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Ep. 647 - Stop Worrying about Your Anxious Child: And Manage Your Child's Anxiety | Tonya C. Crombiep4

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Published on 19 Oct 2021 / In Health

10-18-21 Allen Cardoza Interviews Tonya C. Crombie

With COVID Still an ever-present threat, kids are being sent back to school – some very unsure of what that will mean for themselves and their family. Dr. Crombie guides parents through techniques that help them easily manage their child’s anxiety as children head back to school.

Parents are faced with the double-edged emotional sword of stepping back into the workplace, and their children back to school, coupled with possible mask mandates for children as young as five. As parents and children grapple with the physical, psychological, and emotional effects of what this will ultimately bring, there is mounting stress and fear around all of the "what if".

Join us as Dr. Tonya Crombie relays to our audience how parents can stop worrying! She shares that their children deserve a bright future and with her tried and true techniques they can quickly learn how to start managing their children’s anxiety today!

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