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Ep. 708 - Happy Healthy Marriage Reset: The Secrets Passionate Marriage & Peaceful Home

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Published on 27 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

2-27-22 Allen Cardoza Interviews Chris Parsons

Is your marriage everything you had dreamed it would be? Or have hurts built up, you feel angry or bitter toward your spouse, maybe you’re wondering if it will even survive. The good news is, a Happy Healthy Marriage Reset can become a reality for you and your spouse, and this book offers unique, proven solutions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Even if your husband or wife is not “on board” at first, that’s OK - the change begins with you! Learning the ultimate form of communication, Shared Values Conversations are the key to getting your spouse to care about you, your hurts, and wanting to change. Drawing in part from his own marriage as well as years of experience helping couples, Chris Parsons new book Happy Healthy Marriage Reset, guides you one step at a time into an exciting, innovative strategy that is deeply relatable with case studies and personal stories while providing insights that have eluded many who are frustrated with their marriage and spouse. This book will not only heal your relationship but elevate it to new heights you hadn’t even imagined were possible.

Told in a direct, conversational tone, Happy Healthy Marriage Reset explores the question of how you can create change to improve your marriage by embracing your own power to communicate authentically instead of waiting on your spouse to change.

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