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Ep. 689 - From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser | Tracy Secombe

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Published on 05 Oct 2022 / In Health

10-3-22 Allen Cardoza Interviews Tracy Secombe

What if your audience could create a life that they love? Better yet, what if your audience could learn to do this by tuning into their soul for guidance, instead of looking outside of themselves for approval? Their life is not their own if they always care what others think.

When they truly know to their core that they are here to be their highest version of themselves and that they are the one who gets to define what that is, the pressure is off. Life is completely up to your audience. It’s now their game. They get to choose. They are free.

Tracy Secombe, author of From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser, has helped thousands of people pleasers to become Soul Pleasers® after experiencing chronic burnout from chasing recognition her entire life.

By following her six simply explained steps, your audience will remember their true essence of joy and be who they want to be so they can relish in wonderful relationships, health, abundance, and fulfillment. Tracy can help to unlock who your audience is meant to be with a dynamic interview as an expert who learned by doing!

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