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Edgar Cayce... His Incredible Predictions Were 93% Accurate And Often Shocking

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Published on 07 May 2021 / In News and Politics

COAST TO COAST AM INSIDER Archived Show - Kevin Todeschi, spokesperson for A.R.E., the organization which Edgar Cayce founded, talked about Cayce's life and work as well as dream interpretation. Known as the Sleeping Prophet, Cayce gave out thousands of readings while in a trance state, and those concerning medical issues had a 93% accuracy rating, Todeschi reported.
Cayce believed that Atlanteans saved records of their advanced civilization in three locations-- in the Yucatan, on the Bimini Islands and in the right paw of the Sphinx. Buried at the Sphinx is a written history of the world from the time of Atlantis to our current era, he predicted. A University recently got the OK to do some underground tunnelling to study parts of the Sphinx, Todeschi announced.

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