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Episode 28 - God Is Real, Heed The Voice of Truth - 10/14/22 - Part 3

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Published on 12 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics
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Explosion Destroys Part of Crimea Bridge, it killed 3 people, caused a fire, it involved a truck, and it disrupted the Russian Forces’ Supply Route:
Putin Addresses his security counsel over the bridge incident, his intelligence reports it to him as an act of terrorism to help hurt Russia’s fight against Ukraine, and that they were Ukranian Special Service, says the Kiev Regime has been operating in Russia & Ukraine, and using the media, groups, and government to its will, says they killed people for over 8 years in the Donbass, and the Zaporozhye incident, where Russia was closing in by and accidentally hit the power plant with a down missile, after they were pushed back, the Ukrainians concentrated their fire at the already damaged power plant to try to release radiation on the Russians, Putin calls that nuclear terrorism, says 3 terrorist attacks have occurred against the Kursk Russian Nuclear Power Plant, by repeated blowing up its high-voltage lines, the third one damaged three lines at once, but people were quickly sent in to fix it, says we are firing long range missiles as response for various other terrorist attacks:
Here is a nice little series Tetron found that is pretty accurate, Putin v.s. The Deepstate:
7500 Service Members Left The National Guard In This Past Year Alone, and it is predicted more will quit refusing to get the boosters shots:
Independent Pollster says 2022 Republican voters are being undercounted again:
Kash Patel goes onto X22, and asks Dinesh to help him expose election fraud, and comes out with The Plot Against the King 2: 2000 Mules, & is coming out soon with an adult book called government gangsters, the deepstate, the truth, and the battle for our democracy, which according to him lists every government gangster:
Twitter refuses Elon’s renewed 44 billion dollar bid, citing his own attorneys:
Most likely, Deepstate behind sudden barrage of Airport hacking, reported at 3 a.m. Monday, instantly Biden Admin Claims Russia Launched Cyber Attack Against US Airports as Russia Launches Major Air Bombardment Against Kiev:
Massive Rally held in EU against Russian Sanctions, and France has huge protest saying leave EU, Liberty, & Resistance:
Sandy Hook Lawyers trying to get 8.25 Billion out of Alex Jones, trampling 1A, meanwhile Florida Surgeon General says covid mrna vaccine found to cause 84% increase in death for men ages 18-39 due to Myocardidus & other similar risks, Twitter takes down his tweet, and due to public outcry being so bad, they restored it, a town worker in Richmond Vermont was slowly dying down the amount of Fluoride that was to be dumped into the water for years, Paypal tries to use political discrimination, working with Big Tech, to ban people from using all their services, which was also a Social Credit Score Beta Test, 2500 dollars for misinformation, huge backlash, so they are backing off for now, Government saves Pfizer and their own butt by sealing case to prevent Discovery from occurring:
PayPal Stocks Plummet, they claim the system they had set up was an error:
Thomas Renz – Billion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against EcoHealth Alliance & Others, & The Wuhan Lab & The Chinese, for the creation of Sars-Covid-2:
Stewart Rhodes Calls In From Prison To Warn About How His Trial Is Being Used To Utterly Destroy The First Amendment:
Joe Yells at The End of his speech too loudly in his mic:
Youngkin destroys the leftist brainwash narrative:
Biden literally can’t pick what he is going to say, goes off subject like crazy:
Republicans to repeal IRS funding, put them under oversight, Graham & Cruz potentially to impeach Mayorkas over Border Crisis, should we win this November:
Harvard Children’s Hospital: Some Babies Seemingly Know in the Womb if They’re Transgender:
Velma from Scooby Doo is now official either lesbian or bi for a black nerd criminal, whenever they brought up Velma’s crush, they made it a very horny scene, and a must for sex, they even objectified Coco by literally making it so her boobs protruded tightly in her shirt, and apparently they thought she was intelligent according to her looks:
So HBO Max is also coming out with a series called Velma, and the Indian Girl from the office is voicing her, so they they make her skin tone darker and put large pink lip gloss on, Fred looks like a young teen from an anime, Dephane looks like an alien or a Japanese person from an anime, & Shaggy has been replaced by a skinny black guy going by Shaggy’s surname Norville, Scooby isn't even a character in the show, & I am pretty sure the premise is that Velma appears to get murdered and the gang has to find out who did it. It is supposed to be the backstory, before the gang got together, but placed in modern day & age, streaming 2023 – The guy in the video said they needed Scooby and Shaggy to have a stoner thing going if the show is for adults:
Al Sharpton admits Biden failed in what he said he would do:
Joe Biden claims he brought gas down below $1.60, but because of what the Saudis & Russians just did, it is starting to increase:
Biden says, let me start off with two words, made in america:
Rolling Stone’s Jane Wenner says that the government needs better politicians to change for the better, but human nature is not able to change, he then calls the government perfect, and us good, Rogan nearly obliterates him absolutely completely:
Trump destroys Biden with video of his brain being broken:
VP Harris actually says she loves venn diagrams, 3 of them usually, she then points to make a shape:
Drivers have just about enough with bizarre climate activists:
Eric Adams declares state of emergency over influx of illegal immigrants and ask for $1 Billion to Handle Texas Bus Immigrants, also it is predicted new illegal immigrants will cost the U.S. $4 Billion more than Trump’s wall, so it is officially an invasion:
Eric Adams says we never asked for this, we never had any agreement to take on the job of supporting thousands of asylum seekers, despite them saying they would be a sanctuary city a little less than a year ago under Adams’ Admin:
Another video song making fun of Joe’s Brain being broken come out:
Feminist says its a fundamental and basic human right to not have to really think about how or who a woman has sex with, therefore abortion is a necessary & God-given right that’s needed:
Trump says if the republicans win, the communists lose, the globalists lose, the deepstate bureaucrats lose, the silicon valley censors lose, the corrupt fake news lose, the media bosses lose, the rinos lose, america wins, and america wins big:
Singing & Dancing Trump impersonator wins over divided crowd on America’s Got Talent & Wins America’s Got Talent:
Hearing on Doctor’s Suspension After Maine Medical Board Withdraws “Misinformation” Allegations:
Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democrat party, turns on her own, and says Democrats are lead by an elite cabal of Warmongers & cowardly wokeness, and then begins to chew them out over everything, and asks fellow sound mind democrats to leave with her:
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been revealed to have pledged $1.27 billion in funding towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a portion of this going towards invasive technologies. In a press release issued on September 21st, following the United Nations General Assembly week, the foundation stated that $200 million of this sizable fund would be going towards expanding "Digital Public Infrastructure”, which is digital ID’s:
People see through manchin, he is now one of the 10 most unpopular sentators in West Virginia:
Covid numbers magically rise in Britain, so an expert claims Brits should wear face masks again to avoid new Covid lockdown:
Clinton campaign manager who spread Trump-Alfa Bank story involved in DHS election censorship:
Another Dumb Fact Check:
The video is title Rush Limbaugh schools Al Gore, but it is more the opposite, CF4 causes Ozone depletion, as was seen in Antarctica, yes Rush Limbaugh was right about the doomsday Hollywood & government with their crises, but Al Gore was actually right about it being a threat:
Kamala stops making sense, I believe our kids are our children of our country:
It’s been 6 years since Trump went up against Hilary and destroyed her in front of the deepstate:
Rino JD Vance ends larger rino Tim Ryan at debate:
Bill Mayer says sh*t just got real, if California force him to get jabs, & DeSantis’s Florida doesn’t, he will move to Florida:
Stacey Abrams says it is a falacy, that we know when pregnancy begins:
Donald Trump actor bolsters Kari Lake:
Army Secretary tries to say wokeness makes soldiers feel better, and that they are up to standard and ready to fight anyway:
Florida Sheriff says, if a looter comes into your home while you are there, shoot him, shoot him so he looks like graded cheese:
Casey DeSantis Offers An Awesome Endorsement Of Her Husband:
Football Stadium Erupts In Boos As Kim Kardashian Is Shown On Jumbotron:
Democrat Former CIA-Officer says Jan 6th is biggest threat to democracy, and tries to blame a majority of Jan 6th all on rino Stefanik:
Kari Lake says day 1 she gets in as governor, she is going to declare an invasion at border, and involk the constitution to deal with it, then plans to get help with a couple other governors for them to do the same:
Terrence K. Williams wears wig to try to look like KJP and thinks it looks ridiculous, and begins to laugh historically:
Pfizer CEO admits Covid Vaccine never actually tested to see if it could stop the virus from transmitting, which we know with any vaccine that is impossible to do, but she criminalizes herself, saying we had to move at the speed of science, so now from what she said that is an additional violation of medical rights & Nuremberg:
“Horrifying” Veteran Affair Worker offered assisted suicide with struggling vet group says, & Canadian Doctor Recommends Assisted Death Be Expanded to Infants Under the Age of 1:
Liberals using broken logic now attacking Columbus day, trying to deconstruct our history, trying to cancel it and put a poor rip off in its place, Indigenous People’s Day, in NY:
Louisiana Treasurer pulls the entire state’s fund, which was $800 Million, from Blackrock, a deepstate company that owns almost everything, reason being, he said it wasn’t really doing anything for them, and then they were pushing economic goals that hurt them, like helping raise gas money in their state, and he has a duty to the pension funds he manages & to the workers of his state, Blackrock is currently trying to push EV’s to get rid of GV’s. Currently BlackRock’s top 5 holdings respectively are a stock in Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and 2 in Google:
The suspect for a mass stabbing, killing 2 people and wounding 6, on the Las Vegas Strip, is an illegal alien with a large criminal history:
Footage revealed, Officer Darby was in the right, but yet he still sits in prison:
October 3rd, CDC was forced to cough up Vaccine Safety Data, and it reports much higher adverse effects, especially for women:
Man trolls community held gun buyback in NY, hosted by the state’s attorney general, they said however many guns you want to bring, we’ll take them no questions asked, in fact we’ll give you extra money if there is no serial number on them, so a man literally 3D printed 110 guns, so they argue with him, but release if he takes them to court, they will loose, so he made $2100, 42 $500 giftcards, meanwhile NYC & LA failed to accurately report violent crime to the FBI, & GOoA Victory – Federal Judge issues temporary restraining order against most of NY Concealed Carry Law:
Radical Gun Control Measure On Ballot In Oregon:
Trump & Vicious Fake Sexual Assault Defamation Hack go back & forth in the changes of lawfare:
Candice Owens has, BLM, the greatest lie ever told, in development right now:
50 Cent’s Son Says $80K-A-Year Child Support Isn’t Enough:
BLK Releases disgusting "No Voting No Vucking" Ad:
Trevor Noah leaves the Daily Show, saying his time is up, and he misses traveling to other countries and learning other languages, and said he won't be disappearing:
Tom Brady gets divorced:
Sara Carter calls out Fetterman and asks him to be a guest on Hannity, but he ignores her and all requests:
CNN Guest Calls Out White House For Constantly Walking Back Biden's Remarks:
Reporter on Fetterman: He Has a Hard Time Understanding What He’s Hearing, due to auditory issues linked with his stroke, but if he reads it he’s fine, also still has some trouble with speech:
Fetterman hid health scare from voters:
Danshenko’s trial was Wednesday, and it was revealed the FBI offered $1 Million to Steele to collaborate the dossier flying to Europe to meet him there, but Steele couldn’t find away to verify his claims, meaning that the FBI went to the court without confirmation, and court stamped it verified:
Biden calls Fetterman a powerful voice, a recent speech shows otherwise, sounds like a cross between Biden & Obama as well:
Lincoln Project founder scared armed guards will be present when we go to vote:
Bondi: There’s Evidence that Biden and His Kids Are Witnesses in Any Case Against Hunter Biden for drug use, and Biden has actual literal conflict of interest:
Hannity & Kari Lake: Katie Hobbs Is Avoiding a Debate Because of Her Voting Record:
Stephen A. Smith Cites Inflation Act, Infrastructure Bill as Biden Achievements, and says Biden isn’t a nationalist when it comes to Ukraine conflict, despite all of our money going to Ukraine:
Biden is physically, mentally and morally, and possibly ethically compromised commander in chief: retired lt gov Oliver North, then he thinks magically that Russia is in trouble and Putin is paranoid:
Biden Gives Himself New Digital Spying Powers in EO; Evidence Stacks for Hunter Biden Charges:
Moderna CEO, who has attended Davos speaking at WEF, confirms new mRNA "injection" to repair heart muscles after heart attack:
NY Hotel insufficient for the needs of the children of a migrant mother:
Fake News says 66% of Black still support democrats, says if republicans lose, blame bad candidates, not voter fraud:
Sorosification of the Fact-Checking Industry:
Flashback, Jonathan Issac refuses to kneel or wear BLM:
Parents Pulling Their Kids From Maryland Schools Over Radical Curriculums, Transgender Policies. There is a poster that says, “Why use these symbols givin” not given, givin “to you… When you can make your own! It had showed male and female up at the top, and it showed pride & pedo flags, horses, and rainbows below”:
Deepstater Howard Stern official left his house today, and got his butt chewed out again for comments he made:
AOC supporters wake up a lot & then proceed to destroy AOC:
Andrew Tate Responds to his Haters:
Paramount & Sony paying people who have possessed or just ugly looking smiles to smile at baseball games, some even wearing shirts with SMILE on them:
Supreme Court Rejects Trump Request in Mar-a-Lago Records Case:
Tudor Dixon destroys Whitmer in debate:
Federal Government Extends Covid-19 Public Health Emergency:
Judge Acquits Steele Dossier Source One Count, Jurors to Decide on Rest:
Technofog gives his update on day 3 of the Danchenko trial:
JP Morgan Chase cancels Kanye, gives him just weeks to move accounts to other banks:
Zero Click Sypware emerging as a menacing threat:
Biden attempts to strongarm the Arabs to not do oil cuts till after the midterms, and the Arabs confirm this, and have rejected his request.
ACT college admission scores drop to lowest level in 30 years:
Core US Inflation Rises to 40-Year High, Securing Big Fed Hike:
Senator Hawley Takes Action, SLAMS Facebook Exec For Censoring Public For The WH:
Brilliant New Ad Parodying Better Call Saul Ends Dem Mark Kelly's Whole Career:
"Family Friendly" Drag Show Gets HAMMERED By Enraged Parents:
Biden Exposes himself, Drops Cheat Sheet During Interview:
Biden Falsely Claims His Son Beau Died in Iraq, Not From Cancer Years Later:
Hunter Biden allegedly tries to lower child support amount:
Liberals throw paint on Sunflower Van Gogh Painting:
Media refuses to properly vet Warnock:
Jen Psaki Completely Blows Off Kristen Welker When She Brings Up Hunter Biden Story:
JPMorgan’s Dimon: U.S. Should Pump More Oil, Biden Admin Got the Energy Completely Wrong:
Warnock wasn’t arrested, that is injustice:
Hershal Walker v.s. Senator Warnock debate:

Music: Voice of Truth – Casting Crowns; Jesus Freak – D.C. Talk

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