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The Light Bulb Initiative
Published on 24 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

I predicted this escalation and unfortunately it is going to get a lot worse. When we reach a place were truth is unable to change minds, that’s when reality steps in to tear down the fantasy mascaraing as the utopian ideal. This problem of violence, utilizing a firearm or otherwise, is a problem that has been on the rise for some time now. It is not necessary to attempt to reinvent the wheel. History has shown us how to combat violence especially criminal violence and if the priority of our elected representatives was the mitigation of violence, then they would look to history and implement what has been proven to work. Here are the facts of reality; when you are being victimized the only person present in that moment who has the capability of defending your life, is you. This truth is inescapable and it renders all arguments against law abiding citizens acquiring the best tools for the defense of their own life, their families lives and their property moot. No government representative or agent of the state can magically appear when your life is being taken, your property stolen, or your body raped. When your life can be ripped away from you in seconds and help is minutes away, anyone who advocates for your defenselessness is an ally to criminals. How many lives have your gun laws saved in comparison to the lives saved by the use of firearms? Have you ever looked up the data? When you do ask yourself, “why do our elected leaders never give or misrepresent all of the lives saved by firearms annually?” The answer is obvious, it’s because they want to be the only kid on the playground who has a gun. I wonder why they could possibly want that.



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