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Epiosde 29 - Gen Omega Could Have Had It All - 10/21/22 - Part 1

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Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics
Part 2:

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Kari Lake destroys Katie Hobbs for not debating:
Two Affirmative Action Cases set to be heard in the Supreme Court:
Muslims in Dearborn take a stand against the pedos:
Doocy asks KJP the admin has asked oil companies to further lower the price of oil, why do you think they’ll listen, because it is trying to put them out of business, if KJP goes they will get their fair share, then it will expose them colluding, which in this case is not criminal, but it will wake people up to fact they are trying to get rid of the best form of energy, so instead she tries to divert:
Patriot Republican Opponent literally exposes a Dem Gov to her face:
"I'm Not A Person, I'm A Human Being": Waukesha Massacre Suspect Denies He Is A Person:
Waukesha Massacre Judge is literally confused at what in the world the suspect is rambling about:
Waukesha Massacre Suspect Gets REMOVED From Court Room By Judge:
Flashback, Pelosi has been waiting for Trump to step into Capital to punch him in the mouth and go to jail:
Crazed MSNBC Guest finally admits it, the great awakening has hit the globe, Swedes are waking up, Italians are waking up, and it is actually their fault, because they started the identity & cultural debates by rapidly progressing on their far left agendas, causing us to stick together on what we really value as one, says Trumpers are Threat To Everything We Hold Dear, bad people, deplorables. They just admitted it all right there, they are against life, guns, God, freedom, liberty, family, friendships, and farming. This is your party now oh democrats, how ashamed the south would be of you:
Med School Students Cite A Woke Version Of The Hippocratic Oath, and they all repeat it:
Virginia Dem Gets Radical, Threatens Parents Who Won't Affirm Their Child's Gender Identity in new proposed bill to count as child abuse, and launch social workers & the police after investigation on them:
Tulsi Gabbard Shreds AOC, the like, dems, and media For Pushing Nuclear War:
Wawa closes two of its stores in Philly because lawlessness is making the situation to dangerous and they keep loosing money due to it:
Rest Assured, Biden Says Releasing Oil Just Before Midterms Is "Not Politically Motivated At All", says I am doing same thing I was doing 4 months ago, the republicans are asleep, I don’t know where they’ve been:
Terrence Williams goes rage mode after illegal subpoena on Trump:
Halo Infinite Forge gets delayed 3 days, and it is broken, and the winter update got delayed 3 days, so now its on voter day, so instead of voting you’ll playing infinite, or more likely you’ll vote so you don’t see the initial drop before they fix the bugs they forgot to simulate and go this is crap, I ain’t playing that, and throw out your Xbox. All the winter update has it forge beta, and a 30-tier battle pass that all you get is unreleased items from season one. Btw, only 4 additional maps have come out since the release of the game. They have weekly intel drops, that give you a tad of info on a bullcrap unknown side story line that you don’t care about, because there is nothing to make it cool, or any sense of mystery that would actually fit into a halo game, there is no interest value to it, boring and dry. You have to check halo waypoint, because they don’t have a total record you can check to see your carnage report for in game. Every now and then they drop a drop pod, but it doesn’t come every month, and they are supposed have patches inside, the only patch was the ravage, cause the gun sucked.:
Chippewa Valley School Boards reports Police Officer, mom of 3 to her employers and the department of Justice after calling them out for shutting down the schools, getting rid of the assisted learning one of her special needs child required to succeed, she accuses them after they refuse to budge of being politically motivated, they say she showed veiled racism, they then interrupted her at meetings, police department investigates her and finds nothing, after Merrick Garland issued the report parents to the FEDs memo, the president of the Chippewa Valley School Board admitted that he reported her to the DOJ, so she takes them to court:
Judge Throws Journalist in Jail For 22 Days For Anti-Mandate Protest Reporting:
B Tatum brings back the trend of Trump condemning hate groups, so that was a little blast from the past to hear:
BB Dawn of the Woke Zombies:
Truth Social rockets to #1 in Google Play & Durham trial exposes the beginnings of RussiaGate:
Danielle D'Souza Gill and Pastor Chris Thoma on the Need for Bold Church Leaders:
Danielle D’Souza Gill had a beautiful clip, called Making America Godly Again:
Kari Lake HAMMERS CNN For Not Calling Stacey Abrams An Election Denier along with Trump, host immediately diverts:
Fauci actor gaslights Americans, says they think I am political, leaning one way or the other:
Ask Women What THEY Bring To The Table:
Newt Gingrich gets replaced, completely turns on his own, and says, “It’s now clear the FBI had gone crazy”:
Mark Robinson destroys Stacey Abrams’s lie:
Biden eating ice cream while potentially wwiv breaks out, says our economy is strong as hell, what a joke, also I prefer our economy to be as strong as Heaven, which we could not achieve but it is a nice thought, says the inflation is world wide, and other countries are not as strong as america, and don’t have as much economic growth and sound policy:
JD Vance TKO’s Tim Ryan:
JD Vance Obliterates Tim Ryan: “You're So Desperate Not to Have a Real Job, You'll Slander My Family”:
Mark Hamill, a.k.a. Luke Skywalker, goes on CNN, now an ambassador for Ukraine’s Army of Drones initiative, meanwhile Jim Acosta does his Yoda impression, Mark makes a star wars plug, it’s crucial to keep supporting Ukraine, and standing up against, the evil empire, Jim Acosta’s Yoda voice is pretty decent actually, he says to Vladimir Putin, “that is why, you fail, because Mark Hamill is with us today”:
Fetterman says, “Send me to Washington D.C, to take on-- to make sure I didn’t push back against work to work”:
Interview With Netanyahu: The Sabena Hijacking:
Kanye West to Buy Parler to Cement Its “Uncancelable” Status, Protect Conservative Views:
Ukraine gets puts Elon on their kill list; meanwhile NATO prepares nuclear drills, as it is revealed publically the handling of this conflict is the same way the world has been dealing with such conflicts for the past 50 years, and should Ukraine or Russia fall, Nuclear War may soon occur after, with those even more willing to do so:
American technology boosts by a good amount China’s hypersonic missile program, duh:
FBI has voluminous evidence of Hunter Biden's “potential” criminal conduct Whistleblowers report, documents now released show when the Biden family threatened to pull out of deal with the Chinese Globalists:
Jill Biden booed to hell as she was brought out for a coin toss at an Eagles’ Football game in Philly:
Washington Examiner goes after Democrats for destroying the economy:
Obama DOJ official urges Durham report pause, warns findings may unfairly tarnish FBI officials :D :D :D
At Boston University, Researchers added the jabbed form of the spike protein, claiming it was Omicron spike protein, to the original strand of the airborne Wuhan sickness, and they mutated and edited them together to create a super pathogen, 8 in 10 mice infected by scientists with this new strain died, experts criticize them saying they are playing with fire, and may generate a new & deadly pandemic:
Senator Mitt Romney’s aides are “so annoyed” that Senator Mike Lee’s comments exposed how Romney’s lack of endorsement for him, despite all 48 of his other republican colleagues supporting him, will help Never Trumper Evan McMullin:
Another All Ages Drag Show Is Completely Off the Rails:
Stacey Abrams is asked about law enforcement support, says she does support sheriffs, but unlike Mr. Kemp, she then cops out, and says its not her plan to list every person:
Hershel Walker can’t think of one thing he agrees on with Biden’s policies and eo’s:
Reporter Scolds Raphael Warnock for Not Answering Questions About Biden, and he just lies with a bunch of talking points:
Walker says Warnock Didn’t Want to Shake My Hand After the Debate, He Got Beat:
Biden’s brain shuts over when asked about people with privately held loans, hears thank you, and that is key word for vamos, so he goes:
Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Name a Single Swing-State Democrat:
Stanford Children’s Doctor Says If a Boy Takes Hormones and “Her Testes Are Non-Functional”:
Biden, Reading from the Teleprompter says: “Reportfraud D-O-T F-T-C Dot Gov”:
Herschel Walker about his past, “I’ve been very transparent”, indeed you have my good man, indeed you have:
Jeff Zucker Defends CNN for Ignoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story, says it was Rudy Juliani who brought story, so we didn’t know if it was real or not, despite the Parler leak beforehand:
16 year old transman can’t reverse back, & regrets changing herself to how she felt v.s. who she is:
CDC advisors recommend adding Covid-19 vaccines to childhood immunization schedule, and then a CDC panel votes 15-0 to add Covid shots on child vaccine schedule for 2023:
DeSantis as long as he is still kicking and screaming, he will not allow the schools to impose the covid-19 shots in the immunization schedule in order to attend:
Emergency Petition Asks Supreme Court to Block Biden’s Student Loan Program:
Florida Surgeon General explains to sheeple what his findings mean, Data Shows Messenger RNA Covid-19 vaccines shouldn’t be given to young men:
Trudeau accidentally agrees he was voted the minority in a recent poll, then he is out of words:
U.S. Military Strength Downgraded to Weak, no duh: the deepstate’s heritage foundation reports:
Overwhelming majority of CEOs say they’re preparing for recession:
Fauci actor upset he is getting blamed for school shutdowns, despite him saying we need to follow the science:
Ivermectin Key for Early Covid-19 Treatment says Dr. Paul Marik, well you don’t say sherlock:
Video games could be lethal for children with heart conditions study shows, well duh:
A squad car gets toasted in Chicago by BLM Riots:
Diablo, a tatoo artist marries a probably possessed tatoo & self modification chick, he then becomes her work of art, & she turns him into a reptillian:
Mattress Mack is a g:
American Express receiving a first class action lawsuit for after George Floyd treating its white employees, including managers, as second class citizens:
Attorney David Pivtorak talks Paypal & Attorney Paul Kamenar discuss NLPC complaint against Warnock:
Man explains to Diamond and Silk the Pay to Play & trickery to get the churches to shut down:
KJP somehow gets even worse at talking, leaves some lib media confused, when really she was just repeating her talking point but incorrectly the second time:
Bill Maher TRIGGERS lib guests by exposing them to truth about Covid:
DeSantis hand delivers checks to first responders:
Kari Lake Brings Receipts – SCHOOLS Journos on How Democrats Are the REAL Election Deniers:
Undercover liberal journo who lies about their situation, accidentally makes republicans look awesome:
Hack Evan McMullin ripped at debate for his flip:
Crowd goes wild at surprise DeSantis appearance, then starts chanting U.S.A!:
John Fetterman Supporter LOSES IT Over Basic Question, sounds like a total moron because he doesn’t use actual facts in his argument:
Kamala says that Biden intends to run, and if he does she will be running with him:
KJP gets so flustered by inflation question, she accidentally tells the truth, Biden’s American Help plan or whatever its called actually helped cause inflation, in the name of supposedly reopening schools, whatever that is supposed to mean:
Konnech CEO given $500k Bond over “Massive Data Break Case”, they are now calling it:
Stacey Abrams has no idea what she can do to help fight inflation as a governor, says ignore inflation, and that it keeps getting worse, but right now, don’t have kids or abort them because times are tough, stupid lady, if it weren’t for women having kids, we all wouldn’t be here to suffer together would we, spineless fool, do you really think not having kids or aborting them will be enough when inflation gets worse, sure it will make your finances easier, but now you will die childless, with blood on your hands, and starving, alone, or with a bend over husband, a weak man, pathetic:
Hodgetwins point out lefitsts being racist and crazy:
Biden pressured the Mayor of El Paso Texas to not declare a state of emergency over the border crisis, because it would make his admin look bad:
There is a supposed “glitch” that is causing less oil & gas to be permitted to be produced offshore, and the Brandon Admin is delaying to fix it:
Amazon prepares to role out ambient technology, which will also be in the background, but always there, collecting information and taking action against it, but in the new terms of policy that comes with it, every single event can be sent back to Amazon under the guise of it being of critical importance, which will soon be deemed broad enough to be for anything pretty much for supposed business sake:
Data shows Home asking prices tumble at record pace as mortgage rates surge:
MNSBC’s headline is FBI Official was warned after Jan 6th that some in the bureau were sympathetic to the “rioters”, and former FBI agent and MSNBC guest claims "9/11 Is NOTHING Compared To January 6":
Black Parent destroys School Board:
Parent Destroys School Board Over Drag Show sponsored by a gender reassignment center and a 21+ gay strip club, also notice the NATO symbol on the Boo Bash Flyer, violated their own sending out proposal:
Black Parent Destroys School board On Racism:
A parent reads from the book: Teaching Kids how To Eat P*ssy in school library for junior high:
NYC Homeless furious after Mayor opens housing for ILLEGALS, complete with luxurious accommodations, gaming suites with xbox’s & tv’s, and "South American" catering:
Drag queen transwoman dances sexually with revealing dress, and molests child on stage:
Angry Parent begins to read off Pornography Book called Lucky which is in school library, School Board has to mute his mike and explain to him that he would be violating the law be reading it, and then details how to get the book removed:
LGTQ 21 year old actually satan-worshipping stripper performs in front of kids, concerned parent, chews school board out, exposes the way too long investigation and what really happened, takes off part of dress to unveil replica of what the man was wearing, she chews them out when they ask her to put normal clothes back on, board member apologizes:
Biden gets lost on stage again:
Protesters Stop AOC & just start yelling different crap at her, it was great, she got called out from all sides, a couple of her supporters stood up & tried to get a woman to stand down but that was it, and some guy was playing a drum to their chant, and AOC was sitting but moving to rhythm with a smile on her face, ignoring the people she hurt:
WH Press Sec Says Republicans Are Going To Make Things Worse, while democrats are doing the opposite, trying to make things better:
Joe Biden Claims Gas Has Always Been $7-A-Gallon In Los Angeles:
CNN nukes Katie Hobbs for refusing to debate Kari Lake:
Roland Martin Says Black People Need To Support Illegal Immigration To Stop Republicans:
Apparently normal gas spouts are illegal now:
Crazy Nancy Thinks Americans Do Not Care About Lawless Cities And Inflation:
"Nuclear Armageddon": Biden Slammed For Talking About America's Destruction With Donors:
Biden says I support limits on abortion, journo continues, like what, he says, Roe v. Wade, read it, get educated man:
Joe Biden Butchers Court Case Name:
Biden Struggles, Stumbles Through Yet Another Speech:
Crazy Nancy Thinks Biden Has Had "A Better Two Years Than Most Presidents":
New rigged NBC Poll shows most people concerned about the economy and inflation, giving republicans the high advantage this election:
UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Steps Down as soon as someone to replace her has been chosen:
Ethan Kline says if they start another Holocaust, I hope they gas Ben Shapiro first:
Kari Lake Clowns Katie Hobbs For Being A Chicken:
Biden thinks 15 is a lot of candidates to be campaigning with him, thinks that there will a lot more:
Kamala laughs & loves electric school buses:
NYC Mayor Adams and Aide Go SILENT When Confronted by Project Veritas:
Aide To NYC Mayor FIRED After Project Veritas Expose:
Economist DEMOLISHES Jon Stewart Over Bidenflation, shows that it was the government’s and the Federal Reserve’s fault:
Flashback, Morgan Freeman schools race-baiting media:
Doocy makes Biden SNAP, he tries to take a jab at him that didn’t make sense, goes off-script with one simple question:
Large ad comes out targeting many democrats trying to defund the police:
Tipping Point describes sin eaters:
FBI Director Christopher Wray Uses Federal Jet to the Point of "Embezzlement":
Ex-Angels Employee Gets 22 Years in Skaggs for selling drugs to someone who was addicted:
"Climate Emergency Fund" Grantees Are Making Headlines, Sunflower by Van Gog was protected by glass thank God, & those who did it used glue, which is oil based:
New Zealand farmers protests overtaxing and proposed emissions taxes:
Two Connecticut Police Officers killed in false alarm, an ambush, one wounded, but managed to get away and put down the suspect:
Ulta Beauty Releases Interview with Trans Man Discussing "The Beauty of Girlhood":
UK Climate Minister pulls out of event over “Climate Deniers”:
Pastor Warns Against Weaponization Of Racism & Abortion, calls out BLM, the racism going the other way, & CRT:
Biden Re-Ups Trump-Era Title 42 Policy For Venezuelans, while giving amnesty to some still:
Warnock Appears To Have Been Taking Advantage Of Poor and Mentally Challenged Tennants For Profit, instead of teaching them how to deal with money:
The Crushing Effect of Bidinflation On Renters, Older Couple Sleeping In Their Car:
The FBI Agents Association rewarded agents who took a knee in front of BLM:
59% of voters think MSM is a "major threat" to Democracy according to the rigged NYT/Siena Poll:
Ducey won't comply with Biden administration request to remove stopgap border wall, and the interior department says the temporary wall violates the law:
Australia’s Commonwealth Bank begins tracking transactions, links it to carbon footprint:

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