they took time up in of his day, he didn’t know he was being recorded, well at the end, they give him 500 bucks, & he reveals he wouldn’t have been able to make rent most likely due to bidenflation, because he was 5 years U.S. Navy:
Weird Dance recorded for some band having a concert:
Here are 7 brands that had nazi ties before WWII ended: Hugo Brand, IBM, Porche, Chase Bank, Bayer, Siemens, & Ford:
Air pod reception next to your head, is about 4.467 mV, when the guy put the phone in his pocket, it was about 15.664 mV, wired was only 0.003 mV:
Flashback: Barium Chemtrail poisoning tests on civilian populations:
Saudi Arabia moves away from U.S. relations & gets close to China in 34 deals:
Biden Makes False Comments About Giving His Uncle A Purple Heart After The Battle Of The Bulge:
Biden Falsely Claims He Has Visited Afghanistan 38 to 39 Times along his whole political career:
Deepstater Tom Cruise Jumps from Helicopter, Thanks Fans for Top Gun Success, & then finishes the shot:
Kari Lake says "We’re Taking These Bastards To Trial":
Christian Comedian PERFECTLY Explains Everything Wrong With "Happy Holidays", A Powerful Convicting Spiritually Lead Rant:
Biden Advisor Says He Can't Visit Border Because It Will Use More Resources, laughable:
Anne Heche an actor working on a movie called Room 13 talking about elites sexual abuse, was flying through alleyways like she was being chased, gets into a car accident, & the fire fighters put her in a bag, head covered without oxygen meaning she is dead. Well right before they put her in Fire Truck, she sits up & unwraps herself. This means that she faked her death with the help of the Patriots from those trying to kill her. The official story is she is in a coma now, despite her being found getting a red wig from a wig store:
Sexually abused by the free masons child testimony:
Anti-NWO Rally happened in Melborne on December 21st:
49 year old Social Justice Warrior Grant Walt was covering the world cup & died the 16th in Qatar because of the covid vaccine via aortic aneurysm:
Andrew Tate arrested by the Romanian Police on Fake Charges:

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