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The Light Bulb Initiative
Published on 21 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

Critically thinking isn’t about ethnicity or gender or ideology or sexual preference. It isn’t about Republican or Democratic or Libertarian factions. It isn’t about the alphabet soup. Critically thinking is about the search for truth and the realization that objective truth fundamentally holds a civilization together whether that truth is coated in sugar or coated in broken glass. The world needs you to abandon critical thinking and follow its edicts without question. It needs you to pledge loyalty without the slightest hint that you will stray from your prescribed path. Basically, do as you’re told and you’ll be safe. “Safe from whom”, you ask? Safe from the world that will punish any dissidents to its regime. Yes you’re only safe as long as you comply. If you don’t comply then you will be punished, your children can be taken from you, your job can be taken from you, your friends may turn on you, your accounts may be frozen, you may be thrown into a cage without due process and to top it all off, you will be defamed in the public square before being ostracized. Wow, those are some serious consequences levied upon the critically thinking. That’s how scared the world is of the critical thinker and whatever makes your enemies tremble is a weapon you need to hold in both hands. That’s how fearful the powers that be are of doubt. It is why they devote over 90% of their efforts towards controlling the message. It is why they suppress and censor. It is why college campuses protest any diversity of thought. It is why the largest social media companies in the world implement the same exact biased algorithms. It is why the MSM vilify conservatives, republicans and christians. And, ultimately, it is why they are going to lose.


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