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The Light Bulb Initiative
Published on 03 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

How many times are you going to be their puppet dancing for the benefit of opportunistic wolves in sheep’s clothing before you wake up and cut the strings from your wrists and ankles? The location of the performance changes, but that’s the only difference; the actors, the scripts and the directors are all the same, every time. When was the last time you saw Al Sharpton, oh that’s right, at the last show. When was the last time you saw Ben Crump, oh that’s right , at the last show. I know what you’re thinking, “But this is black on black crime and they never show up for black on black crime.” Normally you’d be correct, however in this case the slight of hand used to distract and destroy the communities they claim to protect is by claiming that, although all of the participants are predominantly of African decent, it’s really BLUE on BLACK crime and the Blue has been weaponized for white supremacist domination. Really?! So black America has absolutely no agency and everything begins and ends with white America? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the real white supremacist doctrine, which confuses me because that sentiment is what is being spewed from the mouths of black activists and black race hustlers who ironically say nothing about the disproportionate amount of black babies aborted annually compared to all other ethnicities. These activist are quick to scream about institutional white supremacist oppression and yet I never see them protesting outside of Planned Parent an organization that was actually created by a white supremacist. With regards to the Orange County murder I’d like you to notice what is missing. There is no talk of it being a hate crime - I’d argue that it takes a great deal of hate to run someone down and then stab them to death. No one is referring to the vehicle used or the knife as an assault weapon (which by definition is exactly what they were). Neither ethnicities of the the assailant or the victim is ever mentioned. Not one representative from local leadership has called for Lexus, the manufacturer of the vehicle, to be sued or held accountable in any way. The manufacturer of the knife used to brutally end the life of this innocent man is never mentioned. Both of these stories brings to light the manipulations used to convince you to see your friends as enemies and your enemies as saviors. How long will you willingly choose to be their puppets before you wake up and have the courage to cut the strings?


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