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Episode 36 - The Real Reasons of Christmas - 12/22/22

† The ULTRA Smooth Stone †
Published on 18 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

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Glitter Bomb V.5:
Video narrator claims girl says this is what happens to people of color, which is racist btw, everyday, when she says right after there are people out there like this and all you can do is be a good person to them:
Titled Furniture store manager yells n word at customers, when it should have been titled white man struck & cursed at by young black man in heated argument, calls him an n-word as he leaves:
White man got caught using the n-word at a black christian after he pulled in front of him in slightly compact traffic, he got recorded by him, it got posted on facebook, people were commenting they were his neighbors & family and said he used the words loud & often, & doxxed him, then his place of employment found the video & the address & it confirmed it was one of their employees, so they took action against him:
The Yellow Submarine Engine Starts Up! It wouldn't have if not for the crew fixing it up, but honestly they didn't do much to it & didn't really replace anything, after 30 years of it being underwater that is impressive:
A good father tells his kid not to find someone who is in a gang, and to fight for family if they do something that gets them into trouble before being blown away from a pistol to the back of his head from someone who was part of the gang he was formerly in front of his daughter:
Cristiano Ronaldo was a failed abortion, the mother drank to try to kill him not having enough money to afford him, he wasn’t good at school hence, but he showed everyone he was a soccer g:

Music: Sarajevo – Trans-Siberian Orchestra; Only A Mountain – Jason Castro

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