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The Light Bulb Initiative
Published on 13 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

So threatening to the safety of this abortion clinic was this woman that she had to be wielding some serious firepower, right?! I mean she had to have had guns and knives, maybe even a bomb or two, right? No, the reason why the police were called and the reason why this woman was arrested was because she brandished a weapon that is far more powerful than any gun, knife or bomb. A weapon so destructive that even in silence it’s destructive force an be felt around the world. The weapon I’m referring to is “prayer”. This epidemic of prayer violence needs to stop right now. We don’t need it in our homes. We don’t need it in our schools. We don’t need it in our communities. It’s too unifying and inclusive. It’s too selfless and compassionate. And this woman here needs to be ashamed of herself for standing across the street from an institution dedicated to the murder of innocence and have the gaul to pray silently that the murder stop. What kind of world are we living in where you can’t murder your children without someone praying 30 yards away that you come to realize that it is the baby’s body and the baby’s choice that matters? We don’t need nor do we want this woman’s courage and unconditional love for the sanctity of life. That’s progressivism for you; out with old and in with the new. The old being righteousness and the new being nihilism.

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Darkmoon75 4 months ago

I said it before years ago and I will say it here ... Getting PC and changing and 'softening' our language is an attack on free speech. Abortion is murder and should be outlawed, not protected. Of course, we are living in a time where the crazies get coddled and the sane are seen as intolerant and hateful, and around the carousel of stupidity we go and go. Great choice of topic. Keep making videos. I assure you that some are listening.

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