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Episode 34 - Your Movies Are Rubbish, Here's Wisdom - 12/9/21

Published on 18 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

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Metallica comes out with a new song out of nowhere that had older & newer Metallica mixed together called Lux ร†terna, sounds like a mix of metal lycs:
Clinton Township Board of Trustees & Commisioners Cancel Columbus Day instead adding Indigenous People's Day November 18th, this is literally copying NY, this is so racist, more racist than the real reason for Columbus Day, which was the large Italian population here felt like other cultures got more days named after them, but it was instead that other cultures had more important historical figures, and because Columbus was Italian despite sailing for Spain, Columbus Day was born, so the day's title is not racist, but reason for it being created was, the equity of cultures, what a shame, but Indigenous People's Day, they weren't even unified, & this should remember all Indigenous people right? But it is actually just talking about the natives & mixed populations that were on North & South America before the Whites had officially landed there, the name is literally racist. Also too they passed a resolution to honor in union & non-union business to make MLK JR. Day & Juneteenth as federally observed holidays which was good, but then some guy goes into the diversity committee & all this crap. The real bullcrap starts at about 2 hours & 6 minutes in:
Bill Clinton Actor looks like He is going to die:
โ€œEver Fantasised About Ingesting an Animal Through Your Anus?โ€:
Cocaine Bear:
Mauna Loa Is Erupting Again, Last Time was 1984, & they predict the magma could swallow the main travel road there, there is also an Asphalt Advisory:
Logan Paul tears his Meniscus, ACL, & grade 3 (complete tear) MCL in Saudi Arabia WWE Match, & Claims to Quit Fake Wrestling in click bait video, he plans to return to WWE whenever his leg is back up to his wanted strength:
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 Trailer looks like it is a trash movie:
Transformers Rise of the Beast Trailer:
So Elf Bar, one of the companies that rose up out of China since they got rid of Juul Pods saying it caused E-Waste, & those like it essentially were like they are not juuls & have more than just the flavored crap in them, well this one apparently has workers huffing out of several of them face first into them, so much for zero covid policy, anyway, Elf Bar is claiming the video is from a counterfeit factory:
HackSmith Puts out video titled why Iโ€™m done making videos, it was clickbait, but it was titled so they could get views for an important reason, the HackSmith is stepping temporarily due to backpain, insomia, a decade of depression, & being burn out, he is getting professional help, they talked about how they are doing 2-3 videos a month which is perfect for a channel like them btw, & how they moved into the new building & are struggling to pay for it a bit, more focus on their team members finally, & less videos pressured by the sponsors & more from their own ideas, so that is all good things that have come out of this, just hope & pray the HackSmith is alright & comes back:
So a 2-year-old Georgia Sheepdog named Casper was with his owner & their sheep, & this coyote pack of 12 came up right, & usually you can shoe them away, but they were trying to get to the sheep, but instead of picking them off, they targeted Casper, now the owner we think was directing the sheep away the whole time, but the fight lasted 30 minutes up & down the creek, Casper had skin peeled off, pieces of his tail were found on the ground & blood, so they figured he just might be still alive, so they searched for him for two days, & he came out their chicken coop. The dog killed 8 coyotes, & none of the sheep were injured or lost, & an organization called Life Line Animal Project is raising $15,000 on Go Fund Me to patch up his wounds, but over $70,000 has come in so far. They have Casper taking a special honey to make him feel better, the dog seems fine though, just bandaged up a little bit. The excess donations Life Line Will Keep For Next Set of Operations on wounded animals:
Elon has his intern tyler create an app called Parrot A.I. which can duplicate peopleโ€™s voices, & Elon is going to fire the liberal employees before they can quit, & send troll messages letting them know theyโ€™ve been fired, they are in the app store under Parrot: Celebrity Voice AI:
Cristiano Ronaldo gets fined $1 million pounds for criticizing & exposing Manchester United, but he gets paid roughly 320k a day so almost insignificant for him, but he essentially said they betrayed him, after fergenson left no progress is done, roasted some other guy, & exposed how 2 or 3 guys tried to get him quit it since he got in:

Music: This Is Your Life โ€“ Switchfoot; Family โ€“ TobyMac

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